fall outfit

Shop the look: I am hanging on to the remnants of fall for dear life. I am not ready to accept that the holidays are just weeks from getting underway, and Christmas everything is already donning store shelves. I’m a bit of a Scrooge, for many reasons…but I’ll save that rant for another time. It is still weirdly warm and mild here on the East Coast. (Did you notice my short sleeves? Haha.) So, it’s even harder to accept that… Read more »

Mt. Tammany waterfall

This past weekend my husband and I decided to be a little more adventurous in our weekend activities and try out mountain hiking! With this fall being so mild and warm, we figured we should get out and enjoy it, instead of running into the city for the weekend. After talking to some local friends and reading a few hiking blogs, we decided on Mt. Tammany in the Poconos Mountains for our first ever mountain hike. (I just realized after… Read more »

Lilac Cove Boutique dress

I am a firm believer that florals are not strictly a spring/summer print, but can be worn any time of year. The only other print I like as well as florals is polka dots. So, to say that I am in love with this dress would be an understatement! I have never in my life seen a dress that combined a floral print with polka dots and looked this awesome. I also love the length of this dress, it hits… Read more »

Rocksbox statement necklace

How cool would it be to have new jewelry you like delivered to your doorstep, anytime you want to try a new style? It sounds perfect to me! I love to accessorize and wear different pieces, but when it comes to actually buying jewelry… I get a bit lazy. I never seem to actually buy anything new. I just rotate the same pieces. (Boring, I know!) So, when Rocksbox reached out to me to let me try their jewelry subscription… Read more »

painting class

I have to tell you all about an awesome experience I had over the past couple weeks! I had the opportunity to model for a painting class held by the Willingboro Art Alliance. It was so cool to be a part of and such a unique experience. A friend, who knows the teacher of the class, had passed my name along, and that’s how this all happened. This is also why I mentioned I had been wearing my colorful fall… Read more »

Wilsons Leather jacket

Shop the look: Here’s an observation I have made from watching entirely too many superhero movies… anytime you see a superhero, not in their superhero attire, they’re generally wearing a really cool leather jacket. Green Arrow, Captain America, Wolverine, Black Widow…even Star Lord (haha), all wear awesome leather jackets when they’re not in costume. So, coming off my weekend of pretending I’m Green Arrow, it seemed fitting to break out my beautiful new leather jacket. Whether you’re a superhero or… Read more »

Green Arrow Costume

My costume: My husband’s costume:   Our Costumes for Halloween in NYC “You have failed this city!” I’m not entirely sure how many times we said that during the day, but it certainly never got old! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Green Arrow, that’s something he always says to the bad guys before he takes them out. And as you can see, I once again spent Halloween pretending to be a man, haha. My husband was kind… Read more »

fall outfit 2

Shop the look: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”….sorry, not exactly what this post is about. However, this outfit was worn in two very different cities in one week! It’s actually been worn a total of three times in the last week! Once was in Dallas, and the rest were back in Princeton. (Get the title now? Gosh, I’m clever. Haha.) The reason I’ve been wearing this outfit so much in Jersey is because… Read more »

Downtown Dallas

*If you like this post, it is now available on iTunes as a self-guided walking tour! Click here to download it. My adventure in Dallas didn’t exactly go according to plan. I intended to have a few days to wander and explore the city at my leisure. However, due to a monsoon that overtook Dallas while I was there (seriously, they had flooding and record rainfall), and a flu bug that landed me in my hotel room for a whole… Read more »

Shop the look: You probably can’t guess it by looking at them, but I’m actually in Dallas, Texas in these photos. I spent the weekend there for a convention for my husband’s company…and let’s just say Texas was not having the nicest weather while we were there! It rained nonstop, which according to the news program I watched, was the first rain Texas had in over a month. Go figure! Haha. It mercifully stopped raining for 2 1/2 minutes so… Read more »

pullman workation outfit

Shop the look:   Many of you probably have already seen the last photo from my Pullman Workation work hack – Tasty Tie Tuesday. This post is taking a look at my full outfit from that fun day…because you were only able to see a small part of the outfit in that post…and I love these boots! Haha. (If none of this makes any sense to you, because you haven’t had a chance to check out my Pullman Workation post,… Read more »

Meet Mona! She’s this month’s Featured Fashionista and the incredibly talented lady behind the blog, “Curls & Cakes.” Mona is not only a skilled blogger, she is also a very gifted baker (and is even sharing a recipe in this post!), and she has an incredibly intriguing career as a cancer researcher. I truly adore Mona’s blog, she is such a sweetheart and has such an adorable sense of style. And Mona isn’t afraid to also take on more serious topics on… Read more »

Red Hair

Shop the look:   I’ve been wanting to drastically switch up my hair color for a really long time, now. And this weekend I made a quick trip home to Wisconsin for a family wedding.. and while I was home, I also had the chance to visit one my best friends, who also happens to be my hair stylist. Trina from Beyond Beautiful Salon answered my hair prayers and transformed me into a redhead! Haha. And I LOVE it. I… Read more »

Tasty Tie Tuesday

This is one of the most exciting posts I have personally had the pleasure of writing. I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful, new clothing companies, but this is the first time I have had the chance to introduce you all to Pullman Hotels – a hotel chain you may have not previously heard of! As many of you already know, my husband and I live a very nomadic lifestyle. We do not actually own or rent a home,… Read more »

