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Playing in the Rain

Stylish surprise boots

ModCloth stylish surprise boots

ModCloth stylish surprise boots

Stylish surprise boots

stylish surprise boots

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I have always wanted a pair of rain boots, but I’ve never lived in a very rainy area…and it never seemed like a practical purchase. And then my ModCloth Stylish Surprise arrived with a pair of rain booties this week! I didn’t know rain booties were even a thing, to be honest. I also took one look at the booties and decided I was never going to wear them..they weren’t my style, they looked WAY too narrow and what would I wear them with? (If you need more info on ModCloth’s Stylish Surprise, click here.)

However, the next day after my ModCloth package arrived, it was raining cats and dogs…so, I decided to give my rain booties a whirl. I was surprised by how comfortable they are, and my entire family (stepdad, husband and grandpa included) told me they were super cool and very stylish. So, the rain booties have definitely grown on me. That is the power of the Stylish Surprise – you end up loving things you thought you would never ever wear!

ModCloth stylish surprise boots

Stylish surprise boots

I did wait until the rain subsided before taking these photos (my camera is not waterproof, haha), but I gave the rain booties a try in some remaining puddles..and they kept my feet dry. I wish I would have had these when we lived near NYC, they would have been perfect for walking through the slushy streets last winter.

This was my first time trying out the ModCloth Stylish Surprise for shoes. I’m a bit on the fence on whether I’ll do it again…as these shoes were on clearance for $11 and I spent $15 on the Stylish Surprise. So, I didn’t exactly get a screaming deal, but I did end up with a pair of shoes I now like that I never would have looked at twice!

Did anyone else try this last ModCloth Stylish Surprise? Did you get anything cool? And what are your thoughts on rain booties? Let me know in the comments!

Where to find it:

Booties: ModCloth Stylish Surprise (Still available at Alternative Outfitters in all sizes.)
Umbrella: Borrowed (Similar here)
Pants: ModCloth (Similar)
Top: Old (Similar here)
Earrings: My mom made them! (Similar here)
Ring: Old (Similar here)
Lipstick: Stila Stay All Day


  1. I didn’t know rain booties were a thing either! Very cute.

    I was thiiiiiiiiiiiis close to buying a Stylish Surprise, but I wussed out (again!). I tell myself to go for it every time, but then I get scared that I won’t like my purchase 🙁 Maybe next time I’ll have the courage!


    1. Thank you so much, Jen! Ahhh you have to try the Stylish Surprise some time – I always luck out on the apparel item! (I might not recommend the shoes, though!) 🙂

  2. I seriously love these rain boots! They are so cool and cute!
    I’m glad you decided to wear them after all.
    I’ve got stylish surprise shoes a couple of times before and once I got one of my favourite pairs of heels. So it really can go either way.
    I’m longing for this times stylish surprise to come to me, but because I live where I do it take aaaages.
    Anyway, you look so cute in those booties.
    Much love,

    1. Thank you so much, Mona! I’m glad I went for it too. 🙂 I hope your Stylish Surprise arrives soon! I can’t wait to see what you got! Much love to you too! 🙂

  3. you are too cute! I love that patterned sweater and the dark red boots are amazing!


  4. Such fun pics! And cute shoes…I too did not know rain booties were a thing either! I didn’t do SS and haven’t for over a year. One day again…but there’s been too much that I want from all sorts of places that justifying a Surprise purchase hasn’t been worth it just yet. That and remember that one or two times dresses were $10?!? Lol…oh glory days… XO

    1. Thank you, Lauren! Haha, I hear you…this was the first one I’ve done in about a year. I do remember the $10 ones – those were the days. Haha. 😉

  5. I love those booties! The colour is beautiful and the red umbrella really pulls them out. I haven’t heard of stylish surprise but it sounds like a fun way to try things out of your comfort zone. Also love that ring! Beautiful photos!

    1. Thank you so much, Lili! The stylish surprise is so much fun to try! I can let you know when the next one comes! 🙂

  6. They’re really cute! I have some of this length (except mine are more Poppy red with white polka dots on) but I have found them to be extraordinarily useful, especially when I go camping and don’t have the room for larger items. These ones look really good! I’ve always wanted to buy from Modcloth but I am scared of getting stung by customs!

    1. Thank you so much, Kezzie! Your polka dot booties sound way cute! I am not entirely sure what the customs charges would be for you…but I do know a lot of my friends abroad buy from ModCloth, they just do their purchases in bulk as shipping gets pretty pricey.

  7. i LOVEEE those boots! as someone who lives in the ‘tornado alley’ of the country rainboots are a MUST! I stupidly didn’t bring my rainboots with me when I moved so I’m still on the hunt for a cute pair.

    I never do the stylish surprise because I’m afraid something won’t fit and I will have spent 20$ on it but oh man you always make me want to take the plunge with your items!

    Lee – leethrifts.com

    1. Thank you, Lee! Oh gosh, I didn’t realize you lived in tornado alley! That is a bit scary – tornadoes are probably my biggest fear. But I can see how you would need rain boots! The Stylish Surprise is a bit of gamble, but I always reassure myself that there are swap groups or I could sell them. Fortunately, I’ve liked all my Stylish Surprises so far, though!

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