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Unique Vintage Beret - DSW OTK Boots - Layered B&W Sweater

Unique Vintage Beret - DSW OTK Boots - Layered B&W Sweater
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Beret c/o* | Boots c/o* (similar) | Gloves c/o* | Bag (similar) | Sweater (Similar here & here) | Jeans (similar)

Wow! I can’t believe how quickly the holidays went! However, I still sort of feel as though the holidays are happening because I’m in Wisconsin visiting my family until this weekend. And holy smokes, Wisconsin is SO cold. The day we took these photos was actually Christmas Eve, and that was the last “warm” day we’ve had here. It’s been hovering around 0 degrees Fahrenheit or less otherwise!

I was really excited for some snow and cold, though, because it gave me the perfect excuse to wear my fave boots and this lovely beret. It was a cute, little Christmas gift from my friends over at Unique Vintage, along with these gloves and a cute mug with hot cocoa mix (will be photographing that soon). I never really thought I was a beret person until this one arrived, and ever since I unwrapped it – I’ve hardly taken it off. So, sorry, but it’s going to be featured in roughly the next 6 outfit posts. Haha.

Unique Vintage Beret - DSW OTK Boots - Layered B&W Sweater

This all paired really well with this lovely sweater my mom bought me for my birthday as well! It’s so pretty – she really has good taste, eh? Unfortunately, it is no longer available, but I’ve linked to some similar options, below.

Unique Vintage Beret - DSW OTK Boots - Layered B&W Sweater

How was everyone else’s holiday season? And are you a fan of berets? Let me know in comments!

Where to find it:

Beret: c/o* Unique Vintage
Gloves: c/o* Unique Vintage
Boots: c/o* DSW (Sold out. Similar here.)
Sweater: Gift from my mom (Similar here & here)
Jeans: Old (Similar here)
Bag: Kate Spade (Similar)

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  1. I love the beret, and the plaid dress that the Unique Vintage model is wearing! Is that snow?! So pretty!!

  2. I love when you get to try out an accessory you’ve never worn and it works so well! I recently got this same beret and had the exact same reaction – I’m in love! I agree this look is so Chanel – you look amazing. Hope you’re surviving the snow – North Carolina didn’t know what to do so they panicked and shut everything down! As a Boston gal, I had to laugh… Glad 2018 is treating you well so far!


    1. Right? I was so excited! I’m so glad you liked yours too! Haha – and oh no. We didn’t get much snow, but it’s been below 0 the whole time I’ve been home. It’s crazy!

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