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20+ Fun Things to Do in Green Bay, WI by a Local

Lindsey, a brunette woman in a burgundy floral dress and a grey sweater, is holding a camera and standing in the middle of Lambeau field. The stadium is empty behind her, the sky is blue, and the Lambeau field scoreboard is in the background.

Hi, I’m Lindsey! I hope you enjoy this blog post & Green Bay. 🙂

Looking for fun things to do in Green Bay, Wisconsin? This post has you covered! Whether you’re in town for a Packers game or are a local like me, I’ll tell you all the fun things you can do in Green Bay.

I’m a Green Bay local. I grew up in a village not far from here, went to college at UW-Green Bay, and worked as a producer at FOX 11 News right next to Lambeau field. Now, after doing some traveling all over the world, I am back in the Green Bay area and want to share with you some of my favorite things to see and do in Green Bay, Wisconsin! 

Below, you can also check out my YouTube video featuring fun things to do in Green Bay, WI!

Cool Places to Visit and Fun Things to Do in Green Bay, Wisconsin

An image of empty Lambeau Field Stadium from the field. The grass is green, and the sky is blue. The grey stadium seats are shown beneath the marquee.
A Lambeau Field Stadium Tour lets you see the famous Green Bay Packers’ home field up close and personal!

Take a Lambeau Field Tour

Location: 1265 Lombardi Avenue, Green Bay, WI 54304

Of course, we all know that going to a Green Bay Packers game and tailgating is one of the best things you can do in Green Bay, but getting to tour Lambeau Field on a Classic Stadium Tour is pretty darn amazing, too! You’ll learn all about the history of Wisconsin’s beloved Green Bay Packers and the incredible Lambeau Field. Plus, you’ll get to go through the players’ tunnel and see the field up close and personal. (Note: You CAN’T walk on the grass, though.)

Ticket prices for this are currently $21 for adults and Brown County residents do get a discount!

Another cool option with these tours is to do an Alumni Tour. This is where a former Packers Player like Leroy Butler or Antonio Freeman guides your tour. You’ll have to check the Packers Tours website for current availability, as these sell out quickly.

A staircase landing at the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame features football player mannequins wearing yellow pants and green jerseys, suspended in alcoves. Green Bay Packers memorabilia adorns the walls with white signage and green and yellow lettering.
Four suspended cylindrical glass trophy cases contain Super Bowl trophies. The Vince Lombardi trophies feature a silver football on a pyramid-shaped stand.
Be sure to check out the Super Bowl trophies at the Packers Hall of Fame in Green Bay!

Tour the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame

Location: 1265 Lombardi Avenue, Green Bay, WI 54304

While you’re at Lambeau Field on your trip to Green Bay, I also recommend checking out the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame! It’s located in the atrium entrance of Lambeau Field and features 100 years of riveting history of the Green Bay Packers. The two-story space is filled with exciting exhibits, including four Super Bowl trophies and a replica of Vince Lombardi’s office! It’s really cool.

Current ticket prices for adults are $18 and Brown County residents also get a discount here!

Two mugs atop a brown marble countertop are filled with red liquid. The Bloody Mary cocktails are spectacularly decorated with skewers of meat, cheese, pickled vegetables, and cherry tomatoes.
When visiting Green Bay, don’t miss Anduzzi’s Ultimate Bloody Mary!

Try the Ultimate Bloody Mary at Anduzzi’s Sports Club

Location: 1992 Holmgren Way, Green Bay, WI 54304

We take our drinks very seriously in Green Bay (and throughout Wisconsin), including our Bloody Marys. We have many great spots to get a Bloody Mary here, BUT the Ultimate Bloody Mary at Anduzzi’s is in a league all its own. So if you’re looking for one of the best drinks in Green Bay, Wisconsin, this one is a don’t miss!

The Anduzzi’s Bloody Mary has cheese, sausage, buffalo chicken wings, jalapeño poppers, chicken and waffle sliders, and burger and pulled pork slider. You might need some friends to help you finish this one!

