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Hello, Cardigan Weather!

Sunflower Cardigan

Sunflower Cardigan

Sunflower Cardigan

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Here in Wisconsin, we are already reverting back to our normal chilly weather wardrobe. Summer was short-lived, but that’s OK, a comfy cardigan with peonies on it can brighten anyone’s cold weather blues.

While summer will be sorely missed, it was nice to cuddle into a warm, soft sweater again and slip on a pair of jeans. This soft red colored cardigan, with little peonies embroidered on it, is wonderful. Not only is it adorable, it is well-made and blessedly soft (there is nothing worse than a scratchy sweater). The arms are nice and long as well. Oh, and there’s pockets! I love being able to hide my hands in my pockets, or sleeves, once the colder weather sets in.

As for my jeans, these are once again my favorite stretchy jeans. They actually have an elastic waist, and no zipper or buttons. Obviously, they are super comfortable, but they are also great because when I wear a form fitting top, there is no bunching around where the button would be. I can also wear them for days and they don’t get stretched out. Wahoo!

These white flats are ancient, but they are so comfortable and go with so many outfits. I also think they don’t make my feet look as huge as some flats do, therefore, I can wear them with skinny jeans. Does anyone else have that problem… trying to find flats that don’t make your feet look ginormous with skinny jeans?

This post is a little different than my previous outfit posts. My weekend was a low-key one back at home, hanging out with my family (and it was wonderful). So, this outfit post was a wee bit more casual than my other ones. What do you guys think? Stick with just the dressy outfit posts? Or are some casual ones OK too? Let me know in the comments.

Where to find it:
Sweater: ModCloth
T-shirt: Maurices (However, I bought it years ago)
Jeans: Target
Flats: Payless (However, I also bought them years ago)
Pearls: Gift from my husband


  1. Violetdaffodils says:

    That cardigan is gorgeous! 😀 xx

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