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The Best TV Show That Takes Place in Your State: 10 Americans Weigh In

There are many amazing things in a TV show, including its actors, producers and directors, plot, and storyline. But another important thing about TV shows is the state where the show was filmed or based on. Let’s discuss the ten best shows that took place in different states, one of which could be yours. Explore the article to see whether it has your state!

1. Beavis and Butthead (1993-2011)

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (1996)
Image credit: Paramount Pictures

It is an American animated series that was based in a fictional town in Texas. It has two socially awkward characters who watch and judge music videos and reality shows with unique styles. The characters of the TV series originated in the short film Frog Baseball (1992), along with the second film, Peace, Love, and Understanding. Beavis and Butthead ran for eight seasons.  

2. The Sopranos (1999-2007)

James Gandolfini and Robert Iler in The Sopranos (1999)
Image credit: HBO

This is a crime drama that was filmed in New Jersey. It has gotten 9.2 ratings out of 10. The story of the drama revolves around a gangster who faces many difficulties while playing the role of the leader of a criminal organization and managing his family life. The drama is full of thrill, adventure, psychological and criminal aspects.

3. Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

Bryan Cranston and Anna Gunn in Breaking Bad (2008)
Photo by Frank Ockenfels 3 / AMC

It was filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is one of the best TV shows. It’s a crime series drama named Breaking Bad. The show’s storyline is about a high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with the last stage of lung cancer. So, he gets involved in criminal activities along with his former student to provide financial security to his family when he dies. 

4. Stranger Things (2016-2024)

Millie Bobby Brown in Chapter Eight: Papa (2022)
Photo by Courtesy of Netflix

Stranger Things has been recently a hot American TV show famous for its science fiction and horror storyline. It is set in the year of 1980s in Indiana. (However, it is filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.) Starting in 2016, Stranger Things now has four seasons. The 4th one was aired in 2022. The story is about the residents of the fictional small town of Hawkins, Indiana, who are plagued by a hostile alternate dimension known as the Upside Down. The drama is fun to watch and full of strange and supernatural things.

5. South Park (1997)

South Park (1997)
Image credit: South Park Studios

South Park is an animated American sitcom that is set in Colorado. This show revolves around four young men who live in the imaginary modest community of South Park, situated inside the genuine South Park bowl in the Rough Heaps of Colorado. The drama depicts the region’s unique culture, including cattle ranchers, Old West theme parks, snowy climates, mountaineering, Mormons, and many real-life Colorado locations.

6. Castle Rock (2018-2019)

David Alpay, Forrest Weber, and Mathilde Dehaye in Castle Rock (2018)
Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

An American psychological horror TV series Castle Rock was filmed in Massachusetts. Aired in 2018, Stephan King’s stories inspire this TV series which is a mystery drama. It also uses his fictional place, Castle Rock, in Maineas the primary origin of the series. The Darma is about a Death-row attorney, Henry Deaver confronting his dark past. It has gotten 7.5 ratings.

7. Married… With Children (1987-1997)

David Faustino, Katey Sagal, Ed O'Neill, and Shane Sweet in Married... with Children (1987)
Image credit: Columbia Pictures Television

A sitcom drama, Married… With Children is an American TV sitcom. It was set in Illinois (although, filming was primarily done in California) and is the longest, most lasting live-action sitcom ever aired in history. This series has 11 seasons. As the name suggests, the series is about a family, children, and their daily life problems. 

8. Eastbound & Down (2009-2013)

Danny McBride in Eastbound & Down (2009)
Image credit: ‎HBO

Sports comedy American TV series named Eastbound & Down is set in North Carolina. It was first aired in 2009 on HBO and had four seasons. Its fourth season was aired as the last season in 2013. The show revolves around a league ballplayer who retires and teaches his son physical education. The show got an 8.3 rating on IMDB and 91 ratings on rotten tomatoes. 

9. Magnum PI (1980-1988)

Tom Selleck in Magnum, P.I. (1980)
Image credit: Universal Television

Magnum PI is also an American Crime TV series set and filmed in Hawaii. The series follows Thomas Magnum, a former Navy SEAL and Vietnam War veteran who now works as a private investigator. He resides in the luxurious guest house of Robin’s Nest, a mansion owned by the wealthy novelist Robin Masters, whom he serves as a security consultant. Magnum is often accompanied by his friends and fellow veterans, Theodore “T.C.” Calvin, a helicopter pilot, and Orville “Rick” Wright, the owner of a local bar.

10. That ’70s Show (1998-2006)

Mila Kunis and Laura Prepon in That '70s Show (1998)
Image credit: Fox Broadcasting Co

“That ’70s Show” is an American television sitcom that is set in the fictional town of Point Place, Wisconsin, during the late 1970s. It revolves around a group of six teenage friends and their experiences dealing with adolescence, love, friendship, and family while hanging out in the basement of Eric Forman’s house.

Source: Reddit

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