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15 Adorable, Valentine’s Day-Themed Clothes & Accessories

As I mentioned in my last post, Valentine’s Day is not usually a day I go too crazy over. I own basically nothing Valentine’s Day-themed. But…even though my husband and I aren’t big celebrators of this day, I do REALLY like all the red, pink and heart-themed clothing that exists for this day.

So, this got me thinking…maybe I should just take a look around at what some of my favorite stores are featuring for this holiday. And my goodness! They did not disappoint! There are so many cute Valentine’s Day-themed clothes and accessories out there I just had to share them with you lovely readers. It’s a darn good thing I can’t have any of this stuff shipped to me in Argentina, or I’d be broke! Haha. But there are lots of good ideas for next Valentine’s Day! Enjoy, and let me know your favorites in the comments section. (You can also see another Valentine’s Day clothing post I put together by clicking here.)

I apologize – this post is from 2018 & many of the items listed are no longer available. I do have an updated Valentine’s Day clothing & accessory list for 2020 that you can see if you click here!

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15 Adorable, Valentine’s Day-Themed Clothes & Accessories

1.) Heart Dress
heart dress

This dress is what had initially sparked the idea to do this post. It was so cute, it seemed like a shame to not share with anyone! I’m debating ordering it anyways and just wearing it all year long. What do you think…can you wear a heart dress all year? Or is this the only acceptable time to wear it? Also, this dress is customizable and you can order a custom size, sleeve length, neckline, length, etc. for $9.95. Pretty nifty!

Click here to check out this dress.

2.) Sweatshirt With Heart Elbow Patches

heart sweatshirt

I love elbow patches! And a sweatshirt with heart elbow patches is just too darn cute. This one is super affordable too.

Click here to check out this sweatshirt. And click here to check out a similar option.

3.) Heart Leggings

I’m not usually much of a leggings person, but I thought the red pair would match perfectly with the sweatshirt above! And the black pair is just so pretty. I could see wearing those for more than just Valentine’s Day.

Click here to check out these leggings. And click here for similar options.

4.) Love Letters Skirt

Awwww! A love letters skirt! How cute is that? And I do already own those heels in the photo…

Click here to check out this skirt.

5.) Heart Skinny Scarf

The perfect little heart scarf from Kate Spade. I’m really loving skinny scarves right now. Anyone else?

Click here to check out this scarf.

6.) Heart Clutch

heart clutch

Oooh, a heart clutch! I’m a big fan of fun bags and clutches. One can never have enough of these in my opinion…

Click here to check out this clutch.

7.) Embroidered Lips Pointed Toe Flats

Embroidered Lips Pointed Toe Flats

Can’t let the hearts have all the fun! Lip prints are perfect for Valentine’s Day too. These flats could easily be worn all year long too.

Click here to check out these flats.

8.) One More Heart Dress

Heart dresses are finding their way right into my heart! (How awful was that? Haha.) But, seriously these heart prints are so cute! And this dress has pockets to boot.

Click here to check out this dress.

9.) Heart Stockings

The heart print on these stockings is just subtle enough that it could work with the right dress or skirt and paired with a red cardigan too.

Click here to check out these stockings.

10.) Heart Suspender Skirt

heart suspender skirt

A heart suspender skirt was not something I was expecting to add to this list…but holy smokes! It exists, and it’s adorable! And it comes in children and plus sizes too.

Click here to check out this skirt.

11.) Heart Apron

heart apron

Valentine’s Day is also a good excuse to spend some time baking heart-shaped treats. This apron would be perfect for the occasion too!

Click here to check out this apron.

12.) Love Birds Dress

love birds dress

I saw this dress shortly after the first one in the post, and I’ve been drooling over this one too. It’s such a cute embellishment. And this is another dress that you can customize to your liking!

Click here to check out this dress.


13.) Heart Top

heart top

This would be an ideal Valentine’s Day purchase for me…as we generally stay in with pizza and Netflix on the sofa. Haha. So, I could be festive and comfy with this top!

Click here to check out this top.

14.) Candy Heart Dress

candy heart dress

Candy hearts are arguably one of the best parts of Valentine’s Day…so why not wear them on an adorable dress?

Click here to check out this dress.

15.) Candy Heart Earrings

And there are even candy heart earrings to match the candy hear dress! How perfect is that?

Click here to check out these earrings.

Which Valentine’s Day-themed piece was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

15 Adorable, Valentine’s Day-Themed Clothes & Accessories
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  1. Are you able to still find the first dress?

  2. AnaFlorentina (@AnaFlorentyna) says:

    I super loved all your Vday picks babe!
    Especially the adorable flats, i think i will get those.
    Thanks for the ideas!!!

    1. haveclotheswilltravel says:

      Aw, thank you! So glad you enjoyed this post!

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