A green grass-covered playground features several different climbing activities atop yellow mats. The climbing and playground equipment is black and silver with yellow accents.
Part of the incredible Titletown Playground.
A brown triangular-shaped building is shown against a blue sky. In the foreground, a red brick patio holds a ping-pong table and a bench. Greenery surrounds the free ping-pong table in Titletown.
Don’t miss the free Ping-Pong table in Titletown (paddles and balls are under the table).

Check out Titletown!

Location: 1065 Lombardi Avenue, Green Bay, WI 54304

Green Bay’s Titletown is the 45-acre master development plan just west of Lambeau Field. The innovative space features a large public park with outdoor games and a football field that anyone can use, plus an event space, playground, and a winter skating rink and tubing hill. It’s one of the great family things to do in Green Bay. I love visiting Titletown!

A showroom of vintage luxury cars is brightly lit. The colorful cars include silver, black, and a red car on an elevated platform.
Car lovers should check out the Automobile Gallery in Green Bay, Wisconsin!

Visit The Automobile Gallery & Event Center

Location: 400 S Adams Street, Green Bay, WI 54301

The Automobile Gallery & Event Center displays around 80 incredible vehicles, and they are constantly rotating the vehicles that are on display. So, no two times you visit will be the same! If you’re a classic car lover, this is one of the fun things to do in Green Bay! Many of the automobiles have come from a private collection, but most have been donated to The Automobile Gallery.

Adult ticket prices for the gallery are currently $10.

A dining and meeting space is surrounded by windows and bright white walls in the Automobile Gallery & Event Center in Green Bay, WI. There is a red classic car in the foreground with café tables and chairs filling the room.
The Automobile Gallery & Event Center is a fun place to visit in Green Bay.

The Automobile Gallery is also an events center. This classic car museum is a cool place to host anything from corporate events to holiday parties or even weddings. This is such a unique place to visit in Green Bay!

Families with children are waiting behind a chain-link fence in line to ride a suspended swing ride at the Bay Beach Amusement Park. Riders on the white swings spin in a circle, some with their arms outstretched against the blue sky above. In the background, there is a Ferris wheel and a refreshment building.
Bay Beach Amusement Park

Enjoy the Rides at Bay Beach Amusement Park

Location: 1313 Bay Beach Road, Green Bay, WI 54302

Bay Beach is one of the best family activities in Green Bay. It’s ideal for both adults and kids! It’s the 9th oldest continuously operating amusement park in the U.S. and has been a part of Green Bay for over 100 years. It’s also a very affordable thing to do in Green Bay. There are no admission prices or parking fees, and ride tickets only cost 25 cents apiece—and most of the rides here only require 1 or 2 tickets.

The most expensive ride at Bay Beach is the Zippin Pippin, which requires four ride tickets, so that will set you back an entire dollar. It’s worth it, though! The Zippin Pippin is a super fun roller coaster and a replica of Elvis Presley’s favorite roller coaster!

The Green Bay amusement park’s hours vary throughout the summer season, and its opening and closing dates vary from year to year. Check their website before visiting so you don’t accidentally show up when they are closed!

A flock of brown female Mallard ducks sit atop a flowing waterfall. There are trees surrounding the waterfall and large square-shaped boulders.

Visit the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: 1660 E Shore Drive, Green Bay, WI 54302

If you’re looking for free things to do in Green Bay, the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is a must. It’s right across the road from the Bay Beach Amusement Park. This is a 600-acre nature preserve that features miles of hiking and skiing trails. They also have live animal exhibits and educational displays, which are a big hit with the kiddos.

A white wolf lounges on a flat rock amongst greenery. The wolf is shown behind the chain-link fence of a wildlife sanctuary.
A wolf in the care of Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary.

