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Living in a Winter Wonderland

ModCloth skirt and socks

ModCloth Skirt

ModCloth skirt & socks

Striped Hollister sweater

Winter Wonderland outfit

ModCloth skirt & shoes

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Guess what? There was another snowstorm in Wisconsin this week. Shocking, I know. Haha. It sure makes for some pretty photos, though. And in case you couldn’t tell. I really love using these pine trees as a backdrop. The way the snow sticks to them makes it look like I’m living in a winter wonderland!

And when you’re living in a winter wonderland, you have to bundle up a bit. I’m really loving hats at the moment. I don’t have as much hair on my head as I did the past several winters…so, hats have been a big plus to keep my noggin warm this year! This is one of a few that were actually Christmas gifts from my husband’s stepmom. I love the button details on it! (Thank you, Lori!)

My sweater is another one that I’ve had since high school. I still remember buying it, because I had gotten such a good deal on it on the clearance rack at Hollister. ($10!) I don’t believe I’ve stepped foot in a Hollister in about 12 years, but I certainly have quite a few leftovers from my high school days!

This skirt paired with these socks and shoes, is one of my favorite combos. I feel like I can pair just about any top with them and it works. I actually have to be careful not to wear them too often. Haha. This skirt is one of my favorites because I can wear it year round…and it’s one of those magical pieces of clothing that doesn’t wrinkle! If I don’t ever have to iron it, you better believe I’m in love with it. Haha.

I had been outside during the storm shoveling. So, I took a moment to snap a few photos while I was out there, too. It was really pretty! I couldn’t believe how much snow we had gotten in just a couple hours…but that’s Wisconsin for you!

How’s the weather by you? And are there any other hat lovers out there? Let me know in the comments!

Where to find it:

Hat: Gift from Lori (similar here)
Skirt: ModCloth
Shoes: ModCloth (similar)
Socks: ModCloth (similar)
Sweater: Hollister (similar here)
Scarf: Target
Mittens: Target


  1. How pretty is that snow?! Everything has melted in Chicago already, which is a huge relief given the last few years. I love this outfit–the colors complement the background so well, and that hat is adorable!

  2. In love with this outfit!! It just looks so pretty and cosy at the same time.
    I love the grey and white together.
    I’m a big fan of hats! But then again, not being a fan of hats isn’t really an option in northern Sweden. But yeah – I love hats! I think they are a fun way to add to your outfit!
    Much love,

  3. These photos are gorgeous! I love your outfit against the background!! I can’t believe you’ve had that sweater since high school. And I love that the skirt is non iron, especially with the pleats. I also love the socks with the shoes. This is such a beautiful post!

  4. Wow – it’s so pretty there!! We’ve been having some crazy weather recently – it was almost 70 outside this week! I’m also a big hat wearer 🙂

    Lee – leethrifts.blogspot.com

  5. Dear Lindsey,

    I just adore this outfit!! Your sweater and wrinkle-free skirt are so cute and I just LOVE how you style cute socks with skirts. I am learning so much from you. :0)



  6. So pretty! We finally got snow here in MA, and I actually had a snow day today. Always fun to get that call in the morning…no school! Hope you have a great weekend 🙂


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