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What I Wore for Star Wars Day

Star Wars Cat Wars shirt

Star Wars Cat Wars shirt

Star Wars Cat Wars shirt

Sorry! I know I’m late to the party on this post… but happy belated Star Wars Day! This is the outfit I broke out for the occasion. As you can see, I was not in Argentina, but instead at my parent’s house. It was really nice to pop home and see everyone for a bit. (However, I do apologize for getting behind on my posts and such this last week!)

This isn’t the most exciting Star Wars-themed outfit I’ve ever worn for this day. However, most of my Star Wars clothing is sitting in a shipping facility in Australia…waiting to make its way over to Argentina. So, I have a pretty limited wardrobe at the moment, haha. But, at least I had my “Cat Wars” shirt in my suitcase! This shirt is so ridiculous, I couldn’t resist ordering it nearly 6 months ago. I’ve been wearing it nonstop, but I had been waiting to feature it on the blog for “May the 4th.”

BB8 Pin

It was also the perfect day to break out my BB-8 pin and matching earrings! These little guys are just so cute!

studded flats

My mom had been kind enough to also lend me her cardigan and flats for the day…as I was running a bit low on clothes. Haha. I really loved her studded flats! They added a little extra oomph to this casual outfit.

Did anyone else break out some Star Wars attire for May the 4th? Let me know in the comments!

Where to find it:

Cat Wars shirt: ModCloth
Pants: H&M (similar)
BB-8 pin: Etsy
BB-8 earrings: Etsy
Cardigan: Borrowed from my mom. (Similar here.)
Flats: Borrowed from my mom. (Similar here & here.)

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  1. This shirt is entertaining Lindsey!! I used to laugh at the realistic tees—however they can make you grin like no other!!

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