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Standards’ Daily Backpack Review

This is my full, unbiased review of Standard’s Daily Backpack.

Standards' Daily Backpack Review

This isn’t the first time you’ve seen a Standard Luggage backpack on my website. My husband and I are both big fans of their Carry-on Backpack. So, when I heard they had a new “Daily Backpack,” I jumped at the opportunity to check it out. This is something I was particularly interested in (more so than my husband this time) because it has an area for my DSLR camera. (Whereas the Carry-on Backpack does not.) I’ll break down the details of this bag in this post.

What’s So Special About Standard’s Daily Backpack?

The video above breaks down the versatility of this bag, better than my photographs will. (It’s a quick and to the point video – don’t worry!) This backpack is also a 3-in-1 design. It can be used as a backpack, briefcase and messenger bag. It has an RFID Blocking pocket and a USB charging port. It also has a ton of pockets for organization. Plus, it comes with a rain cover. (It’s also available on Amazon with Prime shipping.)

How I Use My Standard Daily Backpack

I’ve been using this backpack as my “city backpack” for the last few weeks. If I’m going out to take photos for a day, this is the backpack I use. I put my camera and 1-2 lenses in it, as well as my wallet, phone, keys, some makeup and any documents I may need.

*I prefer using this bag as a backpack.

Standards' Daily Backpack Review

My Standard’s Daily Backpack Review

Things I Like About This Backpack:

The Organization: Again, anything that forces me to be more organized is a big win! (I’m horrifically disorganized.) This backpack has a pocket for everything, however, these are the kind of pockets where you can actually see what’s in them. My other backpack also has tons of pockets, but they are huge. So, I’ll end up throwing something in one of these huge pockets and then never see it again. (This also winds up making my bag unnecessarily heavy.) However, with Standard’s Daily Backpack, that isn’t an issue. I have visibility to everything I have in the bag.

I really like the small anti-theft pocket on the top for my keys and also my remote for my camera.

Standards' Daily Backpack Review

The Spot for My Camera: I do like that I have a spot in this bag for my camera and lens. Not many daily backpacks have this.

Size: I like its smaller size for a day backpack. It’s comfortable, looks nice and dissuades me from packing too much unnecessary junk in it.

The Rain Cover: I like having this option, especially since I was recently caught in a torrential downpour and a 10-minute walk from my apartment (and no cabs in sight). A rain cover was a nice option to have in this situation! The backpack is water-resistant, but in that strong of a rainstorm, I think its water-resistancy would have been maxed out. (And I didn’t want to risk it with my camera equipment!)

Quality: I personally find this bag to be of high-quality. It’s comfortable to use for a day and is holding up very well. I, personally, like the way it looks. I think it looks sleek and modern. I also like how well it fits my water bottle in the side pocket.

Daily backpack

Things to Consider About This Backpack

Size: I like its smaller size for a day running around the city. However, I wouldn’t, personally, be able to use this as a backpack for traveling. It’s not enough protective area for more than 1 camera lens, and I can’t fit my behemoth of a 17-inch laptop in it. (However, I am hoping to invest in a new, smaller laptop in the next few weeks!) So, it does its job absolutely perfectly as a day backpack…but it doesn’t cross into a full-on travel bag for me (at least at this time). I would still need to have a separate bag for that (more room for camera gear and my huge editing laptop).

Price: This backpack is at the higher end of the spectrum for a day backpack. I do feel it is a high-quality piece, however, I also realize the high price tag can be a deterrent.

Daily backpack

*Click here to check out the Standard Luggage website, and click here to shop their daily backpack. You can also click here to shop this bag on Amazon.

What are your thoughts on this bag? Would you be interested in a daily backpack like this? Let me know in the comments!

*Thank you to Standard Luggage for sponsoring this blog post. As always, all opinions are my own, and I am never compensated for a positive review.

Standards’ Daily Backpack Review

Standards’ Daily Backpack Review
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  1. I’m more concerned about my laptop than camera (because I don’t have a DSLR!) so my decision on backpacks is about securing the laptop mainly (& padding for when I drop the bag!). Does this bag get heavy? My other consideration is waist straps to distribute the weight if it’s a heavy bag.

    1. This bag does have good padding for my laptop. I, personally, think it would be hard to make this bag too heavy, as it doesn’t have a ton of room in it. I can fit my 15″ laptop, camera + 1 lens and a couple small odds and ends (wallet, keys, etc.). So, it doesn’t get too heavy. The straps are comfortable, however, they are not the same comfort as say my hiking backpack or my full-on camera backpack (which I use to carry allll my camera gear + a laptop + a change of clothing + toiletries while traveling). This one doesn’t come with waist straps, but I think it would be difficult to pack it that heavy that they would be necessary.

  2. Such a nice backpack! I ended up getting one from Herschel Supply Co. for my own daily use, but if I ever acquire an actual camera, I’ll keep this bag in mind ?

  3. Okay I need one of these! I never know what to do with my camera and extra lens. That storage is perfect and it looks very secure.

  4. That organization for the camera gear is key. My husband may be interested in that for our blog photos. Right now he just uses a normal backpack.

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