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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Skirt (Similar here & here) | Top (Similar here & here) | Heels | Tights | Belt

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! This year was actually the first year since my husband and I started dating that we went out and did something. We usually order a pizza and binge watch Netflix (say what you will, but that is our ideal evening).

We dressed up fancy and went out for a nice meal this year because our days in Wisconsin are numbered. Therefore, we wanted to get out and enjoy as much of this area as we can before we head on to the next place. (I will be letting you guys in on where that is soon. So, stayed tuned. We still have to get a couple details worked out.) I will also probably not be posting quite as much over the next few weeks while we transition to the next place. Just a warning!

But anyways! I should talk about my Valentine’s outfit a little bit. This red top is not a top I would normally wear, at least not without a tank top. However, I figured I would try to be a little sexy for Valentine’s Day (and what better way, than with a low cut red top?). I was a bit nervous about buying this top originally because the quality didn’t seem that great when I looked at it online. But I have been looking high and low for the perfect red top (and that top is constantly sold out on ModCloth!), so, I went with this one…and it is actually a really nice shirt! It’s very soft and comfortable and lays really nicely. However, the next time I wear it will probably be with a tank top.

My skirt and shoes were actually gifts from my husband. How awesome is that? This skirt is so warm and cozy. And there is no way any wind will get through it! It’s such a high-quality skirt. I don’t think ModCloth carries it anymore, but it is very similar to a skirt I have from Tatyana Boutique. This was my first attempt at twirling for a picture with a skirt on. So, please excuse the extra picture..I was having such a hard time choosing from all the twirling pictures because I thought they all looked so cool. Haha.

red nails

I usually never paint my nails or get manicures because I am too lazy to keep them up. That paint will be chipping off for months because I forget to repaint them or just remove it (sad, I know). However, I kept seeing such cute heart nails on my Instagram feed the past couple weeks, that I couldn’t resist getting in the Valentine’s nail spirit!

I would love to hear what everyone else did for Valentine’s Day! (The clean versions! Haha!) Let me know in the comments.

Where to find it:

Top: ModCloth (Similar here & here)
Skirt: ModCloth (No longer available. Similar here & here)
Tights: Amazon (similar)
Heels: Old (Similar here)
Belt: Old (Similar here)
Ring: Etsy
Pearls: Gift from my husband

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  1. That is one cute Valentine’s Day outfit! Your husband sure has good taste in clothes and shoes if he picked it out himself. Really love the twirling pictures too! Oh, and the heartsy nails! There is just so much to love here. Great choices all around. Hope you had a great day!


    1. Aw, thank you so much! I’ll be sure to let my husband know of the compliment, as well. 🙂 I hope your day was splendid too, Joanna!

  2. Love the pattern on the skirt! Your nails are so cute and pair perfectly with the outfit 🙂


  3. So romantic and sexy at the same time..And those shoes are precious, really matching with everything! The photos are SO beautiful Lindsey! And you look really happy..
    I hope your transition to be easy and pleasant. And to be back on blogging soon!! Best wishes..

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Helen! I am still hoping to post to the blog once a week, but we shall see. 🙂

    1. I love these heels! I wear them with so many outfits. If you do decide to get them, though, be sure to size down. I’m usually a size 8 and these are a 7 1/2… and they are still too big on me.

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