Gift Ideas: Fun Subscription Boxes & Delivery Services

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Even before we were all told to stay at home, I was a bit of an online shopping addict. If it meant I didn’t have to go to a store I was SOLD. (I really hate in-store shopping!) So, this post will include several things that I have delivered to my home, personally, as well as some that I am looking into… or just thought was a fun idea!

Wine Subscription Box or Delivery

And there are services out there that will deliver wine right to your doorstep.

Beer Subscription Box or Delivery

More of a beer fan? (Me too!) Don’t worry there are beer delivery services too! I’ve personally used Beer of the Month Club and really enjoyed it!

Tea / Coffee / Kombucha Subscription

But alcohol doesn’t haven’t to be the only beverage that gets all the glory! You can also get delectable tea and coffee boxes delivered right to your door.

Cooking Kit Subscription

It’s great to order takeout and delivery right now, as your local restaurants need the business. However, you’ll likely not want to be eating delivery or takeout every single night

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