What to Wear on a Safari – Practical Outfit Ideas for Women & Men

Have Clothes, Will Travel

My husband & I are sharing our favorite safari outfit ideas + a FREE safari packing printable for the traveler who wants to be comfortable and be able to use their clothing for future travel adventures. We’re all about versatility and practicality around here these days!

Comfortable Safari Bottoms

In my opinion, the most important thing you can pack for an African safari is a comfortable pair of pants. This is because you are going to be doing quite a lot of sitting while on safari! 


A lot of safari lodges have pools. Be sure to put a swimsuit in your bag!


I liked having a scarf along for the mornings (pictured above). It also was a nice option for sun protection.

Safari Hat

Having a hat for sun protection is a REALLY good idea. However, the reason I used a hat for the majority of my time on safari… was because my hair was an absolute disaster, and a hat hides this well!

By clicking the link below, you can find a complete list of what to wear on a safari.