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Styling a Metallic Skirt for Winter

Metallic skirt for Christmas

Metallic skirt for Christmas

Metallic skirt for Christmas

There really isn’t a better part of the year to break out your metallic skirts. It’s the perfect time for a little shimmer and shine! But once again, it’s important to stay warm! (See how I styled this skirt for summer, here.)

Cropped cardigans are seriously a lifesaver in these situations. I’m also wearing a pair of fleece-lined tights under this skirt. This, plus my knee-high boots, means I am toasty warm! I could’ve even upped the warmness with a black scarf (but, fortunately, it wasn’t that cold). And these boots were my very first pair of Kelly & Katie boots! Unfortunately, these are no longer available, but I linked to some similar options below and in the widget above! (I also love my new Kelly & Katie boots in this post.)

Metallic skirt for Winter

Metallic skirt for Winter

This metallic skirt is super old, and unfortunately no longer available either. But fret not! I’ve found two almost identical versions of it! This one here, and this one here might honestly be the same skirt, it’s just shipped through Amazon!

Metallic skirt for Christmas

I totally worked backwards here. Haha. I had figured out my NYE outfit last week, and now I figured out my Christmas outfit with this post. Whoops!

I’m curious, will you be wearing any metallic skirts for the holidays? Or what do your holiday outfits look like? Let me know in the comments!

Where to find it:

Skirt: Old (Similar here and here)
Boots: Old (Similar here)
Cardigan: Review Australia (Similar here)
Necklace: Gift from my mom (Similar here)
Bag: Kate Spade (Similar)

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