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Inner Fairy Princess

All photos in this post are courtesy of Sadie Cheyenne Photography.
Inner Fairy Princess tulle skirt and Machi Footwear Heels

Inner Fairy Princess

Inner Fairy Princess tulle skirt

Machi Footwear heels


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There are days where it is completely necessary to add a little whimsy and sparkle, and let your inner fairy princess run free. For days like this, tulle skirts and twinkly floral heels are just what the fairy godmother ordered.

But before I tell you all just how wonderful my fairytale skirt and magical heels are, I really want to tell you about these photos. They look much more professional than usual, don’t they? That’s because the talented Sadie of Sadie Cheyenne Photography was the photographer behind the camera! She was kind enough to take these outfit photos for me when I was home this past weekend, and I could not be happier with them! She is so talented! If you are in Wisconsin and are in need of photographer, definitely check out her Facebook page. Sadie was also one of my Featured Fashionistas, if you would like to learn more about her and her photography business, you can check that out here.

Machi Footwear

Now, here are some heels fit for a princess! Machi Footwear (my favorite shoe brand!) was kind enough to send these to me, and I seriously screamed when I opened up the package. They are just too pretty and the quality is fantastic! I love how unique and feminine they are. I will admit, though, I do have a bit of a hard time walking in them. I’m not used to heels quite this high, and the fit of these heels is a bit more narrow than my other Machi heels. But I’m going to practice walking in them more this weekend, because I have some big walking/standing plans for these babies next week! (Stay tuned for more on that event!)

Inner Fairy Princess tulle skirt

In a previous post, I had mentioned that I didn’t own any tulle! Well, a fairy godmother over at CNDirect heard of this plight and fixed that little problem by sending this skirt straight out of a storybook. This is everything I hoped a tulle skirt would be, and it is incredibly affordable. This skirt is only $5! You seriously can’t beat that price. The shipping took quite a long time, though. So, if you are ordering from CNDirect for a specific event, be sure to give yourself enough time. (I believe it took about a month for my skirt to reach me.)

Are there days when you let your inner fairy princess shine? Or am I the only one who enjoys prancing around in tulle and glitzy heels? Let me know in the comments!

Where to find it:

Photos: c/o Sadie Cheyenne Photography
Heels: c/o Machi Footwear
Skirt: c/o CNDirect
Purse: c/o ifchic
Top: Vanity (old, similar here)
Headband: Icing (similar)
Pearls: Gift from my husband


  1. I was instantly reminded of a fairy princess as soon as I saw you in this outfit! What a lovely look. The tulle skirt looks so fun to wear. I love the heels!

    1. Thank you so much, Zoey! The heels are my new favorite! And there will definitely be more tulle in my future, haha. It’s soooo fun to wear! 🙂

  2. There is so much to love in these photos! Love how good they look! Love the skirt and those fabulous eels! 🙂

    And I love that smile.. that to me says it all! 🙂

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  3. You really do look like a pretty fairy princess in this post! I am in love with your purple floral shoes and this is such a pretty skirt and color on you.


  4. I think your photos always look good 🙂 But yay for these too! I can’t decide what part of the outfit that I love most because every piece is awesome…but IDK…those shoes!!!!! XO
    -Lauren Blair

  5. Gorgeous photos and I really love the mint skirt on you! You wear these skirts so well. If I was to get one like this I would definitely get one in mint also:-).


  6. Beautiful, dainty, and those shoes are to die for! Now I want a tulle skirt too… 🙂


  7. We’re both in tulle today! Im dying over these shoes too! They’re beyond pretty. You look gorgeous in this princess outfit. You should wear more tulle!!


    1. Great minds think alike! 🙂 Thank you so much, Amanda! There will definitely be more tulle in my future.

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