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My Perfect Dress

Closet London Dress

Closet London Dress

Closet London Dress

Closet London Dress

Dress | Sandals (similar) | Sunglasses

Pockets, floral print, comfortable, fit & flare, versatile…these are the words I would use to describe the perfect dress (for me, at least). So, it’s no wonder this little number from Closet London gets more use than any other dress in my wardrobe! (Sorry, the streak of experimenting with new styles was just broken…but don’t worry! I have more new styles coming up!)

Closet London’s skater dresses (a.k.a. ModCloth’s Luck be a Lady dresses) are my absolute favorite dresses! (I currently own 3 but would like them all, please.) They are so well-made and come in so many lovely prints….and did I mention they have pockets?!? They seriously have made the perfect dress. My only complaint about them is my bra will peek out at times…on just one side of the dress. It’s really annoying, but it’s generally not an issue because I’m usually wearing a cardigan with them. (So, I guess nothing is always perfect, right?) But it was SO hot the day these photos were taken, I couldn’t even be bothered to wear a belt with the dress because I felt too sweaty and uncomfortable. Haha. (It does look better with a belt admittedly, but sometimes you just have to give in to comfort!)

I had worn this dress to visit Fushimi Inari Taisha…a shrine in Kyoto that has thousands of Torii gates. But I’ll be sharing more photos and explaining it a little better in tomorrow’s post.

Also, this will be my last set of outfit photos from Kyoto. I had been sprinkling them in with my posts over the past few weeks…because I had worn basically the same style of dress with sandals the entire time I was on that trip. (It’s comfy! But I didn’t want to be too redundant on the blog.) And speaking of sandals, these particular sandals are actually being held together with glue, haha. They had fallen apart when I was walking up a mountain to visit some wild monkeys (click here for more on that), but I just wasn’t ready to say goodbye to them! (And so far the glue is keeping them together!)

Jon Favreau Jungle Book Premiere Tokyo

And sorry I was a bit late posting today. I got home a little later than I expected and didn’t have this post scheduled. I was meeting my husband and his coworkers for a dinner this evening. I managed to come out the wrong exit at the subway station and stumbled on the premiere of “The Jungle Book” in Tokyo. Haha. I snapped a photo of Jon Favreau doing interviews on the red carpet before I realized I wasn’t supposed to take photos. So, this post not making it to print on time gave me a chance to show off the only movie premiere I’ll probably ever come across. Haha.

What words would you use to describe your perfect dress? And has anyone seen The Jungle Book? Let me know in the comments!

Where to find it:

Dress: Closet London (This exact print is no longer available, but ModCloth has a similar one in stock.)
Sandals: Older than dirt (Similar here)
Sunglasses: Old (Similar here)

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  1. Yes, I agree. The Luck be a Lady dress is as close to perfection as you can come with a dress. It is just so good on all points.
    You look absolutely lovely in this dress. If I were you I would wear it until it’s falling at the seams.
    Much love,

    1. haveclotheswilltravel says:

      Yay! Another Luck be a Lady dress lover! 🙂 And thank you so much! I’ll definitely be wearing it until it’s falling at the seams. 🙂

  2. Laurie Duncan says:

    Yes, this is my perfect kind of dress too, no surprise! I have seen the Jungle Book, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great FX! 🙂

    1. haveclotheswilltravel says:

      Haha, you and I have very similar taste in dresses! 🙂 And I will be watching the Jungle Book this weekend! I’ve heard nothing but good things about it! 🙂

  3. This is my favorite style of dress and you wear it… like I wish I could. So pretty, so feminine. The pinnacle of style.

    1. haveclotheswilltravel says:

      Thank you so much! And you can totally wear this style of dress just as well! 🙂

  4. Bryony Angell says:

    Smock dress is my fave, as I am on the busty, short waisted side with skinny legs, and a smock dress seems to minimize what I want to hide and make the most of my assets (those gams)!

    1. haveclotheswilltravel says:

      Gotta show off the gams! 🙂 Smock dresses are super cute too!

  5. Lee (@leethrifts) says:

    I just had a browse on Closet London’s website and oh my I want everything!!! That dress does sound (and look!) perfect. You can never go wrong with a floral skater dress I don’t think!

    Lee – leethrifts.com

    1. haveclotheswilltravel says:

      Haha, me too! Closet London is just as dangerous as ModCloth! And thank you so much, Lee! 🙂

  6. Amanda Brezovsky says:

    I havent seen the Jungle Book, but will probably rent it at some point. That’s so cool that you accidentally stumbled upon a movie premiere. How cool!! The luck be a lady dresses are my favorite from Modcloth! I have so many of them haha. Fit abd flares will always be my go-to for dresses.


    1. haveclotheswilltravel says:

      I haven’t seen it yet either..but I’m thinking I’ll try to watch it this weekend. 🙂 Haha, I thought it was rather cool too! And you just can’t beat the luck be a lady dresses! 🙂

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