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Outfit Ideas for Thanksgiving From Formal to Casual

Trying to figure out what to wear to Thanksgiving this year? This post is here to help – with outfit suggestions and ideas that range from formal to casual but, most importantly, they are COMFORTABLE. 

This is one holiday that is always a bit interesting to figure out an outfit for. On the one hand, you’re likely seeing your entire family for the first in a while, and you want to look nice! On the other hand, Thanksgiving is a holiday where you are encouraged to eat until you practically make yourself sick… so, you’d rather just wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt. 

Outfit Ideas for Thanksgiving From Formal to Casual

Formal Yet Comfortable Outfit Idea for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, at least for my family, usually takes place at Grandma’s or my mom’s, and it’s usually pretty lowkey and relaxed. No one in my family is expecting me to show up in a ball gown and high heels for Thanksgiving! But I am a dress girl, so that’s where this first outfit comes in…

Outfit Ideas for Thanksgiving From Formal to Casual

This shirtdress from my friends at ModCloth is rather loose-fitting and is SUPER soft. It’s so comfortable but still errs on the side of formal. Plus, this color is so perfect for this time of year. Admittedly, it would look a little better with a belt. However, this is Thanksgiving, and I am in no way going to be restricting my waistline today!

A couple of notes about this dress, though: it fits a little tight through the arms. Not so much that’s uncomfortable (for me), but it is something to take into consideration. This dress does wrinkle rather easily too if that’s something that drives you bonkers!

Outfit Ideas for Thanksgiving From Formal to Casual

I also opted for thigh-high stockings instead of tights because, again, I am not going to be putting any unnecessary pressure on my belly today! These are some pretty warm stockings too – which will come in handy with the weather we’ve been having here in Wisconsin.

Thanksgiving outfit

And these heels are AMAZING. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve likely noticed I also own the exact same pair just in black, white and grey. (Click here to see them.) They are so easy to walk in and comfortable to wear for long periods of time, that I ended up ordering another pair in this lovely brown color combo! 

Vincausa earrings

Quick shoutout to Vincausa for these cute elephant earrings too! They aren’t necessarily Thanksgiving-related, but they sure are fun. They have a ton of quirky earring options!

Thanksgiving outfit idea

I had tested this outfit out over the weekend for a day of running errands (fun adult stuff like going to Home Depot and the grocery store) and then getting a nice dinner with my husband in downtown Appleton.

Outfit Ideas for Thanksgiving From Formal to Casual

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Casual Yet Cute Outfit Idea for Thanksgiving

Now, you’ve already seen this outfit on the blog a couple weeks ago. However, I like it so well it’s going to be my Thanksgiving outfit plan if we end up with a boatload of snow the morning of. (I can more easily pair this with snowboots than my shirtdress!) 

Thanksgiving outfit idea

This cute apple sweater is also great because I can easily layer under it for extra warmth or forgo layers altogether, which I would likely do on Thanksgiving as it gets pretty warm inside with the oven going!

Apple sweater ModCloth

I’m also wearing jeggings that have an elastic waistband (like these)! They’re so comfortable. I love them for days like this…and I think they look better because you can’t see my button or zipper when I’m wearing a more fitted top.

I have seriously worn this sweater five times, and I’ve had it for less than 2 weeks now. I also own it in the dinosaur print and had worn that one a boatload of times last winter. (It’s held up great with all the wear and washing too! Click here to see an outfit featuring that sweater.) I’m waiting until after Thanksgiving to break out the dino sweater, though – so, that’s where this apple sweater comes in! 

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Miss Kitty

Regardless of what gets worn for Thanksgiving, I’m very excited to be able to spend Thanksgiving with my family in the States this year! (We were in Russia last year, which was just another workday for us.) I’m thankful to be able to spend this holiday together with family… and then get to come home to snuggle our new furbaby. (Pictured above!) We have so much to be thankful for this year! 

Have you figured out what you’re wearing from the kitchen to the living room this year? Haha. But seriously, what are my other US friends wearing for Thanksgiving this year? And what are you most thankful for? Let me know in the comments!

Outfit Ideas for Thanksgiving From Formal to Casual

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  1. That dress is such a beautiful colour on you and I love the red coat with it! it would definitely be my pick, I love a pretty dress for family events, but we don’t have thanksgiving. I do get dressed up for Christmas though!

    Hope that you are having a great week and have a nice weekend ahead of you 🙂

    1. haveclotheswilltravel says:

      Thank you! Hope you have a great week too!

  2. Courtney Byers says:

    I love both of these looks! i am all about comfort on Thanksgiving and would wear a dress, since dresses are more comfy to me. Both gorgeous options. Love the pic of you, your hubby and fur baby.

    1. haveclotheswilltravel says:

      Thank you so much, Courtney! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Okay so I’m going the opposite way. I hate that feeling of eating too much and I know it’s not good for me. So I started wearing tights things for the holiday. Then I make sure I don’t overeat. Sounds silly I know but I also try to fix our own Thanksgiving before the day so we’ve already eaten the goodies that I usually stuff myself with.

    1. haveclotheswilltravel says:

      That actually makes sense, Jodie! Good idea!

  4. The 2nd oufit is more along the lines of what I wear for the holidays: casual but with a litlle fun color or special sweater! I think we will be going on a walk in a state park before goinf out to eat for Thanksgiving so I will probably bring my shors and cardigans to switch into after walking.

    1. haveclotheswilltravel says:

      Aw, that’s awesome. I hope you have a wonderful day with your family!

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