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12 of the Worst Places To Visit While Solo Traveling

Every traveler has their preferences and experiences, and what might be an ideal destination for one person might not be the same for another. Recently on a platform, people have shared places that they have cited as their least favorite destinations, sharing their experiences and opinions to help you decide if these places are right for you.

1. Dubai

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According to the first user, Dubai is not recommended for solo travelers, especially women. The person described the city as a large attraction park/mall built by enslaved people. The stark contrast between people enjoying themselves and those working in services or construction shocked them. Additionally, the user noted a fake sense of freedom prevalent in the city.

They advised women traveling alone to steer clear of Dubai.

2. Thessaloniki, Greece

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Another user recounted their worst experience while traveling solo, which took place in Thessaloniki, Greece. They described being a robbery victim, which made them feel unsafe and exposed to the general atmosphere of violence in the city. They also mentioned the area’s prevalence of vandalism, graffiti, and garbage. 

3. Egypt

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Amidst the chaotic aftermath of the riots, an adventurous soul embarked on a solo trip to Egypt, only to be mercilessly hounded by unscrupulous vendors preying on tourists,” lamented a user, recounting their harrowing experience. However, they also shared a positive experience in Somaliland, where they found the locals incredibly kind.

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4. Bali, Indonesia

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According to the fourth person, Bali is one of the worst places to visit while traveling solo, especially if you’re not a fan of the loud and rowdy Australian tourist crowd. While the countryside of Bali was beautiful and traditional, the southern part near Kuta was crowded, polluted, and dirty, according to this traveler’s experience.

5. Rome

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Roaming solo in Rome can be a real test of fortitude, disclosed a user, highlighting the trials of navigating the bustling city thronged by tourists. Despite traveling during the off-season, the commenter found it challenging to find non-touristy areas and navigate the crowds of tourists.

6. Oslo, Norway

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An individual remarked they had a tough time solo traveling in Oslo, Norway. They found the city super expensive, even more so than Paris and the UK. Despite spending four days there, they didn’t find much to do and were glad to leave.

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7. Liege, Belgium

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Journeying to Liege was an adventure that failed to live up to its promise, revealed a user, as they recounted their experience of solo travel in a destination that failed to captivate their heart. They noted that while the city is known for its chocolate, waffles, and beer, it is better to try these treats elsewhere in Belgium.

8. Zurich, Switzerland

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Another traveler recounted their trip to Switzerland and described it as their worst experience. They stayed near Zurich, but not speaking German made communication difficult, and they received rude reactions from locals. Surprisingly, this traveler later discovered that two other solo travelers shared the same negative experience in Switzerland. 

9. Paris, France

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Of all the places I’ve ventured to solo, Paris was the biggest letdown, lamented another individual as they shared their disappointment with a destination that failed to meet their expectations. They found that the locals were not friendly or helpful, and they had a negative experience with a taxi driver.

The city was also full of drifters attempting to scam tourists for money, particularly at popular tourist attractions. In one day alone, the traveler was approached around 30 times by people asking for money for their supposed “charity.”

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10. Kazakhstan

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Somebody wrote that their worst solo travel experience was in Kazakhstan due to the enormous distances between uninteresting cities, the need for English speakers, and hostile encounters with locals trying to take advantage of them.

They also needed help finding affordable accommodations, paying $50 per night for a shared room with no showers. This experience occurred in 2010 when they traveled from Uzbekistan to western China and regretted not flying over Kazakhstan.

11. Vietnam

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Vietnam ranks as the ultimate unwanted destination, revealed an individual as they shared their strong aversion towards the country. They mentioned that many locals were often angry and rude, and vendors frequently attempted to scam tourists. However, he did highlight that the countryside was breathtakingly beautiful.

12. Patna, India

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A globetrotter had bravely confessed that Patna, India was their least favorite destination. The city left an indelible impression on the traveler – one they would rather forget. 

The reviewer painted a picture of Patna as a tempestuous metropolis – a place where chaos reigned supreme and order was merely a figment of the imagination. The streets were strewn with filth, the air thick with pollution, and the traffic – oh, the traffic!

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  1. I disagree with your writing about Bali. I always go solo travelling to Bali. Exotic and amazing island, I can enjoy myself or even meet new friend. Bali is big, exploring Ubud, Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Lovina, or even the east area for good diving or snorkelling. Love staying in Canggu and go surfing there. You should experience by yourself though.

  2. I completely agree with the above comment. Definitely inaccurate!!!!!
    I have traveled to many of these places by myself as a solo female traveler and have had wonderful experiences!

  3. This is such a pathetic article. Unthoughtful, xenophobic and just overall a negative read. Wish this did not show up on my radar. Do better Elizabeth Banach.

  4. Agree that Vietnam was the worst. People angry demending 59% tip for services. Cities are ugly and over crowded.Hanoi and Saigon have nothing to offer compare to Bangkok , Luang Prabang or Kuala Lumpur.

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