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Amazing Castles Around The World You Can Get Married In

Guest post by Angelica St. Rose

Amazing Castles Around The World You Can Get Married In

Getting married is a monumental event; of course, it’s natural to want to make the day as special as possible! And what better way to do that than to say your “I do’s” in a fairytale castle of your own? Memories of feeling like royalty, being swept up in lavish regality imbibed with rich, history, will last you for a lifetime.

Now, I totally understand. You may have valid questions on this, with the biggest one being: ‘but isn’t it expensive?’ While there are castles out there that certainly carry a hefty price tag, there are plenty that don’t! And if at the end of this article, you’d still love to check out information on more castles around the world, there’s a great blog post on ‘5 gorgeous castles to say “I do” in’.

Amazing Castles Around The World You Can Get Married In

Ripley Castle

Image c/o Ripley Castle official website

Ripley Castle, located in Ripley, North Yorkshire, England, is a stunning 14th-century country house that touts the prestigious title of being a Grade 1 building, which is a “building of exceptional interest”. The castle carries a rich blend of political, religious and social history, having persisted through the Renaissance, Enlightenment, and Industrial revolution.

Tales of quintessential romance, courage, loyalty and recklessness emanate from the walls, carrying an indubitable charm. The castle is known for being underneath the ownership of the Ingilby family, and in 2009 they celebrated 700 years of ownership—a milestone that is truly remarkable.

Ripley Castle has been the premier landing spot for Yorkshire weddings, promising a truly enchanting and unique experience. The castle offers a plethora of packages, with one being the Platinum Package.

In this package, wedding parties are offered many enticing features, such as a wedding coordinator to assist in planning their day, a complimentary wedding tasting for two, use of the stunning, historic gardens and lakeside as a backdrop for a pre-wedding photo shoot, your choice of chef selected menus, and more!

Image c/o Ripley Castle official website

Additionally, leave your guests entertained in days leading up to the wedding through use of the castle’s many amenities. Ripley Castle has an expansive stretch of parkland, perfect for outdoor activities. Tour guides can show your wedding guests around the grounds, and even introduce them to archery and bushcrafting skills! If, perhaps, your guests are feeling more energetic and adventurous, the castle also has activities on the water such as canoeing and kayaking.

Boldt Castle

Amazing Castles Around The World You Can Get Married In
Image c/o Boldt Castle official website

Nestled on the border of Canada and the United States, right on the St. Lawrence River, Boldt Castle stands tall as a regal 120-room fortress on the picturesque Heart Island.

This castle was built by George C. Boldt, a millionaire proprietor of the world famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, in a romantic show of affection for the love of his life, Louise. Boldt Castle is one of the most popular and sought-after wedding venues in the state of New York, and the site has various stunning locations to host your special day, such as the Gazebo, Alster Tower, Dove Cote, and Powerhouse.

On average, ceremonies are held in the Dove Cote, allowing brides to make a grand entrance outside of the castle. This section also invites the St. Lawrence River as a stunning backdrop, making for beautiful pictures and videos to cherish forever.

Beyond the wedding site, guests can enjoy exploring the castle grounds. Within the interior, the castle touts a spacious and aerated ballroom for plenty of dancing, a Billiards Room, George Boldt’s Bedroom, the Grand Hallway & Staircase, the Library, and a reception room. Want to have a private beach party with your guests? Enjoy a shuttle from Heart Island to the private access Boldt Castle Yacht House, or hire a limo service for your wedding.

Boldt Castle is also one of the more economic options, with a site reservation fee of only $200.00, and cost of admittance for your guests being $10.00 for adults, $7.00 for children, and guests under 4 are free!

Iolani Castle

Image c/o Iolani Palace official website

Iolani Castle is known as the only true castle on American soil, the official residence of Hawaii’s monarchy until 1893. Now, this castle is a popular wedding venue for couples all around the world looking to say “I do!”

Meticulously restored back to its original grandeur, this castle exudes opulence, innovation, and political revolution. Known as a National Historic Landmark in downtown Honolulu, Iolani reminds guests of a time when King Kalakaua walked the halls, as well as his sister and successor, Queen Liliuokalani following in his footsteps.

Image c/o Iolani Palace official website

The castle has many rooms, with some key rooms being the Grand Room, which runs the entire width of the Palace with a large staircase comprised of Hawaiian koa wood, the Throne Room, which is lavishly embellished in crimson and gold and hosts large events like diplomatic receptions and state balls, the Music Room, a place of gathering for the royal family where they enjoyed composing, playing and listening to music and song, the State Dining Room, which is opened up by sliding doors, floor to ceiling windows, koa wood furnishings, elegant Bohemian crystal, and Paris porcelain, and even more rooms!

For weddings, the castle offers many diverse spaces available for hosting an unforgettable event. The 11 acres of the Palace Grounds is spacious enough to entertain up to 8,000 people and is in convenient walking distance of downtown Honolulu, the Hawaiian Convention Center, and Waikiki hotels.

Pena Palace

Being one of the finest tourist attractions in Portugal, this castle emanates 19th-century Romanticism and has been named as World Heritage by UNESCO, for its beauty, charm and uniqueness. With an eccentric blend of vividly painted terraces, decorative battlements and mythological statues, and a cornucopia of lush greenery of the forests that encircle Pena, this site is the perfect fairytale location for your special day. The forested parkland that surrounds the castle also contains hidden pathways, ornate features, and desktop-worthy views.

Not only is the exterior vivid, but the interior is equally as flamboyant as well! It reflects the decor of 1910, when Portuguese nobility fled from Brazil to escape the trenches of the Revolution. Amazing stuccos painted walls in trompe-l’oeil and various revetments in tile from the 19th century all form part of numerous royal collections.

The most amazing aspect of the Pena Palace is its rooftop, with 360 views of its ocean in the horizon, the vast Sintra natural park, and the gorgeous terrace. If you’re not particularly in love with having your wedding outside, enjoy a private ceremony in the Stag Room, which also has direct access to the Rooftop. You and your guests will be able to enjoy high-quality appetizers and champagne. For the reception, the Hall of Arches is elegant, simple in aesthetic, and cozy for a quiet post-wedding party.

Wedding packages start at 15,000€ for 50 wedding guests, and you get features such as: a private ceremony on the Rooftop or Stag Room, cocktail hour, guided visit of the palace, wedding reception in the Hall of the Arches, wedding cake on the Pateo of the cafeteria, disco, dance, and an open bar, and more!

*And if getting married in a castle isn’t for you, check out these amazing wedding packages in Montego Bay!

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Thank you to Angelica for this awesome guest post! What do you think about getting married in a castle? Yay or nay? Let me know in the comments!


Amazing Castles Around The World You Can Get Married In
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  1. They are awesome castles. Well, there is one more in Finland. Inside the World’s Biggest Snow Castle, You can get married in the snow chapel. Many coming abroad have done so.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Oh my goodness, there are so beautiful. I didn’t know you could get married in a castle. I would’ve loved to do that. Maybe one day Jake and I can renew our vows and do this.

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