Handmade Skull shirt

Whether the Rockingham house is haunted has yet to be proven, by me at least. However, as far as potentially haunted locations in Princeton go, the final wartime headquarters for General George Washington could possibly have some spirits lingering about, right? OK, admittedly I have been binge watching entirely too many episodes of American Horror Story and really wanted a spooky location to take photos of my super cool skull T-shirt. So, if you guys can all just let me… Read more »

pinup style

Shop the look: Every once in a while when I wake up and glance at my Judy Blue jeans and red lipstick, I think…yep, today is going to be a pinup-style-outfit kind of day. Some days you just need a little more va-va-voom in your life! Fortunately, my wardrobe has expanded enough to accommodate these kind of days. Haha. And I am so happy that it is finally cool enough to wear these jeans again! I didn’t have a lot… Read more »

Shark cage diving

“Weren’t you scared?!” That is always the first question everyone asks when we tell them about our shark cage diving experience in Cape Cod. While being in the same waters as sharks should be terrifying, our shark cage diving adventure wasn’t the stuff nightmares are made of…it was actually a lot of fun. We saw one mako shark while we were still on the boat, and I think being in the water for that would have been rather frightening, as… Read more »

Shop the costumes: Halloween is the perfect opportunity to let your inner geek shine. I get so excited for Halloween every single year. I mean, this is my chance to pretend I’m a superhero! Or a Khaleesi with dragons! Or even a villain! And this year will be no different. I’m taking my sweet time putting this year’s costume together, though, and I really wanted to share a Halloween blog post before it’s Halloween. So, this is a look at… Read more »

Pink Basis Kimono

Shop the look: The most incredible thing happened this weekend…it actually felt like fall here! I woke up shivering, and then proceeded to start frantically digging out sweaters, boots and hats…all while grinning like a fool. I feel like I have been waiting for cozy fall-like weather for ages! Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. But fall is the creme de la creme of the seasons. I actually had the opportunity to break out a seasonally appropriate outfit. Yippee!… Read more »

About a month ago I did my first wishlist post, and I am very happy to report, that I purchased absolutely none of the items off of it (yet)! So, I’m going to give this another go… seeing as my willpower is stronger than I thought, and you guys didn’t seem to mind reading the last one. Plus, I had a blast dreaming about all the pretty clothing I would like to own one day. So here, we go again!… Read more »


Shop the look: The little garden where I took these photos is hidden just off a main walkway through Princeton’s campus. I had wandered past it several times and never noticed it was there, until this weekend. It was perfect timing too, because this is the kind of outfit that deserves a garden to be photographed in. I mean, my skirt has a whole garden on it practically…ranging from butterflies to roses. This skirt is another Shein find and is… Read more »

Demon TZ

Shop the look: Can you tell how much fun I was having while wearing this scarf? From the moment I put it on I felt the need to pretend I was a butterfly, and also make airplane sounds because it seemed appropriate. Haha. (And what sounds do butterflies make anyways?) The detail that is on this Demon TZ scarf is astonishing. The name of the scarf is “Husky in Mirror,” which is appropriately named considering the husky faces woven into… Read more »

I am so honored and excited! I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by three incredibly talented ladies..Devinne from “Mox and Socks,” Mona from “Curls & Cakes” and Kathy from “Lace & Whimsy” (I know your nomination was a while ago, but I didn’t forget!). If you aren’t already following these lovely ladies, definitely check them out! And thank you so much for the nominations! So, what is the Liebster Award exactly? It’s an award presented to bloggers by bloggers… Read more »

Jean Jacket

Shop the look: Putting this post together made me feel pretty old, not going to lie. I know I don’t have white hair or anything, but I did realize I had forgotten how old I was. (So, I’m already to that point in life.) I had myself convinced I was a full year younger than I actually am. Haha. But when I stopped to think about just how long I had this jean jacket, and did some math, I came… Read more »

A Stylish Love Story

Joanna of “A Stylish Love Story” is this month’s Featured Fashionista! A Stylish Love Story is a gorgeous blog that showcases Joanna’s incredible fashion tips and stunning outfit photos. I love following Joanna’s blog to see which beautiful ensemble she will create next. Joanna is also a very talented writer, and has a gift for connecting with her readers in her blog posts. Oh, and did I mention, A Stylish Love Story is easily one of the most professional looking… Read more »

Machi footwear

Shop the look: Deciding what to wear to my first New York Fashion Week stressed me out for a moment, to be honest. I worried I wouldn’t be “trendy” enough for the uber fashionable crowd, and that my dresses wouldn’t be the right style for such an event. It kind of felt like the first day at a new school, where you know no one… and chances are everyone will be sizing you up and judging you. So, I texted… Read more »

angel sanchez ss16

My first New York Fashion Week show is in the books! I had the opportunity to see the Angel Sanchez spring/summer 2016 collection, and it was absolutely amazing. I’m not even going to try and play it cool – I was in heaven and so excited I was able to get to see NYFW in person! (I’ll be on cloud nine for a while if you need me.) I’ll do my best to try and talk designers and fashion with… Read more »