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is the largest park in the Green Bay Park system and is home to Wisconsin’s second-largest wildlife rehabilitation program. They care for more than 6,000 orphaned and injured animals annually. This includes a pack of wolves you can visit, among many other animals, birds, and insects who call Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary their home. Visiting the sanctuary is one of the must-do fun activities for families in Green Bay, especially animal lovers.

The sanctuary is open year-round and is free to visit.

A flat, white peddle pontoon boat reads "Book Now! FoxyPaddler.com" on the side. The boat is shown in the water at night, lit by a blue light.
The Foxy Paddler party boat!

Take a Ride on the Foxy Paddler

Location: 128 Dousman Street, Green Bay, WI 54303

Green Bay now has a pedal party boat you can rent for a 2-hour tour! It’s a great way to see Green Bay from a different perspective.

The Foxy Paddler is a 22-person, pedal & gas-powered, pontoon bar boat. You can sit on one of its 12 bikes and pedal your heart out or relax in the lounge area at the front of the boat. The tour comes with a captain and first mate, so you can enjoy some beverages and take in the Fox River and Green Bay views. Peddling is not required; the boat is gas-powered… but you can pedal if you want a little exercise!

Two driving arcade rides are shown with black seats, steering wheels, and yellow digital screens. On the screens are many options and details for playing the driving video game.
Two teens are in a dark room that says VR on the navy-blue wall. One is wearing a VR headset, while the other uses their phone to snap a photo.

Get Your Game on at Edge VR Arcade

Location: 2642 Packerland Drive, Green Bay, WI 54313

Edge VR Arcade is Northeast Wisconsin’s only Virtual Reality Arcade. This arcade is one of the coolest places in Green Bay. I love it here! It’s a fun thing for families to do in Green Bay too. They have over 80 games with something for everyone. From people with no experience to gamers who play professionally, everyone will feel at home and have fun here. They also have food like pizza, chicken, and cheese curds, as well as soft drinks and beer for sale.

A virtual golf-swing suite is shown against a backdrop of windows. There is green AstroTurf on the floor and a screen against the wall.
Topgolf swing suite at The Turn.
A silver basket of French fries is plated alongside a bacon-grilled chicken burger topped with Swiss cheese. The square plate rests on a bar counter, with a glass of ice water and other beverages in the background.

Dine and Play at The Turn

Location: 1025 Lombardi Avenue Suite 120, Ashwaubenon, WI 54304

Another fun thing to do in Green Bay is to visit The Turn. You can rent a Topgolf swing suite for an hour and choose from eight interactive gaming experiences beyond golf, like zombie dodgeball! The Turn also features hand-crafted cocktails, local brews, and a menu that features fresh twists on American classics.

A colorful, whimsical sculpture is shown in a field of yellow Black-Eyed Susans and greenery. The sculpture resembles a tree with a silver trunk and colorful palms extending at the top in bright, primary colors.
A colorful sculpture at the Green Bay Botanical Garden.

Explore the Green Bay Botanical Garden

Location: 2600 Larsen Road, Green Bay, WI 54303

Take a stroll through the Green Bay Botanical Garden and discover 47 acres of beautiful gardens and natural areas that capture the beauty of Northeastern Wisconsin.

While the gardens are known for their beautiful summer blooms, they also have fun interactive displays for the kids, like this wetting zoo where kids are encouraged to water the plants shaped like animals. The botanical gardens are one of many fun things for families to do in Green Bay.

An outdoor garden display shows a rabbit made of moss wearing glasses and sitting in a chair. A giraffe, also made of moss, is positioned to eat from the trees. Butterfly-shaped silver benches and a colorfully painted rain barrel also sit within the "Wetting Zoo."
The “wetting zoo” at the Green Bay Botanical Garden.

The botanical garden is open in the winter as well and has a beautiful light display around the holiday season! Adult admission is currently $12.

An industrial-style brewery bar has a wooden countertop and classroom-style chairs in colorful oranges, greens, and pewter. A sign against a white wall says Zambaldi in various colors and typefaces.

