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10 Awesome Beach Hacks That Everyone Needs to Know

Are you planning a beach trip? Going to the beach is a delightful experience but can come with its fair share of challenges. From dealing with sand to sticking to everything to keeping your belongings safe, beachgoers always look for ingenious tricks to enhance their seaside adventures. Recently, beach lovers shared some valuable advice on an online platform, and I’ve compiled the top 10 must-know beach hacks for you.

1. Inflatable Pool Boat: A Budget-Friendly Experience

Corner empty inflatable rubber pool on white background.
Photo credit: keerati // Shutterstock.com

One beachgoer shared a brilliant beach hack they discovered while in San Diego Bay. They purchased a $12 inflatable pool and placed a person in each corner and a case of beer. This simple yet creative setup gave them the feeling of being on a boat without breaking the bank. So, if you’re looking for an affordable way to enjoy the water, try this hack!

2. Spotting and Avoiding Rip Tides: Stay Safe in the water

View of three tourists bathing near dangerous rip current at Piha beach, Auckland, New Zealand. Auckland, New Zealand - February 21, 2021
Photo credit: Emagnetic // Shutterstock.com

Staying safe in the ocean is crucial, and one user provided a practical beach hack to help you identify and avoid rip tides. By observing the nature of the waves, you can determine if it’s safe to swim. If the waves crash across the shore with white water, it indicates a safe area. However, if the waves converge in one location, travel in different directions, and the water appears blue, it’s best to steer clear. If you do find yourself caught in a rip tide, swim diagonally or to the side instead of trying to swim directly back to the beach. This technique improves your chances of reaching safety while conserving energy.

3. Ziplock Bag Protection: Shield Your Phone from Sand Damage

Orange waterproof mobile phone case with water droplets on grunge texture background.PVC zip lock bag protect mobile phone or important items from water.Concept for Songkran water festival in Thailand
Photo credit: Joebite // Shutterstock.com

Try this simple beach hack to protect your phone from sand particles that can cause damage. Before heading to the beach, place your phone inside a ziplock bag. The bag acts as a barrier, keeping your phone securely closed and safeguarded from the sand. This hack ensures your phone stays clean, functional, and free from potential harm.

4. Baby Powder Absorbent: Bid Farewell to Sticky Sand

spilled white baby talcum powder in hand of man
Photo credit: namtipStudio // Shutterstock.com

After spending time on the sandy beach, dealing with sticky sand on your legs and feet can be quite bothersome. One user shared a practical beach hack involving baby powder. They sprinkle a bottle of baby powder on their legs and feet. The powder absorbs moisture, making it easier to remove the wet sand. By using this hack, you can keep sand off your skin and easily brush off any excess sand before putting on your shoes or getting into your car. It’s a simple and effective technique to maintain cleanliness and keep sand at bay.

5. Plastic Sled: Effortless Transport of Beach Necessities

Korean Children Playing on the Sand slope.
Photo credit: Yeongsik Im // Shutterstock.com

Dragging heavy beach bags or struggling with a beach cart can be tiring and time-consuming. A beach hack suggested by a resourceful beachgoer is to pack all your belongings into a plastic sled. Rather than lifting bulky items, you can effortlessly glide the sled over the sand’s surface, making navigation a breeze. This trick saves you time and eliminates the frustration of cartwheels getting stuck in the sand. With this practical hack, you can efficiently transport your necessities and make the most of your beach time without the hassle of lifting heavy loads.

6. Trunk Shower: Washing Off Salt and Sand

woman put a gallon of water in the car trunk at home. wanted to purchase the refill or by the new one
Photo credit: Odua Images // Shutterstock.com

For beaches without showers, one user shares a useful beach hack. They recommend packing a gallon of water in your car’s trunk. After a day at the beach, you can use this water to rinse off the salt from your body. The user even suggests a clever idea of using a length of cord with a bead and spring toggle to extend their shower time. By tying the cord around a shower pole and pressing the button firmly with the toggle, they can enjoy a longer shower at the beach. This hack ensures you leave the beach feeling refreshed and salt-free.

7. DIY Beach Chair: Creating Comfortable Seating

St Joseph MI USA , May 27 2018; A tired man relaxes in a cool hole dug in the sand, and under a shady polka dot umbrella
Photo credit: Susan B Sheldon // Shutterstock.com

If you’re looking for a more comfortable seating option at the beach, this beach hack is for you. One beachgoer advises digging a deep and angled hole in the sand, allowing you to recline with your feet protruding comfortably. They then use the extra sand they dug out to create a temporary footrest, providing additional support for their feet. This do-it-yourself beach chair offers a cozy seating choice without the need to carry a regular chair. Utilizing the beach’s natural resources allows you to relax while soaking up the sun, sand, and surf.

8. Sunscreen Bottle Safe: Conceal Your Cash

Suntan cream bottle and sunglasses on beach towel with sea shore on background. Sunscreen on deck chair outdoors on sunrise or sunset. Skin care and protection concept. Golden tan.
Photo credit: Artie Medvedev // Shutterstock.com

Keeping your valuables secure at the beach is always a concern. One user shares a brilliant beach hack using an empty, cleaned sunscreen bottle. Placing your cash inside the sunscreen container lets you discreetly bring your money to the beach without drawing attention. The user points out that most thieves are unlikely to investigate the contents of a sunscreen bottle or choose it as a target for theft. This hack adds an extra layer of security, allowing you to enjoy the sun and water without worrying about your valuables.

9. Fitted Bed Sheet As a Towel: Sand-Free Lounging

Flat sheet or bed cover folded. White fitted sheet against a white background. White sheet with elastic band.
Photo credit: World_of_Textiles // Shutterstock.com

Tired of sand sticking to your beach towel? Another individual offers the practical and sand-free suggestion of using a fitted bed sheet as a beach towel. They advise using the sheet’s fitting corners as a barrier against sand because the sides can assist in keeping the sand from entering the towel. The user suggests setting bags or other objects at each corner of the sheet to act as anchors and keep it in place. With the help of this trick, beachgoers may enjoy a cozy seating area without having to bother with sand buildup all the time. A fitted bed sheet can be reused as a beach towel, improving the beach experience and reducing the inconvenience of sand-filled surroundings.

10. Sliced Watermelon: Refreshing Beach Snack

Watermelon slices on a plate in summertime
Photo credit: Carol Mellema // Shutterstock.com

As a beach hack, someone advises carrying a sliced watermelon. They advise including this fruit in your beach needs because it is very refreshing. In addition to being a tasty and hydrating snack, watermelon slices are a healthy way to relieve your thirst during a day at the beach. Its high water content keeps you hydrated, and the sweet flavor gives your beach vacation a hint of summer delight. Sliced watermelon is a tasty and refreshing treat to keep you cool in the sun, whether you bring it in a cooler or prepare it beforehand.

Source: Reddit

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