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10 Brand Names Shoppers Say Are 100% Worth Spending More For

These brands have not only earned their place on our shelves but have also secured a spot in our hearts. Join us as we explore the stories, quality, and innovation behind these brands that have made them an essential part of our daily lives. Whether you’re a seasoned shopper or a discerning buyer, these brand names are more than just products – they are symbols of trust, quality, and enduring value.

Recently, on an online platform, a user asked for suggestions of worthwhile brands in which one can buy without hesitation. These were the top-voted answers.

1. Adhesive 3M Post-it Notes

Rome, Italy – September 14, 2021: Post-it notes, brand of 3M Company
Photo credit: Walter Cicchetti // Shutterstock.com

An esteemed client mentions that the 3M Post-it notes are worth buying as the sticky glue is adhesive enough to prevent it from curling, preventing the page from falling off, and easy enough to take it off without tearing it. It’s a trusted brand that helps customers stay organized while being creative. 

2. Zojirushi Rice Cooker

Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Sep 13, 2022. A close up to a Zojirushi 5.5 Cup Microcomputer Rice Cooker and Warmer menu.
Photo credit: oasisamuel // Shutterstock.com

A satisfied customer wrote that Zojirushi rice maker makes life easy with its effective technology in this busy routine. You can set the cooker and do other chores without worrying about it, and it gets rice ready and perfectly cooked. It is an essential addition to the kitchen for all Wanna-Be chefs and working moms. It works like a wonder to boost one’s cooking game. 

3. Natori, Over-The-Shoulder Boulder, and Holder

Fashionable concept. Purple bra with lace in female hand, on white fur
Photo credit: Serhii Yevdokymov / Shutterstock.com

A Natori lover expresses her love for the brand and states that Natori is the Queen-B in the Fashion World. The quality and comfort provided by the brand are the reason for its high demand in the market. They make some of the absolute best bras on the market.

4. Sherwin Williams “Emerald” 

Scarborough, Toronto, Canada - November 6, 2021: A Sherwin-Williams Paint Store in Toronto. Sherwin-Williams is an American company that produces paint.
Photo credit: JHVEPhoto // Shutterstock.com

An experienced customer stated that when it comes to painting, one should always buy premium brands unless you love redoing walls 12 times in a row. The fantastic color palettes the brand offer is unmatchable. So folks, paint your walls way with the magic of Emerald.

5. Ticonderoga Pencils

Los Angeles, CA - July 20, 2023: Pack of extra thick, my first, wood cased school pencils by Ticonderoga company.
Photo credit: ZikG // Shutterstock.com

A loyal customer expressed his love for Ticonderoga pencils; their eye-catching designs and quality makes them one of the best. These pencils are like the wand of Hary Potter with their cute little eraser that wipes one’s mistakes away. It’s a must-have possession for the ones who love taking notes.

6. Crayola

Mérida, Yucatan, México; 05-08-2022: Crayons in a shopping cart isolated on white background
Photo credit: angelbandala // Shutterstock.com

An art enthusiast urges everyone to invest in Crayola as it fills colors in the imagination. This brand is known for its trendy names, hard to resist, and worth buying. Art lovers, get ready to make your adventures magical with Crayola because age is just a number for them.

7. Kitchen-aid Stand Mixer 

red stand mixer mixing cream
Photo credit: Dmitry_Evs // Shutterstock.com

The new love of moms and chefs is the KitchenAid mixer. Upon sharing her experience with the brand, a cherished buyer said it had taken her cooking to a new level. It is a little chef  – good at multitasking, and its innovative design adds style to your kitchen counter. 

8. Stanley Stainless Steel Thermal Cup

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - March 12, 2023: Stanley black thermal cup for drinking beer, on green background
Photo credit: Luciana Biazzi // Shutterstock.com

A loyal customer states that Stanley is a lifesaver and worth the money. All the busy, working moms can easily have their hot or cold coffee anywhere, anytime with this Stanley’s thermal as it keeps the beverages at the right temperature. For all outdoor enthusiasts, it’s a necessary addition to your equipment. 

9. Toyota 

Toyota Fortuner standing in the middle of the Namib desert on a sunny day. 24.07.2021. Namibia, Africa
Photo credit: Yulia Lakeienko // Shutterstock.com

A treasured user stated Toyota and declared it worth investing in. Toyota knows how to make any long drive a pleasure and their vehicles are known for their high quality, reliability, and high resale value. Many Toyota models are also designed with fuel efficiency in mind.

10. Pyrex Glass Cookware and Food Storage Containers

Seattle, WA USA - circa August 2022: Close up, selective focus on Pyrex products for sale inside a Target retail store
Photo credit: Colleen Michaels // Shutterstock.com

Are you looking for your leftovers to find a home? Look no further; Pyrex saves the day by giving your food storage a new look. Its durability is worth mentioning as it is challenging and can withstand the chaos of your clumsiness. Moreover, its elegance speaks for itself, making it a perfect addition to your kitchen.

Source: Reddit

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