Visit Some Local Breweries!

No trip to Green Bay would be complete without indulging in a few beers. We currently have 13 breweries in Green Bay to choose from. They are all incredible! I personally like Zambaldi because it is a laid-back, family-friendly place to grab a beer. And If you aren’t the biggest beer fan but still want to try some local brews, Stillmank has some wild fruit beers (like their Mango Philly) and incredible seltzers that are all very tasty!

A living room features wooden floors and modern furnishings in shades of grey and beige. The room has off-white walls, black lamps, a white tulip-style telephone table next to a chair, and a couch with an ottoman. A desk in the foreground features two water bottles, snacks, a plant, and other amenities.
A new suite in the Radisson!

Stay at the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center – Oneida Casino + Dine at Cedar & Sage

Location: 2040 Airport Drive, Green Bay, WI 54313

If you’re looking for where to stay in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the Radisson is a great choice. Right across the road from the Austin Straubel Airport, the newly renovated Radisson Hotel and the Oneida Casino offers welcoming accommodations. It’s a great place to spend the night or just a fun place to visit in Green Bay. The hotel was recently given a $23 million facelift and features a completely redesigned lobby, new guest rooms, an indoor pool, a sauna, and a fitness center.

A pewter plate holds a buffalo steak with a side of grilled mixed vegetables. The steak is topped with fried onions and plated beside a ramekin of sauce and a large steak knife.
The bison from Cedar & Sage—one of the best places to eat in Green Bay.

If you’re wondering where to eat in Green Bay, the Raddison has you covered. It’s right next door to the Oneida Casino, and it also features a fantastic onsite restaurant called Cedar & Sage. I highly recommend this restaurant. It is inspired by the Oneida Nation and serves traditional foods, like bison filets from Oneida Nation farms and cheese curds made with traditional Oneida white corn. So good. Highly recommend their old fashioneds too!

A crowd of people in summer attire filing past a flower booth at an outdoor farmers market. The booth features bouquets of sunflowers, dahlias, and lilies. Food trucks are set up in the background of the market.

Shop the Downtown Green Bay Wednesday Farmers Market

Location: 211 North Broadway, Green Bay, WI 54303

Another great thing to do in Green Bay for families is a trip to the farmers market. Broadway street closes on Wednesday nights for pedestrians during the warmer Wisconsin months and features a fantastic farmers market. In addition to your typical produce and such, there are food and beverage trucks, live bands… and it’s A-OK to sip a beer and walk the market! It’s also a great atmosphere if you’re looking for things to do in Green Bay on a budget.

A two-story white house serves as the welcome center at Heritage Hill State Park in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The house features a long driveway with green grass and a brown Heritage Hill sign at the entrance.

Go Back in Time at Heritage Hill State Historical Park

Location: 2640 S. Webster Ave., Green Bay, WI 54301

History lovers will enjoy Heritage Hill—a 56-acre open-air museum that features structures and artifacts from Wisconsin’s past, such as the fur trade in 1762, Fort Howard in 1836, and more.

The park also features interpreters on certain days that will be dressed in historical clothing and will be able to give an incredible amount of information about the buildings and history of the Green Bay area. They really bring the place to life! I highly recommend going at a time when there are historic interpreters available. You can find out the exact times they are there by calling Heritage Hill’s front desk at (920) 448-5150. This is another fun thing to do in Green Bay for families!

Admission for adults to Heritage Hill is currently $12.

A silver mid-century passenger train car called the Burlington Zephyr is displayed on a track, surrounded by grass with a red bar-like structure in the background at Green Bay’s National Railroad Museum.
Three older black train steam engines are showcased under an awning with wooden stairs leading up to each. The trains are part of the National Railroad Museum in Ashwaubenon, near Green Bay.

