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12 Things That Are Both Worse and More Expensive Than They Used to Be

In an era of constantly rising costs and ever-evolving challenges, certain aspects of our lives are caught in a relentless cycle of getting worse and becoming more expensive. Let’s take a look at some of the things that exemplify the double trouble many individuals and households face, from everyday essentials to once-affordable luxuries.

1. Cable TV

Serious young Vietnamese repairman installing tv set in apartment of customer
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Ad-free streaming services are available. Complete control over what you watch! No more confusingly choosing episodes on demand and missing others. Having many options is critical. Excellent content is more important than price. Cable costs a lot and could be better while streaming services are affordable and fantastic.

2 . Brand New Houses

Back portrait of Asian young couple standing and hugging together looking happy in front of their new house to start new life. Family, age, home, real estate and people concept.
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Getting a brand-new home would be fantastic, but it’s disappointing. The attractive baseboards, cabinets, and front door may look good, but they’re made of cheap materials like particle board and plastic. They were rushed and built with the lowest-cost options, but new homes are still incredibly expensive these days.

3. Health Insurance

Female health insurance broker presenting his insurance benefits to businessman fill out insurance policy. To prevent future incidents.
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One participant strongly criticized rising healthcare costs and declining quality. Once easy and affordable, now it is expensive. It’s a sign that the system needs some changes. The person remembered cheap, comprehensive insurance, but it seems distant now. Instead, they pay high monthly fees and receive poor service.

4. Cadbury’s Chocolate Transformation

SHAH ALAM, MALAYSIA - FEBRUARY 12, 2018: Hand holding Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar display on supermarket shelf for sale. Cadbury. Dairy Milk is a brand of milk chocolate manufactured by Cadbury.
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Old Cadbury used suitable ingredients to make creamy chocolate. Chocolate from Cadbury may be creamier. Cadbury may have added sugar and vegetable fats and cut cocoa to cut costs. Kraft acquired Cadbury. Thus, money may matter more than chocolate quality. The rate has declined while prices have risen, frustrating some people.

5. College Fees

mini college graduation cap on cash
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Because of this, going to college may be relatively inexpensive for students with lower incomes. Someone has voiced their concern about the college fees, particularly this year. They said they pay more tuition but will not attend fall classes. They ought to be receiving better value for their money.

6. Nestlé

ARLINGTON, VA - MAY 19, 2019: NESTLE USA - entrance to headquarters building with sign. Nestlé is a Swiss multinational food company.
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Nestlé, a giant in the business world, keeps gobbling up new brands, but many customers need more time. The level of quality decreases, prices skyrocket, and trust is broken. The hunt for a better option begins, but optimism is in short supply.

7. Netflix

CHIANG MAI,THAILAND - July 28,2018: Man holds Mobile Phone using NETFLIX app on the screen with computer laptop on wooden table.
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Someone said, “Netflix. It used to be my favorite, but prices have risen, and some shows have been canceled. Ignore password-sharing restrictions! Netflix may strain our finances, but we are exploring other options. There is intriguing content available on other streaming platforms that we can access.

8. McDonald’s

PETAH TIKVA, ISRAEL - NOVEMBER 10, 2016 : Kosher McDonald's branch at Ovnat shopping mall in Petah Tikva, Israel. Kosher food is conformed to the regulations of Kashrut ( Jewish dietary law ).
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One online user wrote, “I do not drink much, but after a wild night, I craved my old sausage muffins, hash browns, and milk. But I was still tipsy when I saw the price of McDonald’s food because it was so high.” Plus, McDonald’s food quality is arguably even worse now than it was 5 years ago.

9. Candles

Penarth, Wales/United Kingdom - 03/08/2019: Yankee candles in different colors and scents
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Yankee Candles were never the most affordable option for scented candles; however, they were known for their exceptional build and quality. Once, their products’ unusual aromas served to justify their high prices. They’ve become costly, lost their original fragrance, and no longer offer good value for your money some users wrote.

10. KFC

KFC is popular fast food chain known as Kentucky Fried Chicken.background of KFC restaurant.selective focus.THAILAND,20 May 2021.
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Let us talk about KFC, though only some will notice. I loved it when the whole family could enjoy it as a kid! But it is greasy and expensive to buy a bucket of chicken now. Their quality has gone downhill, and the prices have shot up.

11. Clothing

Sad dissatisfied young female in casual looks at clothes, unpacks parcel in living room home interior. Problems with online shopping, error delivery, bad quality of purchase from webstore, copy space
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Several online users complained about clothes losing shape and color quickly. Some blame cheaper materials and international production. Even well-known brands have raised costs. People are upset about increased clothing prices. A Gap sweater costs $70, with very marginal quality improvements above Old Navy.

12. Gyms

Young couple is working out at gym. Attractive woman and handsome muscular man are training in light modern gym. Doing plank on kettlebell. Push-up on weights.
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As described by one person on an online platform, imagine a tall, modern gym with expensive equipment and a café selling expensive protein drinks. Many gymgoers were recording videos for social media, which saddened them. Someone else agreed and said gyms in their area have become too fancy and crowded, and regular gyms are being ignored.

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