21 Stores Like Forever 21 for Affordable & Fashionable Clothing

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Forever 21 is a US-based fashion retailer that was a big deal when it opened in my mall many years ago!

The prices at Forever 21 are wonderfully affordable and the style of clothing is trendy but not without its share of classic pieces too. This list is sharing my favorite stores that are as close to these criteria as possible.


H&M has a VERY similar selection of clothing to Forever 21. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at F21, I’m sure you’ll find it at H&M.  Their clothing ranges from trendy to classic and everything in between.

Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing also carries trendy and affordable clothing, but they are on average a little sexier than the majority of clothing at F21. (They do have a nice collection of loungewear, though.)


Like Forever 21, Rue21 is a mall-favorite of mine from my college and high school days! Rue21 carries inexpensive clothing geared toward a younger crowd, but I do still wear many of the items I purchased from Rue21 back in the day.

Charlotte Russe

Sticking with the theme of my favorite US-based mall stores… is Charlotte Russe! Charlotte Russe is geared more toward the younger crowd, and their prices are incredibly cheap. Some things are even less expensive than Forever 21 prices.

American Eagle

American Eagle makes the best jeans and jean shorts too, in my opinion. I’ve had jeans from AE that have lasted me well over a decade (and I’m still wearing them)!

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