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Tulle & Animal Print

leopard print tulle dress

tulle dress

tulle dress

tulle dress

tulle dress

tulle dress

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So, I admit it…I’m a liar. About a year ago I made the statement on here that I never wear animal print clothing (save for a tiny bit in this post, here). However, this is quite untrue now, as you can see. I love wearing prints. However, I never find myself gravitating toward animal print…except for this dress. Who would have thought animal print and tulle could be such a fun combo?

This dress is…ooh, about 6 years old. I believe I paid about $5 for it, haha. I thought I had donated it when I was purging everything I owned in order to be a nomad with my husband (click here to read more on that). But this dress had actually been saved! It was tucked into a dress bag in the back of a closet at my mom’s house. I found 3 dresses last weekend that I thought I no longer owned. This was honestly better than shopping for new dresses!

The second I found it I had to wear it. I used to style this dress with pearl necklaces and curls in my hair…a more demure look. However, it was Friday night, and I was going out to see a local band. So, I decided to embrace the edgy side of the dress, with vampy lips and a studded belt. And if I ever acquire the ability to sing, this is the kind of look I would want to wear on stage. Haha.




And here are some awkward twirling photos to show that my twirling has not exactly improved like I thought it had. Haha. Oh well! Twirling is too fun…especially when there’s tulle involved.

Has anyone else starting wearing prints they swore they’d never don? Let me know in the comments!

Where to find it:

Dress: Rue 21 (Old. Similar here.)
Cardigan: Maurices (Old. Similar here.)
Booties: Old (Similar here)
Tights: *c/o Kushyfoot
Necklace: Kohls (similar)
Purse: Ifchic #24 event (similar here)
Coat: Old (similar here)
Lip gloss: Stila Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss

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  1. What a gorgeous dress and that bolero is made for it.

  2. It’s so great when you find a piece of clothing that you thought you’d lost! Especially when it’s as awesome as this dress. I love the tulle skirt–so flirty and sassy and cute!


  3. I always say, never say never! I don’t have a lot of animal prints, but not because I don’t like them. I love your dress and the coat is fabulous! 🙂

  4. You look so chic and femininly fierce! I love aninal print haha. You definitely rock it well. The tulle is obviously one of my favorite parts. Adore the fabric!


  5. In the Hindu community, lots of women wear animal prints.. but usually in quite a tacky way if I may say so. So I never really thought about wearing anything with a print. But I now have animal print heels.. and a dress.. so yeah, I guess people change! 😉

    You look great in this dress! Love how this dress is also part of your little treasure find! 🙂

    So, when can we expect a YouTube video of you doing something musical? 😉

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

    1. Haha, glad I’m not the only newly found animal print lover. 🙂 And thank you so much, Tassia! But oh dear god, there will be no YouTube videos of my musical talents any time soon. Haha. (Actually.. probably never. Haha.)

  6. This dress is beautiful! I don’t gravitate toward animal prints either, though I do have one or two pieces in my closet. I love the print on this dress, and how you paired it with the belt and boots. And I love the twirling photos!!

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