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Honest Review of Upbra Push Up Swim Top & Bottoms + Try On

Are you wondering if the Upbra push up swim tops are worth it? This post is my honest review of Upbra’s T-shirt bikini top and its matching bottoms. This post will be sharing my background with swimwear (and why I’ve always avoided wearing suits like this Upbra one), my opinion of the fit, the quality, the support, “the ActiveLift® technology,” and more.

Thank you to Upbra for partnering with me for this post. As always, all opinions are my own, and I am never compensated for a positive review. 

What is Upbra?

Upbra is most known for their push up bras and push up swim tops because they use patented ActiveLift® technology within the cups. I’ll explain this more next, but it’s unique because it gives the girls that “lift” without excessive padding. I have never seen a swim top like it! They also design and make all of their products in the US + ship worldwide.

Honest Review of Upbra Push Up Swim Top & Bottoms + Try On
The Mod Upbra T-Shirt Bikini Top & Bottoms

A little background on me and my taste in swimwear…

We’re going WAY back for this one…Growing up, I was bullied quite a bit because I developed breasts before a lot of the girls my age, and they were rather large for my body size/height. Middle school SUCKED and teenage girls can be BRUTAL, let’s just say. Because of this, I’ve always focused on ways to minimize my chest. 

So, when I had the chance to try Upbra’s push up swim top for this post, at first, I first hesitated. This isn’t ME. I don’t show off my girls. No push up swim tops for me – no thank you! I’ll stick to my one-piece swimwear, thank you very much.

But after thinking more about WHY this was – why do I care so much about hiding myself? It all came back to me… ah yes, my teenage years. I hated that something that happened SO long ago (I mean, I’m in my 30s), has continued to impact the way I behave to this day.

I decided right then and there I was no longer going to let this dictate how I dress…and you know what, being proud of the girls for a change felt gosh darn GOOD

Now, here is my honest review of the Upbra Push Up Swim Top & Bottoms…

Upbra push up swim top and bottoms

Honest Review of Upbra Push Up Swim Top & Bottoms

This post will be specifically about my Mod Upbra T-Shirt Bikini Top & Bottoms. However, all Upbra bras and swim tops have the same features that I will be speaking about in this review post. 

ActiveLift® Technology – Cleavage Control Straps 

The cleavage-control straps are what make this swim top unique! They are straps that are connected to platforms within the top cups, these straps move your breasts upward and inward when pulled. You can adjust them anytime for a completely different look. (Pictured below.) The farther away the loops are from the center, the greater your cleavage. I have them on their “lowest” setting, so to speak, for this post – as I’m still a bit new to this whole cleavage thing!

Upbra Swim push up top ActiveLift® Technology - Cleavage Control Straps 

I like this technology more so because it provides fantastic support. This is the type of swim top I could play beach volleyball in and not have to worry.

Moving the straps is also super easy and can make for a really dramatic look, with no extra padding. 

Honest Review of Upbra Push Up Swim Top & Bottoms + Try On

Extra Grip Support

This is actually my favorite part of this Upbra swim top. The inside of the cups also have specially formulated vinyl hearts. These are comfortable, but effective grippers to make sure that your cleavage will stay put throughout the day. They work REALLY well. At no point, while wearing this swim top (and I’ve worn it out and about for days of swimming and boating a few times now), have I felt like I was going to be having a wardrobe malfunction. Everything stays right where it should!

Upbra swim review
These are the vinyl hearts. They’re actually really comfy!

Upbra Top & Bottoms Sizing

The Upbra top sizing is very straightforward and true to size. My typical bra size worked great for this swim top. There is no need to size up or down. 

The Upbra swim bottoms do run small, though. I am an XL in these (and probably could have fit in an XXL even better). Normally, I’m a size medium/size 6-8 in bottoms.

Upbra swim bottoms

Honestly, I don’t love the way these bottoms fit me. They’re really comfortable, but they just don’t look quite right for me, I guess? I think it’s because the top kind of poofs out, and isn’t the most flattering look (at least compared to other swim bottoms I own). I like that they match the top, but if I were to do this again, I think I would just wear some plain black bottoms that fit a bit better.

Upbra swim bottoms
I don’t love the bottoms – this swimsuit’s star is definitely the top.

Upbra Quality 

I’ve only had this Upbra swimsuit for this summer, so I can’t attest to its durability just yet. (I’ll update this post as more time passes.) I’ve worn and washed it in my washing machine (in a bra wash bag) a few times, and there are no signs of wear yet. Overall, the quality (especially for the top) is AMAZING, as far as first impressions go. I anticipate that I be able to use this swimsuit for many years.

Price - Are Upbra Push Up Swim Tops Worth the Money?

Price – Are Upbra Push Up Swim Tops Worth the Money?

The million-dollar question, though… are these luxury push up swim tops by Upbra worth the money?

This is the most expensive swimwear top I currently own. However, that said, I would say this is also the highest quality swim top I own BY FAR. The quality is impressive, and none of the other swim tops I own make my top half look this good!

These swimsuits are also designed and made in the US – which is going to up the price as well. (But it’s also good, in my opinion, that they weren’t made in a sweatshop in China.)

Honest Review of Upbra Push Up Swim Top & Bottoms + Try On

Bottom line: if you want AMAZING cleavage and support for your top half – these swimsuits are worth it. They are very expensive, though, as far as swimwear tops go. If you’re not especially interested in having cleavage while swimming or don’t need much support for your top half, then I wouldn’t say this would be worth it for you. 

Personally, now, that I’ve had the chance to try the tops, I am completely sold on buying one of their bras. I can totally see how their strapless bras, in particular, would actually keep everything where it needs to stay. That, I am willing to pay top dollar for. I might actually start wearing a strapless bra yet, thanks to Upbra! (I’ve previously avoided them like the plague, all of the strapless bras I’ve ever tried previously have been awful.)

If anyone has any questions at all, please feel free to reach out in the comments section at the end!

Honest Review of Upbra Push Up Swim Top & Bottoms + Try On Honest Review of Upbra Push Up Swim Top & Bottoms + Try On

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  1. This was so interesting to read. I did hear about these once, but never really looked into them. HOWEVER, I do want to explore the strapless, because right now I’m digging my fashion forms and wear them so much. Could there be something better?? Always the question for me!!

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