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My Favorite Ways to Tie a Scarf: Video

Thank you to Demon TZ for sponsoring this video.
How to Tie a Scarf

This is my first video tutorial for my blog! I’m not going to lie, it’s far more nerve-racking to upload a video of myself talking than it is to post my outfit photos. I have been taking my sweet time uploading this little tutorial. But one of my goals for my next year of blogging is to start making videos to feature on my blog – to spice things up a bit and challenge myself. So, here goes nothing!

The video below is showing how to tie a few of my favorite scarf styles, and the gorgeous silk scarf in the video is from Australian based designer, Demon TZ. I’ve featured these lovely, bright-colored scarves in previous posts, and have had several people reaching out to me asking how it is that I tied them. All of the looks in this video will be showing you the ways I tie my scarves in my posts.

I’m very curious to know your thoughts on the video. 🙂 Let me know in the comments, and if you have any suggestions on what your would like see for future videos – fire away! My next 2 videos will be from our vacation in Cape Cod, which will include whale watching and shark cage diving! (You can click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’re interested!)

Where to find it:

Silk Scarf: c/o Demon TZ
Skirt: Shein
Top: ModCloth (similar)

To see my outfit post featuring the Demon TZ scarf and swan skirt in the video, click here.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, really descriptive and well done! Can’t wait to see more of ur videos. It was neat to actually hear your voice:-).


    1. Oh I agree! I feel like I could take a whole year and just do tutorials on scarf tying – whether they’re on your head, purse, even shoes! There’s all kinds of crazy ways to wear them. Thanks, Alexandra!

  2. Killing it on camera! I loved this and can’t wait to see more videos. I did a post about a year ago about turning a scarf into a vest and got a lot of compliments when people asked about it. After seeing how cute and fabulous your video came out, I want to try my own now haha!
    Great job pretty girl!
    Xo Amanda | Sans Scrubs

    1. Aw thanks, Amanda! You should totally do a video! I have absolutely no idea how to turn a scarf into a vest – so I would love to watch a tutorial! 🙂

  3. Cute! I like you on video, as you’re adorable! But I hear you! I’ve wafted back and forth between adding video features and keep putting it off for similar reasons. And I recently got filmed for a test run of my comedy project and HATED myself on film, so haha…totally get it! But you’re great! XO
    -Lauren Blair

  4. Great video! I hardly knew you could tie a scarf in so many different ways, I only ever do the 2nd one, but I’m looking forward to trying the other styles too!
    It was really fun seeing you moving and talking 😀

  5. I loved your video, and I’m glad you’ll be doing more! Not only do I find video tutorials really useful, but I think videos are great for connecting with people! I’m going to hunt for some silk scarves son so I can try these out!

  6. You did such a good job with the video! Its so cool to actually hear your voice too lol. Great tutorial. Im terrible at tying scarves so this helps!


    1. Thank you, Amanda! It killed me listen to it while editing it, haha. I wonder if anyone actually likes the sound of their own voice, though?

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