Check out the National Railroad Museum

Location: 2285 S Broadway, Ashwaubenon, WI 54304

If you have boys (or girls) interested in machines and trains, then the National Railroad Museum is a fun Green Bay activity. The National Railroad Museum is one of the oldest institutions in the U.S. dedicated to preserving the nation’s railroad history. This museum houses more than 70 locomotives and rail cars. It’s another cool place for both adults and children, as you can go inside many of the trains and explore! The National Railroad Museum also offers train rides daily from May through September and on the weekends in October. It’s located in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, a suburb of Green Bay.

Current ticket prices for adults are $12.

A large, pretzel-shaped kringle pastry is covered with white frosting, caramel, and nuts. A person in a rust-colored sweater and brown boots is holding the kringle atop a gold foil tray.

Try North America’s Best Kringle at Uncle Mike’s Bake Shoppe

A kringle is a danish pastry with a filling and is traditionally in a pretzel shape. It has 36 layers of dough and butter, making it very flaky and delicious. Uncle Mike’s Bake Shoppe has won tons of awards for its Kringles, but most notably, they won the best Kringle in North America award for their Sea Salt Caramel kringle (pictured above). It’s one of the best foods to try in Green Bay!

A brunette woman in sunglasses and a blue-and-white sleeveless polka-dot dress feeds a giraffe poking its head over the top of a chain link fence.
I love feeding the giraffes at the NEW Zoo!

Visit The NEW ZOO!

Location: 4378 Reforestation Road, Green Bay, WI 54313

After you’ve had your Kringle head over to the NEW Zoo! The NEW Zoo features more than 200 animals! They have quite a variety, from lions and bobcats to badgers and prairie dogs. Geese and peacocks roam freely throughout the zoo. My favorite thing to do here, though, is feed the giraffes!!

The zoo also features fun annual events like the Halloween Zoo Boo bash, complete with candy and games for the kids! This is a great family-friendly spot to visit in Green Bay!

The current NEW Zoo ticket prices are $11 for adults and $8 for children.

Walk the Neil Anderson Canopy Tour

Location: 4378 Reforestation Road, Green Bay, WI 54313

And now there is also the Neil Anderson Canopy Tour at the NEW ZOO. This tour takes you on a treetop walk from the Adventure Park to the NEW ZOO. You’ll go through trees and even cross over animal habitats.

Ticket prices for adults are $8 and $6 for kids.

Bonus tip… Where to Eat Around the NEW ZOO in Green Bay

Unfortunately, the NEW Zoo’s onsite restaurant has not been open since COVID, so if you need a bite to eat after visiting the zoo, I highly recommend heading over to Chives Restaurant, which is just a few minutes drive from the zoo. I LOVE their old-fashioned cocktail, crab cakes, and butternut squash ravioli. Just be sure to make a reservation, as they do get very busy. This is one of the best places to eat in Green Bay, WI.

A classic supper club dining room at the Union Hotel in De Pere, WI, is decorated in shades of maroon with white table clothes. The walls feature a floral mural, and the square tables have a nod to the art deco style.
The Union Hotel’s main dining room.

Have Dinner at The Union Hotel

Location: 200 N Broadway, De Pere, WI 54115

Speaking of food and the best places to eat in Green Bay, I have to include the Union Hotel. In fact, this is one of the coolest spots to dine in Northeast Wisconsin, in my opinion. While it’s in De Pere and not technically Green Bay, it still deserves mention on this list.

The Union Hotel is a classic Wisconsin supper club listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It also just might be haunted…

It has a beautiful art deco bar area and a vibrant dining area. Of course, you must get an old-fashioned here; it’s a supper club requirement. They also have amazing steaks, although I like their scallops and tuna steaks too.

The Union Hotel still rents rooms to interested parties, too; you have to call to book, though.

This list is by no means everything you can do in Green Bay, Wisconsin, either! We have so many incredible things to do here. This is all just the stuff I have personally done and recommend. If I missed your favorite fun thing to do in Green Bay, Wisconsin, let me know in the comments!

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