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12 Times When Boomers and Millennials Agreed on an Opinion

It’s encouraging to observe moments of agreement and shared viewpoints between Boomers and Millennials in a world frequently marked by generational divisions. Even though these two generations have quite different backgrounds and outlooks, they can find common ground on particular issues. Recently, participants on an online site reported various occasions where Boomers’ and Millennials’ viewpoints strangely overlapped, from technology preferences to social manners. 

1. Touchscreens in Cars: A Fundamentally Bad Idea

Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic - January 4 2018: SKODA OCTAVIA - Car dashboard. Touch display with the main menu of the car. Hand touches the screen.
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An argument is raised by one user who agrees with Boomers and firmly believes that automobile touchscreens are fundamentally flawed and advocate for the reinstatement of physical buttons or similar controls. Their emphasis lies in the fact that touchscreens force drivers to divert their attention away from the road, leading to an alarming rise in distracted driving incidents.

2. Dog Training and Responsibility

Young woman traveling with dog. Girl in fedora hat and backpack sitting on log with Hungarian Vizsla and watching mountain waterfall in forest. Girl and her pet hiking and have a rest near lake.
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Both generations agree it’s important to properly train your dog. According to a particular user, many individuals fail to effectively train their dogs due to treating them as if they were human children. This approach, they argue, can result in issues such as reactive behavior in dogs, posing a risk to both people and other animals.

3. Subscription Overload – There Are Too Many Subscriptions These Days 

Subscription business model concepts.Man hands holding credit card and using laptop or pc
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Expressing discontent, an individual sheds light on the omnipresence of subscriptions in modern life. They draw attention to the growing trend of subscription services extending to various aspects, including in-car heating, movies, TV shows, and even music. With a touch of sarcasm, the user acknowledges their generational perspective as a Boomer, humorously announcing their decision to terminate the conversation due to their exasperation with the overwhelming number of memberships.

4. The Superiority of Physical Media

White cozy bed and a beautiful girl, reading a book, concepts of home and comfort, place for text
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Another user in the thread shares their preference for physical media, emphasizing the advantages of having tangible versions of books, movies, and music over-relying on subscription services or digital content. They assert that consumers have a more satisfying and reliable experience when using physical media.

5. Music Volume in Bars: Too Loud for Comfort

Portrait of happy friends dancing at party or bar
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A participant argues that the music played in pubs and bars is often excessively loud. While appreciating music, they contend it sounds better at lower volumes, drawing on their combined expertise as touring musicians and live sound engineers.

6. Restaurant Hosting: Menus or Confusion?

Closeup image of customer scanning QR code in cafe to downloadu
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Describing a recent failure during a secret shopper evaluation as a restaurant host, a user clarifies their mistake of asking, “How many menus?” instead of the more appropriate question, “Would you like menus or the QR code on the table?” The user adds that even when they remember to ask the updated question, consumers often respond incorrectly by providing a number, leading to confusion.

7. Screw Fast Fashion: Longevity and Sustainability in Clothing

Two sexy brunette woman luxury lifestyle bright makeup wear natural organic silk midi dress and high heels perfect body fashion model style for meeting party romantic date studio grey background.
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A contributor expresses their dissatisfaction with the concept of fast fashion and their desire for durable clothing. Despite being aware of the financial constraints that make it challenging to avoid fast fashion completely, they are willing to spend more money on clothing not made of synthetic materials.

8. TV Brightness: Let There Be Light!

Goal. Group of young emotional friends watching football match, sport show or movie together. Excited girls and boys sitting in front of huge 3D model of device screen at home interior
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One commenter comments on the visual gloominess prevalent in television broadcasts, emphasizing the focus on visually stunning images rather than the emotional content. They highlight how inadequate lighting in certain scenes makes it difficult to discern fine details, underscoring their longing for television programming with higher visual clarity.

9. We Don’t Need an App for Everything

Young man with bag of groceries near smart refrigerator indoors
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Expressing their discontent, an individual criticizes the growing trend of internet connectivity and app integration in various products. They use the example of a refrigerator, suggesting that consumers simply desire the appliance to fulfill its basic function of keeping food cool without the added complexity of WiFi integration.

10. Tipping: Out of Control and Agitating

Waitress takes the tip. The waiter female receives a tip from the client at the hotel bar. The concept of service
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Despite relying on gratuities for their income, someone shares their concern that tipping has become excessive and burdensome. They acknowledge that the increased sensitivity and anxiety surrounding tipping harm individuals who genuinely deserve tips.

11. Sidewalk Etiquette: Put Your Phone Down

Beautiful smiling woman walking on crowded city street from work with coffee cup and texting on mobile phone
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Many individuals strongly express their displeasure towards those using their phones while walking on crowded sidewalks. They argue that while they film videos for their vlogs, other passersby are not obligated to avoid them.

12. Respecting Others in Public Spaces

Happy teen greeting waving hand and friend ignoring her in the street
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Emphasizing the importance of respecting others by refraining from disruptive behavior in public spaces, a user provides an example of using a phone to play music without headphones in settings like buses or restaurants.

Source: Reddit.

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