20 Fun Things to Do in Wisconsin in Winter by a Local

Have Clothes, Will Travel

While winter in Wisconsin tends to get a bad rap, it is truly a beautiful time of year with plenty of things to do. You just have to bundle up!

But don’t worry, if you’re not up for freezing in the great outdoors – there are also plenty of things to do in Wisconsin during winter INDOORS as well! This post is here to help you decide how to make the most of your time in Wisconsin during our infamous winters.

Ice-skating at The Edgewater Ice Rink in Madison

Skate to your heart’s content while reveling in the views of Lake Mendota and the State Capitol, then warm up inside The Icehouse with a cup of hot cocoa paired with a tasty meal.

Visit the Ice Caves of Apostle Islands Near Bayfield

The Apostle Island National Lakeshore is tough to get into during winter; but if you’re lucky, you might catch sight of the majestic ice caves adorned with glistening icicles, as well as an entire cliff sheathed in ice.

Warm Up with a Madison Food Tour

The chilly atmosphere will have people flocking to local cafes and pubs to warm up. On the menu are artisanal chocolates, pastries, cheese, craft beers, ethnic foods, and more.

Try Spelunking at Cave of the Mounds – Blue Mounds

A natural wonder in its own right, Cave of the Mounds is home to some of the best limestone formations you’ll see when you go spelunking through the cavern.

Climb the Ice Wall at Governor Dodge State Park

A gripping alternative to rock climbing is ice climbing, and you may do so in Governor Dodge State Park where a frozen Stephen Falls has over 20-foot of climbing surface.

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