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Spotting Wildlife in Peru’s Amazon Rainforest

Heading to spot wildlife in the Amazon Rainforest!
Heading out to look for wildlife in the Amazon Rainforest!

One of the coolest parts of staying in the Amazon Rainforest is all of the incredible critters you get to see during the day and at night. We spotted many different types of monkeys, sloths, birds, fish…and even alligators and gigantic spiders and snakes!

My last post was dedicated to what it was like staying at Treehouse Lodge. (Click here if you missed that.) So, for this post, I will be sharing one of the ways we spent our time in the Amazon Rainforest – looking for wildlife! Again, if you stay at Treehouse Lodge, these adventures are all included in the price…and there’s never a dull moment!

We were there during the rainy season when the river is very high. So, we spent most of our time in the boat, because the forest was flooded. This was really unique, though, in my opinion.

I’ll be splitting this post up into daytime and nighttime sightings and by the type of animal we saw…starting with daytime and monkeys. Enjoy!

Wildlife Spotting in Peru’s Amazon Rainforest – Daytime


Monkey in the Amazon
This little guy isn’t shy!

Ok, so, the little monkey above and in the video below is not entirely “wild.” She and her sibling were found abandoned when they were first born. They were raised in captivity and then rehabilitated to live in the wild and released. They are still semi-reliant on people feeding them, though. So, a couple times a day you’ll see a boat pull up to feed them bananas.

The video below is my husband getting very up close and personal with her to give her a banana. (I believe her name is Neera.) She accidentally fell on him when he was trying to feed her, haha.

Now, from here on out, the sightings were truly “wild” animals. This little family of monkeys was too darn cute! Can you spot the baby monkey?

monkeys amazon rainforest

monkeys amazon rainforest

This one really blends in with the tree branches. Can you spot him? (Seriously, bring binoculars! I should’ve brought along a good pair like the ones on Opticsmag.)



sloth amazon rainforest

sloth amazon rainforest

Now, this sloth had some cool markings! He was wayyyyy up at the top of the tree looking for food. Our guide said they’ll stay up in the trees like that for a week at a time and only come down once a week to poop. Who knew?


macaws in the amazon rainforest

macaws in the amazon rainforest

I do apologize, I probably took 5,000 photos of the beautiful birds in the Amazon, ranging from various species of hawks to toucans and parakeets, and the only ones that sort of looked decent were these ones above of the macaws. Bird photography is hard! Haha.

Wildlife Spotting in Peru’s Amazon Rainforest – Nightime

Huge Frogs

huge frog in the amazon

How big is that frog? Holy moly! I laughed so hard too…after I took this photo that frog lunged at my husband, and I’m pretty sure my husband jumped 8 feet in the air he was so surprised. Haha!

Huge Spiders



I absolutely hate spiders. So, you’re welcome for even managing to get these two photos! Haha. I believe this was called a scorpion spider, an account of the pinchers. We also saw a lot of wolf spiders but those scared me so much I refused to get close to take a photo. Haha. Sorry!


alligator in the amazon rainforest

alligator in the amazon rainforest

Our last night in the Amazon we took our flashlights and went searching for alligators! We could spot them because their eyes would look like little red dots in the water. It was interesting! The one above our guide somehow magically scooped out of the water. I have no idea how he did it. It looked he just leaned over the boat and then poof! He had an alligator with him! Haha.

Tree Boa

tree boa

tree boa

tree boa
Can you spot the baby tree boa? It looks like a slightly larger stick! Haha.

And last but not least, we also saw a couple tree boas after we spotted our alligators. These guys are harmless, too. We did actually see a poisonous viper in the water earlier in the day. We couldn’t get out of that area of the forest fast enough!!

Next up, I’ll be sharing an outfit post from the Amazon Rainforest and then some footage of our fishing expeditions in the Amazon! Stay tuned!


Do you enjoy looking for wildlife when you travel? And what’s your favorite animal you’ve seen in the wild? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. What an awesome wildlife tour! And you captured them on photos perfectly. Wish i have guts to to this 🙂

  2. It’s nice to visit the wild every now and then.
    we dont know when they will be extinct.

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  3. This video is the best! These animals are great, but I think this little monkey is the cutest. It’s so nice that people have adopted the cutie pie.


  4. Yes…when I told Rob about the treehouses and that they were in the Amazon, he laughed that there were too many bugs there!! Those spiders would have me inside in no time flat!!
    But how fun to see all of this….you are such an inspiration in your adventures, Lindsey!!

    1. Haha! There were certainly a lot of bugs, but fortunately, there weren’t any in our treehouse! 🙂 And oh gosh, thank you so much, Jodie!

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