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10 Signs Someone Looks Like They’re Trying Too Hard

In the world of fashion and self-expression, it’s important to find a good balance. However, there are examples where individuals may come across as trying too hard. From fashion choices to behavior, let’s hear what people think about when someone is trying too hard.

1. Excessive Plastic Surgery

mid age woman with correction mark for plastic surgery
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According to one keen observer, a clear sign of someone trying too hard is when they undergo excessive plastic surgery to the point where their appearance becomes unnatural and not quite human.

2. Inappropriate Fashion Choices

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Another smart person shares signs when they consider the other person is trying too hard. They give examples like wearing high heels at the beach, which is impractical for that place. Another example is wearing short clothes in winter, which is not suitable or comfortable. These choices show that they are trying too hard to get attention instead of considering what’s appropriate for the situation or weather.

3. Attention-Grabbing Outfits

LOS ANGELES - FEB 9: Billy Porter at the 28th Elton John Aids Foundation Viewing Party at the West Hollywood Park on February 9, 2020 in West Hollywood, CA
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In fashion, a fancy expert talks about daring people who wear outfits that get attention and break the rules. They say wearing ill-fitt or unconventional styles can be seen as a conscious effort to stand out and make a strong impression on the world through bold fashion.

4. Discomfort in Trendy Attire

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From the view of someone who loves fashion, it’s clear that trying too hard has bad effects on people who wear trendy clothes just to fit in with what society thinks is beautiful. You can tell they’re trying too hard because they feel uncomfortable and lack confidence in what they’re wearing. They care more about meeting other people’s expectations than being comfortable and being themselves.

5. Matchy Matchy Fashion

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In the world of fashion rebels and trendsetters who do things differently, a different voice speaks up. They show how it’s important to find a balance between pushing boundaries and staying true to who you are. They warn against trying too hard to be perfect and encourage celebrating individuality and fearlessly exploring all the possibilities of fashion.

6. Always Agreeable

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Looking carefully, you can see the difference between genuinely adapting to others and going too far to please them. Always seeking approval and reassurance from others can make people doubt if you’re being real or just putting on an act. It’s better to balance being flexible and staying true to yourself when dealing with these tricky situations.

7. Demonstrating Worth with Money

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Wise and thoughtful, someone supporting a cause reveals the fakeness behind showing off your value through material things. Trying to prove your worth with flashy displays of wealth shows that it’s shallow and not really important.

8. Everything is a Competition

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A smart observer says that if you always try to be the best in everything, people might think you’re trying too hard. This constant need to outdo others and seek approval through achievements can detract from your true passion and authentic self-expression.

9. Seeking Attention through Outlandish Acts

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When it comes to being genuine, someone who notices things can tell the difference between being eccentric and pretending to get attention. They understand that true self-expression comes from an honest place, while fake actions are done to get attention and cover up a lack of depth.

10. Regular Envy of Others

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An intuitive individual explains how envy contributes to thinking someone is trying too hard. Wanting what others have can make people work too hard and give the impression that they’re trying too hard. They might forget about their unique path in pursuing what they desire.

Source: Reddit

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