The 10 BEST Tips for Shopping on Shein in 2023 + How to Wash Shein Clothing

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Ever since I posted the outfit below on my blog over 7 years ago, I’ve been getting questions about shopping on Shein. So, I thought it might be helpful to make a post featuring my tips for having a successful shopping experience on Shein, plus the clothes I’ve ordered from them over the years, and how I wash my clothing from Shein.

Look at Sizes for EVERYTHING & Know Your Measurements

The sizes on Shein’s website vary…A LOT. I am anywhere from an XSmall – XLarge, depending on the clothing item I’m ordering. It really does vary that much!

When in Doubt, Size UP

If you’re in between sizes on an item on Shein, and you’re not sure what to order…always size up. I have yet to have this method fail me.

Be Wary of Items that Don’t Have Customer Photos

Looking at the photos and reviews uploaded by customers can be very helpful in determining what an item will look like. 

For Best Results – Order Swimsuits, Athletic Clothing, Skirts or Tops

I’ve had the best luck with swimsuits and Shein activewear. (Their skirts and tops have also, generally, been of good quality in my experience.)

Check out the complete list of best tips for shopping on Shein in 2023 by clicking the link below.