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These Heels Were Made for Walking

Review Australia cardigan & Evan Picone dress

Review Australia cardigan & Evan Picone dress

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While I do adore this dress and cardigan, I realized when putting this post together that the real stars were actually these heels! I know I’ve featured them before, but I’ve now had some time to really test them out. I’ve had them for about 6 months now and have put some serious miles on them. And, remarkably, they are VERY comfortable to walk in and cute to boot!

Since moving to Rosario, these are actually the only pair of my heels I’ve worn out. (Wedges don’t count, right?) The streets are a bit broken and difficult to maneuver here, so decent shoes to walk in are a must. These are the least practical pair I’m willing to wear at the moment.

ModCloth heels and stockings
Review Australia cardigan & Evan Picone dress

It’s fun to get to pair them with stockings and tights for a change too! It is officially winter in Rosario, now. And it certainly felt like it the day I took these photos. Brrr.

Review Australia cardigan & Evan Picone dress

ModCloth heels

I have really been loving all my cropped cardigans I bought from Review Australia in my little Sydney shopping spree. They make my dresses and skirts cold weather appropriate but don’t hide them! I love it.

Review Australia cardigan & Evan Picone dress

But, I am back in Wisconsin right now, where the sun is shining and the temps are much warmer! It is beyond bizarre to be coming back to Wisconsin for the “warm weather.” Haha.

And now I’m curious, what’s the comfiest/easiest to walk in pair of heels in your closet? Let me know in comments!

Where to find it:

Heels: Chelsea Crew
Dress: Gift from my mom (Similar here, here, here & here)
Cardigan: Review Australia
Stockings: Old (Similar here)

I’m very excited to have another post selected for Links à la Mode by Independent Fashion Bloggers! My “Outfit Remix: 9 Different Looks Featuring High-Waisted Jean Shorts” was selected this week. You can see all the posts selected this week, below!

Links à la Mode, June 22nd


  1. I completely spaced on the fact that you live in winter currently and was genuinely confused by the thumbnail when I clicked this link (‘Hmmm, Lindsey put really love this outfit to put it out there in June…’ was probably my verbatim thought.) But you look great! Neutrals and soft colors really suit you! Glad you’re having a quick summer va-cay though I can only imagine how jarring it is after a year or unconventional weather patterns! Living in Miami and then returning in the winter was confusing enough for me, but it must be way more confusing after the year you’ve had! XO

    1. Haha! You’re not alone on that one! It’s so strange to think about winter in June. And thank you so much, Lauren! 🙂

  2. As for me, I love heeled shoes and to be honest I have almost no shoes without heels… I love heeled shoes!
    And I love your beautiful retro outfit. Nowadays it is very trendy!

  3. Hi dear!! This outfit is soo elegant!! And the shoes..adorable! Here it is so hot that I cannot think to wear something like this!!! 😀

  4. Congratulations for the Links a La Mode, dear Lindsey! I know I said let’s meet in June, but I am not down there yet and don’t know when I will be 🙂 I am just like that, I decide things according to “it’s so good now, I will wait to leave later” 🙂 But I am returning to blog activities today and I missed you! So good to “see” you again! Yes, streets are bumpy and your shoes are so beautiful! I liked the outfit, cardi, colors, all, so feminine! You look so beautiful! Really glad to read your posts again! Hug!

    1. Aw, thank you, Denise! And welcome back! It’s great to “see” you again as well. 🙂 Let me know once you get back to this part of the world!

  5. I actually think many of my “heels” are better for walking than my flats!! They seem to have more support!!
    Great outfit, Lindsey!

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