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10 Road Trip Hacks Every Traveler Must Know

Embarking on an exciting road trip adventure requires proper planning and preparation to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. Road trip enthusiasts have shared valuable hacks that can enhance your experience on the open road. Let’s explore some road trip hacks suggested by seasoned travelers who have mastered the art of long drives.

1. Freezing Bottles of Water: A Multi-Purpose Hack

close up of plastic bottle of water and green mint leaves lying in ice cubes
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One useful road trip hack is to freeze bottles of water in advance. These frozen bottles serve as both ice and a source of hydration. Using them as coolers lets you keep your items cold while they slowly melt, providing chilled water to quench your thirst along the journey.

2. Over the Door Shoe Organizer: A Convenient Storage Solution

Shoe rack hanging on a wooden door, storage for shoes close-up
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Another great road trip hack involves a cheap over-the-door shoe organizer. Affix the organizer to the back of the front seat by removing the headrest, attaching the organizer, and reattaching the headrest. For added stability, consider using a zip tie at the bottom. This clever hack allows for convenient storage and organization of various items throughout the road trip.

3. Prioritize Well-being and Comfort

Attractive young man and woman eating a sandwich while resting on the car trunk during a weekend trip together
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To ensure a comfortable journey, take care of your well-being. Make use of rest-stop bathrooms even if you don’t have an immediate need. Simply walking and stretching during these breaks can enhance your overall well-being and prevent drowsiness. Remember to stay hydrated and be mindful of carbon gas buildup in closed cars, as inadequate ventilation can contribute to drowsiness.

4. Opt for Grocery Stores: A Smart Lunch Alternative

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Choosing grocery stores over restaurants for lunch can be a practical choice. This approach has several advantages, including healthier food options, cost-effectiveness, faster service, and enhanced taste. Grocery stores often offer a variety of to-go items that can be enjoyed on the go. They usually provide clean restroom facilities, and some even have seating areas for a more comfortable dining experience.

5. GasBuddy App: Find Affordable Gas Prices

TORONTO, CANADA - JULY 15, 2018: GasBuddy mobile app on s8 screen in a hand. GasBuddy is company that operates apps and websites based on finding real-time fuel prices
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Make use of the GasBuddy app as a road trip hack. This app helps you locate the most affordable gas prices along your route. It provides information on various gas stations and calculates the optimal time to refuel, even if your vehicle isn’t running low on gas.

6. Enhance Your Journey with Google’s My Maps

HONG KONG, CHINA - 15 MAY 2016: A man hand holding screen shot of google maps app showing on LG G4. Google Maps is most popular mapping service for mobile provided by Google.
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Utilize Google’s My Maps tool to enhance your road trip experience. Create a personalized daily itinerary by adding your desired destinations and points of interest along the route. This way, you can visualize your journey and plan your time accordingly.

7. Ensure Security While Sleeping in Your Car

woman at car backseats fasten with belt sleeping. car travel concept
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If you need to sleep in your car during a road trip, here’s a helpful tip for added security. Loop the seat belt through the car door’s handle and buckle it. This creates an additional layer of protection and makes it more difficult for the door to be opened from the outside.

8. Bring Your Own Pillows for a Comfortable Sleep

Top view of young woman sleeping on side in her bed at night. Beautiful girl sleeping profoundly and dreaming at home with blue blanket. High angle view of woman asleep with closed eyes.
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When packing for a road trip, consider bringing your own pillows. Hotel pillows can vary in terms of comfort and personal preference. Bringing your own pillows ensures a consistent and comfortable sleep experience throughout your journey.

9. Clean Public Bathrooms: Head to Mid to Upper-Level Hotels

toilet doors for male and female genders
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Finding clean public bathrooms can be a challenge during a road trip. One hack is to head to the lobbies of mid to upper-level hotels, such as Holiday Inns. Confidently walk in as if you are a guest and casually pass by the reception desk. You can rest assured that you won’t be questioned.

10. Prioritize Rest and Safety


Rest is crucial during a road trip. If you or anyone in your group needs to rest, it’s essential to take a break and find a suitable place to do so. If possible, have someone stay awake and accompany the driver to ensure everyone remains alert and safe throughout the journey.

Source: Reddit

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