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The Test of Time

Angel shirt

Angel shirt

Back of Angel shirt

Angel shirt closeup

Angel shirt side view

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Buy clothes you can picture yourself wearing years from now. Don’t buy something simply because it’s trendy. I know the less I worry about what’s in style, the happier I am with my fashion choices.

Every single thing I am wearing in this post is 5+ years old, and I have worn nearly every single piece to death. This shirt is one of my favorites to wear in the winter. I’ll wear it for the holidays, going out for the night or just hanging out with friends and family. It’s something I spotted at Forever 21 a million years ago, and immediately fell in love with because it is unique, and it suits me. It’s not trendy, and not everyone is going to like it…but it’s been one of my favorites for more than 5 years.

You won’t see me sporting those trendy faux fur vests or tattered jeans, because I know those are things I will not be wearing 5 years from now. The key to building a wardrobe that will withstand the test of time is to not impulse buy and know what YOU like…not what a fashion magazine tells you to like. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t like trendy things, just make sure you’re not getting it simply because it’s trendy.

What are some of your favorite clothing items, that have withstood the test of time?

Where to find it:

Top: Forever 21 (No longer available)
Boots: DSW (similar)
Leggings: Kohls (In store.)
Headband: Forever 21 (No longer available.)
Earrings: Gift from my mom
Purse: Gift from my Aunt Wendy
Lip Color: Stila Stay All Day Vinyl in Fuchsia from Ulta


    1. This purse has gotten a lot of use over the years and is still being used to this day! Thank you so much, again, Aunt Wendy! 🙂 Love you too.

  1. I’ll admit that sometimes I can’t help but buy something because it’s trendy (those are always so fun to play with!) but I really, really try to stick with getting things that’ll last me through years, just like you do. My favorite so far have been pieces in neutral colors that have clean shapes- I have this amazing navy jumpsuit that I can wear literally every day, and I have a bunch of sharp white blouses that I layer under just about everything. On paper, it sounds really boring haha, but I feel so amazing in them once they’re on 🙂

    xo marlen
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    1. I think we all buy some trendy things, sometimes the trends are pretty awesome! I will have to head over to your blog and check out your navy jumpsuit! Thanks for stopping by, Marlen. 🙂

  2. Lindsey I could’t agree more!! I do the same, so many years now. And very often, the oldest piece looks the newest! Just because you don’t see it everywhere around…
    By the way, your outfit really rocks!!

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