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It’s All in the Details

Scarf and shoes from Etsy

Scarf and shoes from Etsy

Scarf and shoes from Etsy

Shop the look:

At first glance this may not look like the most exciting outfit. Once you look a little closer, though, there are some rather unique aspects to this ensemble.

My favorite part is the custom Octopus TOMS. I don’t have any particular love for octopus, but there’s just something about these TOMS! Obviously, TOMS are awesome and comfortable (and they come in wide!), but having a custom pair is so much more fun. I ordered this pair from a lady on Etsy. I told her what size my foot is, she went and bought the TOMS and then painted them up for me. She will paint just about anything you want. I’m already trying to decide what my next pair from her will be (maybe something Game of Thrones inspired?!).

I’ve had these TOMS for a couple years and the paint is not wearing off at all. These are cloth shoes, though. So, if the weather is going to be rainy, snowy and yucky… I won’t wear them out. These shoes do have a lot of miles on them. No matter where I wear them, someone is always asking me where I bought them.

Octopus TOMS


Next up, is my Pride and Prejudice scarf. This scarf actually has part of Pride and Prejudice printed on it. (It’s the part where Mr. Darcy is explaining to Elizabeth when he fell in love with her, and owning up to the wonderful things he did for Lydia and Jane. So, the best part.) I love Jane Austen, especially Pride and Prejudice. Being able to wear this book as a fashion statement is pretty awesome. It is also a wonderful way for a stranger to start a conversation up with me about Pride and Prejudice! And what book-lover doesn’t love talking about books?

This scarf is also really thick and cozy. It’s great to wear in winter and fall because it actually keeps me warm, along with looking cute. I’ve also washed this scarf a couple times (on gentle cycle), and so far, it’s been holding up well.

Jane Austen Scarf

Jane Austen Scarf

Last, but not least, are my jeans. I’ve been crazy about 7 For All Mankind’s Dojo jeans since I found them in a thrift store when I was in high school. I bought them for $10 and wore them until they literally fell apart (about five years later). The thrift store pair were way too long on me and became shredded on the bottom. I’m not sure if 7 For All Mankind still does their sizing this way, but their Dojo jeans would come in short and regular. Regular were super long and short were sort of short, but not really. I’m wearing the short Dojo jeans in this post (and I’m about 5’6″ with “regular” length legs). They are shorter than my average pair of jeans, but not terrible. They work well with flats and sandals.

These are my absolute favorite pair of jeans. I love how comfortable they are, and how the stitching on the pockets makes a 7. The thing I love most about these jeans, though, is the fact I can wear them for a disgustingly long time before I need to wash them. That’s because it takes them forever to get to that “stretched-out, saggy-butt” point that jeans inevitably reach. These jeans also look just as fabulous as the day I bought them, 3 years ago. They are going to last a really, really long time.

Scarf and shoes from Etsy

Where to find it:
Shoes: KellismCo
Scarf: Storiarts
Jeans: 7 For All Mankind
Jacket: Gliks (No longer available. This one from Amazon is similar.)
T-shirt: Wet Seal
Earrings: Express (in store)
Sunglasses: Burlington Coat Factory (in store)
Purse: ModCloth


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