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12 Things Millennials and Gen Z are Tired of Hearing From Boomers

In the ongoing generational dialogue, Millennials and Gen Z find themselves at odds with the preceding generation, the Boomers. With distinctive perspectives shaped by changing times, younger cohorts often encounter well-intentioned but exasperating remarks from their Boomer counterparts.

In this article, we delve into the common phrases that have become all too familiar to Millennials and Gen Z, shedding light on the dissonance that emerges from these intergenerational encounters. From financial matters to technology and societal values, it’s time to explore the twelve things that the younger generations are simply tired of hearing from the Boomers.

1. I Have More Life Experience than You

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The most famous sentence of Boomers in any discussion is, I have more life experience than you. Let’s just say the younger generations are getting tired of hearing this line.

2. It’s Sick You Spend All Your Time on Social Media

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Boomers have this one constant rant about their kids using social media “a lot.” They always say that you spend all your time on TikTok and have no productive hobbies.

3. No One Wants to Work Anymore

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First of all, no one ever wanted to work. That’s why it’s called “work,” not “fun.” And secondly, since Gen Z, the work trends and workers’ dynamics have changed. People do their work, but with technological evolution, the work has become much less physeical, which looks like “no work” to the Boomers.

4. When You’re Older, You’ll Agree With Me.

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If anybody has a life experience, that can never mean that it is the “only life experience.” Boomers grew up in different time periods, with problems and social views. Their problems can be similar, but that is no excuse to shut down every logical point that Gen Z or a Millenial makes against their beliefs.

5. When I Was Your Age, I Already Had 5 Kids and Two Grandchildren.

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The younger crowd is tired of hearing this comment where Boomers tell them they were doing this and that at their age, and now look at themselves. They basically make this comment to advise their Gen Z and Millenial family members to start planning their babies. But planning babies is personal, and many are waiting to have children or not having them at all.

6. It’s the Perfect Time to Get Married

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The most famous and frequent advice Gen Z and Millennials hear from Boomers is about getting married sooner rather than later, “Oh darling, it is the perfect time to get married.” Somebody, please tell the Boomers that marriage is not done at the perfect time but actually with a perfect partner. It’s ok to wait until later in life to get married these days.

7. Don’t Believe Everything You See On The Internet

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One of the biggest distrusts of Boomers is the internet. They constantly tell their kids that they don’t believe it all; it’s just a lie. Yes, there is a possibility of fake things around and it is good to question, but it is not enough to deny the authenticity of absolutely everything you see online from reputable sources.

8. Kids These Days, They Have No One To Look Up To

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Gen Z and Millennials are tired of Boomers complaining about how younger people are terrible, as though they weren’t the ones that raised these younger people to be what they are. They are often seen blaming the kids for situations out of their control. And they consider that Gen Z and Millennials are looking up to them for everything.

9. Figure It Out by Yourself

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One of the worst things the younger generations said about Boomers is that they never teach their children anything and expect them to be perfect in everything. Of course, this does not resonate with all the Boomers, but this is a sentiment that resonated with many younger commenters.

10. When I Was Your Age, We Never…

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This is the most frequently used sentence of Boomers for Gen Z or Millennials to stop them from doing things that they themselves dislike. Many things were never a part of their time period, but now it’s common, so it would not be wise to stop doing things just because Boomers never did that.

11. In My Days, We Used to Respect Our Elders!

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Gen Z and Millennials are said to never respect their elders, and Boomers have a “this generation has gone to the dogs!” mentality when people generally improve with each generation. Younger commenters say respect is earned, and you didn’t just magically get it because you’re old.

12. You Are Wasting Your Time

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It seems like Boomers get mad about you paying attention to things that have nothing to do with them. Either games or books, Boomers comment on everything their kids are doing anyway, which absolutely annoys Gen Z. 

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