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“Sculptures by the Sea” in Sydney, Australia

sculptures by the sea

Sculptures by the Sea is an incredible, annual event in Sydney, that is exactly what it sounds like. More than 100 sculptures are set up along the coast from Bondi to Bronte Beach and are free for the public to enjoy for three weeks in the spring. It’s pretty amazing to take in such art while relaxing at the beach!

I’m also incredibly impressed by how quickly this is all set up. I had just walked the exact same path the weekend before, and not a single sculpture was there…and then…BAM. All this marvelous art appeared by the next weekend!

Click here to check out the Sculptures by the Sea website and see when this year’s dates fall.

sculptures by the sea
A giant rhino coming out of the sand!

However, unlike going to an art museum, there were no plaques available to explain the pieces. So, feel free to use your imagination on these! And as a result, this post will be mainly photos and not a whole lot of text. I’ll be breaking it up into a couple photo galleries. One will include photos of the sculptures and the next will be of the beaches before Sculptures by the Sea was setup. Enjoy!

Sculptures by the Sea

sculptures by the sea
This exhibit appeared to be people in garbage bags…
sculptures by the sea
I love anything and everything to do with octopus. This was my favorite one!
sculptures by the sea
I also really enjoyed the gigantic purse..
sculptures by the sea
Eggs? I thought they looked almost natural here.
sculptures by the sea
A giant cube of photos of skin!! Eee..but a good reminder to wear sunscreen at the beach!

sculptures by the sea

If you are in Sydney and are interested in seeing Sculptures by the Sea – you’re in luck! There’s still one more weekend left of it! Click here to check out the Sculptures by the Sea website.

The Bondi to Coogee Beach Walk

This is quite an easy little hike to do and take in some magnificent views and beaches. I particularly enjoyed the Bronte Beach area. I really loved watching the dogs play in the water there!

Bronte Beach
Bronte Beach

bronte beach

bondi beach

bondi beach
I’m obsessed with photographing flowers..
Found a lizard!


If you are interested in doing the Bondi to Coogee Beach Walk, click here for more information and to download a map.


And which sculpture was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Sculptures by the Sea in Sydney Australia

Sculptures by the Sea
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  1. I love that a lot of these sculptures are so strange, yet awesome! For some reason I’m drawn to the guy in the garbage bag. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m a closet serial killer or something…yikes!


    1. Me too! Haha, hopefully, it doesn’t make me a serial killer either…as I really found that display to be fascinating as well. There were quite a few of the “body bags” scattered on this ledge (hard to photograph, though, because there were so many people).

  2. Lovely snaps both of the sculptures on the sea and the beach walk… sure the dogs had a great and fun time on water too… I liked the cube sculpture made of skin photographs, it is a reminder to wear sunscreen when ever you go out for sure.

  3. The beach looks amazing on its own and love the sculptures. Really cool and interesting.
    I did not realize that the bag was part of sculptures too. It looks like as if you have taken a close shot of the bag and rest of the things are far off. Some optical illusion this is 😀
    Richa | Fancier’s World

    1. Thank you, Richa! And you are right – the bag looks like a real bag! Even in person it looked quite real (other than the fact it was massive).

  4. What a stunning spot for an outdoor art gallery! I didn’t realize that purse was actually a sculpture from your Insta post. This Cubs game is scrambling my brain!

    1. Oh no! The bag does look quite real – even in person! I should’ve clarified that better in the post. I tend to post my Insta stuff before I’ve been properly caffeinated for the day. 😉

  5. Wow, these photos are seriously BEAUTIFUL! That sounds like SUCH a cool exhibit! I saw something when I was in Amsterdam but it was the “festival of lights” and they set up beautiful sculptures in the canals!

    Lee – leethrifts.com

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Lee! I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos! Oooh the Festival of Lights sounds amazing as well! 🙂

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