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The Top 8 Things to See in Singapore

Guest post by Erica Fedco

Singapore is an amazing country with numerous attractions that can interest any person. If you are planning to visit Singapore, you should learn some of the best things to see in Singapore. It is part of the preparation for the trip just like applying for a visa and buying the necessary gear. Since there are many attractions, this article will highlight eight of the best.

The Top 8 Things to See in Singapore

The Top 8 Things to See in Singapore

Marina Bay

This location in Singapore is iconic and known all over the world. It is the perfect place to see the city in all its colors, particularly at night. The complex has a lot to offer both individuals and families. You can visit the bay, Gardens by the Bay or the restaurants at the site, especially those on the rooftop.

The Top 8 Things to See in Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Seeing is believing. You need to see and experience the activities at Universal Studios in Singapore. It is the best place to visit with the family when you visit this city-state. The amusement park has numerous activities for kids and adults alike. The thrills in this park are endless.

The Top 8 Things to See in Singapore


There is a lot to see here in Chinatown. Mostly, they are known for Chinese food, clothes and souvenirs. Many people who have been here attest to having loved every minute of it. It can take you half a day to complete a visit to Chinatown. Whether you are alone or with the family, this region of the city is marvelous.

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Little India

Singapore is indeed a metropolis with people from various parts of the world. Just like the Chinese, Indians have played an essential part in the city-state to the extent that they have a region called Little India. Here, you will not only see but also experience the Indian culture in full. It is an opportunity to sample the spicy Indian cuisine prepared by experienced indigenous chefs.

The Top 8 Things to See in Singapore

Sentosa Island

If you love the tranquility of beaches and the relaxation they bring, it is time to visit Sentosa Island. It is the most visited island in the state, yet it maintains its tranquility. There are many activities you can engage in once you are here including a marine tour to view rare sea creatures.

The Top 8 Things to See in Singapore


Just like any other country, Singapore has native wildlife that can be viewed either in the Singapore Zoo or one of the many national parks and reserves. While planning for your trip, the Visa Express Singapore experts will provide more information about the wildlife you can enjoy. It is important to book your tour in advance.

The Top 8 Things to See in Singapore

Singapore Flyer

Apart from the thrill the observation wheel will give you, it will also allow you to have a view of the entire city. It is considered to be one of the world’s largest observation wheels. Making a reservation for this experience is preferable because it is always busy. It is said that the Singapore Flyer offers the best opportunity to see all of Singapore from above.

Shopping Malls

The city-state is home to numerous shopping malls, and you can’t come to Singapore without visiting at least one. They all offer different shopping experiences. Most of the designer shops for clothes, shoes and accessories are found in the shopping malls. Some shopping malls have other outlets like restaurants and entertainment for kids.

While in Singapore, there are many things that you can see. These are some of the best. You should ensure that you visit at least some of them even if the visit is short. Enjoy!

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The Top 8 Things to See in Singapore
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  1. Singapore looks like such a beautiful place full of culture and history. I’d love to see some wildlife actually out in the wild and Singapore has so much technology — another thing I’d love to see.

    Great post! x


  2. My friend lived and worked in Singapore for ages years. These pictures really do capture some of the beauty and uniqueness she described. I hope to go there myself someday. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, Singapore looks incredible. It has not been a place on my to-travel list until now. China Town sounds so neat and Sentosa Island looks incredible. We’ve been to Bora Bora and it looks just like that Island in the pic. You always have the most inspiring posts and guest posts.

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