15+ Stores Like Hollister for Casual & Cool Clothes

Have Clothes, Will Travel

If you’re curious what other stores are like Hollister, this post is here to help. The stores listed below are for both girls and guys and are all available online. Happy shopping!


Aeropostale a.k.a. Aero is also a mall retailer that features casual clothing and accessories geared toward fashionable teenagers like Hollister.

American Eagle

American Eagle has a similar classic and casual style to Hollister and also a similar price point. American Eagle makes the best jeans and jean shorts too, in my opinion.


Pacsun has the same effortless cool yet casual look going on that a lot of Hollister’s clothing has. Plus, the prices are about the same.


Buckle or The Buckle features stylish casual wear for girls and guys, including jeans & shoes, plus accessories. 

Click the link below to see the complete list of casual & cool clothing stores like Hollister.