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“Captain America: Civil War” – What I Wore

Team Bucky Civil War Outfit

Team Bucky Civil War Outfit

Team Bucky Civil War Outfit

Team Bucky Civil War Outfit

Team Bucky Civil War Outfit

Shirt (Similar here, here & here) | Skirt | Heels | Sunglasses (Similar)

If you’re new to my blog you probably haven’t had the opportunity to hear about my love of Marvel or The Winter Soldier. I won’t get into too much right now (feel free to click here for more on that), but let’s just say I’m a fan. So, last night I wasn’t going to miss going to “Captain America: Civil War,” and of course, dressing in something that portrayed my love of Bucky Barnes. Haha.

I had honestly thought about making The Winter Soldier arm…and I was super impressed with all of the YouTube videos I watched on how to make one. But holy smokes, I am just not the least bit crafty. And me attempting to make my own arm, would’ve ended in disaster (and wasted money, haha). So, I settled for something a bit more my speed…a T-shirt & tulle. I had a bad ass pair of boots and a jacket I had planned to wear with it too, but Mother Nature decided it wanted to warm things up a bit yesterday..so, I had to rework this outfit a bit. Oh well, I’ll take the warm weather!

My pin, that Jen from Dressing With Class made me, has the arm, though! This is most definitely my favorite accessory! I didn’t get the best pic of last night, but here is a closeup from a past outfit post featuring it.

winter soldier pin

Funny story about my “Team Bucky” t-shirt too…I showed this to my mom and stepdad. And they both were so excited about it. My mom wanted me to order her one! I was kind of shocked, I had no idea they were Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier fans too! Haha…they’re not. They thought it was in reference to their pup Buck (also called Bucky sometimes). I guess it works for him too! 😉

Baby Buck
One of my favorite pictures of “Bucky.”

I don’t want to give any spoilers about the movie if you didn’t have a chance to see it last night. But I will say that I always enjoy Marvel movies, but ugh, this one was a bit of let down for me. I had pretty high hopes, though, in its defense. Something that I was really surprised about, though, was how much I enjoyed Spider-Man’s performance! I was really not excited about Spider-Man being in this movie…he is probably my least favorite of the Marvel (and DC for that matter) superheroes. But he was a ton of fun to watch in this movie!

If anyone did see the movie and you want to discuss it in the comments, go right ahead! I’m dying to talk with someone, other than my husband about it! Especially because my husband is Team Iron Man, so we’re having some marital disputes at the moment. Haha. But just know that the comments section is not a safe place if you haven’t seen “Captain America: Civil War” yet!

So, are you Team Iron Man or Team Cap? And what were your thoughts on the movie! Let’s discuss in the comments!

Where to find it:

Team Bucky T-shirt: Sold out (Similar here, here & here)
Winter Soldier Pin: Made by Jen from Dressing With Class!
Skirt: c/o* NewChic
Heels: Amazon (similar)
LipSense lipstick: c/o* The Dusty Vixen in Blue Red
Belt: Tiger Lily Boutique

*c/o = courtesy of, meaning the company gave me the product to be used on my blog, and I did not pay for it. All opinions are my own, and I am not being compensated for a positive review.


  1. My husband was pretty disappointed in the movie, as well. He also knows the comic book story line and really wanted someone to die. Not from a sadistic stand point, haha, but because it would have made for a much more powerful movie. I wasn’t personally disappointed as it had all the good laughs and action that I like and they did a great job fitting all those cogs into one story without giving anyone the short end of it. I thought it was awesome they managed to fit in introducing a new spider-man and giving Black Panther an origin story. But I totally agree it could have had a stronger ending. Actually losing someone as a consequence to their choices would have had a lot more impact overall.

    I completely fell for the Black Panther though! I cant wait for his stand alone movie.


    1. Yes! I was completely prepared for the death of a rather important character. Haha not from a sadistic standpoint either…just it would have made a little more sense and definitely have been more powerful. Instead, it was all sunshine and rainbows. I was so prepared for that death! But anywho, I did really enjoy Black Panther as well! I’m looking forward to his movie and Spider-Man’s too!

  2. So fun! Got to love theme stuff for the things you love! Also, that close-up of you towards the end is totally gorgeous! XO

  3. Hi Lindsey,
    It is so nice to connect with you. I really like your blog.
    This is such a fun outfit. I like the vinatge feel you added with the tulle and mary jane heels. Perfect for Captain America.
    I am a big Marvel fan too. I actually liked the movie and had some good laugh. I am Team Iron Man though, but for the movie I am Team Captain America. Still not over Chris Evans yet 😉
    Have a great week!
    Richa | www.fanciersworld.com

    1. It is wonderful to connect with you too, Richa! I love your blog too! 🙂 And thank you so much! The movie was funny! It wasn’t so much that I didn’t like it, I just had really thought this movie was going to align with the comics (at least for the ending)…but no such luck! And nothing terribly significant happened. And I do get the logical appeal of Team Ironman…but I’ll always be a Captain America/Bucky fan at heart. 🙂 Haha – Chris Evans doesn’t hurt for the movies, though! 😉 Hope you have a great week too!

  4. I’m not too familiar with these movies, but I love your outfit. And that is too funny how your mom and stepdad thought you were talking about their pup. He is so cute!!

  5. What a cute outfit! I love the combination of this graphic tee and tulle skirt!


  6. I have not seen this yet and I’m dying to! I love how festive your outfit is for the movie! I’m always a big fan of dressing up to see a movie, especially in clothes that represent the film. I’m interested to see how Spider Man is in this. I almost forgot that he was even in the movie really.


    1. Oooh I can’t wait to hear what you think of it, Amanda! And thank you so much! I always love dressing up for new superhero movies too. 🙂 Spider-Man was so surprisingly fun – I’m actually a bit excited he’s getting his own movie. The Black Panther was also really good in my opinion. I remember there being a lot of folks on the interwebs upset about the actor who was cast to play him, but I thought he did a fantastic job too!

    1. Oh no, Lee! You should definitely watch at least one, haha. 😉 And thank you so much! 🙂

  7. I can’t believe ur hubby is team Iron Man!! Team Captain all the way! Iron Man is selfish and fucks EVERYTHING UP! It’s all his fault! Captain America is selfless and a hero. I loved the film so much I wana see it again. Loved ur Bucky Tee – so different! Xxx

  8. Team Cap over here!! Great minds think alike, since I also did a Civil War themed post today. However, you look far more chic! I am loving the “t-shirt paired with fancy skirt/shoes” look. Of course I also love that you accessorized with the pin 🙂

    I’m seeing the movie tomorrow, so I’ll definitely let you know what I think. SO funny that the movie caused a marital dispute….I haven’t asked Dave yet whose side he is on, so I hope we are not headed down the same path! 🙂

    1. Haha! Wahoo for Team Cap! I’ll have to check out your post too! Thank you so much, Jen! And thank you, again, for the amazing pin. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear what you think! Haha – hopefully Dave is Team Cap too. It would be a shame to have two households divided! 😉

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