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What to Pack for an Adventure in Peru’s Amazon Rainforest

Wondering what to pack for your trip to the Amazon Rainforest? This post is here to explain everything you should bring with for a stay at a lodge in the Amazon Rainforest!

The perfect Amazon Rainforest outfit!
The perfect Amazon Rainforest outfit!

My trip to the Amazon in Peru is one of the first trips of my life that I felt I had actually packed well enough for that I could pass on my packing tips to my readers. Seriously, this was the first trip. Haha. I almost always over-pack or forget a key wardrobe piece.

The biggest key to me finally mastering packing for this trip was because I’ve finally acquired a decent amount of outdoor/hiking clothes. Our adventures almost always include hiking, so the fact I’ve made it this long without an arsenal of proper hiking clothing is ridiculous! Alas, though, I’ve finally figured it out!

What to Wear When It’s Insanely Hot & Humid (Other Than a Dress)
My one & only non-hiking-clothing outfit I packed!

We had stayed at the Treehouse Lodge near Iquitos, Peru, but I believe this packing list would work fine for any of the lodges you would stay at in the Amazon. It’s going to be buggy, humid and hot, and potentially rainy, no matter which lodge you stay at!

What to Pack for an Adventure in Peru’s Amazon Rainforest

*I was packing for 4 days and 3 nights. This is what I packed along with a few suggestions I would make when you pack. The links go to the products I use.

Carry-on bag

For this trip, we each only brought a carry-on bag. My husband is a fan of Standard Luggage’s carry-on, and I like CHESTER’s cute pink carry-on + my backpack for my camera gear.

I also swear by Carry Courage’s sustainable luggage tags!


  • 1 white, loose travel t-shirt (pictured above) that was the best shirt I brought with for this trip and wore it multiple times.
  • 2 loose, moisture-wicking exercise tank tops. (I would recommend t-shirts or long sleeves, if you can handle it, though.)
  • 1 long-sleeved, loose, moisture-wicking exercise top – I could’ve brought along one more of these, this came in very handy for bug protection. It also was good if it was windy and I was a bit chilled – it was never cold enough that I wanted a jacket.
  • 1 “cute,” loose-fitting tank top (pictured below), just in case!

**A moisture-wicking button-up top would have also been a great idea to bring along for bug and sun protection.



**No shorts for me! I wanted to be as protected from the insects as possible!


  • Hiking boots – these I didn’t really feel as though I needed. It was the rainy season, so the water was quite high and we didn’t do much hiking. If you go during the dry season it might not be a bad idea to bring them. However, I wouldn’t invest in a pair of hiking boots specifically for this trip. You could get along just fine with athletic shoes of some sort.
  • Athletic shoes – my trusty Nikes were perfect for this adventure.
  • Sandals – I packed one pair to wear around the treehouse and lodge.


  • 8 pairs of long athletic socks. You’ll want long socks that will protect you from bugs and that are moisture-wicking. I brought 2 pairs for each day and went through them all. Socks I always think are good to overpack – and underwear!
My fave traveling sunglasses because they stay securely on my noggin!


  • Sunglasses – you’ll for sure want one pair that will stay on your head while boating (mine are pictured above).
  • Hat – I wore a headband because I can’t stand hats. However, a hat for sun protection is a really good idea! (Like the one my husband is wearing, below.)
  • Watch – I didn’t have my cell phone on me at all, so a watch was necessary to know when I needed to meet our guide, get lunch, etc.
  • I also brought one set of seashell jewelry – because I needed a little pizzazz with my outfits! Haha.
Giant lily pads in the Amazon
My husband had a good hat for the trip!


Bring the bare minimum. You’re going to be in the jungle – doing your hair and makeup will not be a top priority…I promise!

Other good things to pack

  • A flashlight or headlamp – you’re either going to be at a lodge that doesn’t have electricity or electricity will occasionally go out (the last one was the case at Treehouse Lodge). It’s also good to have for any nighttime excursions you do.
  • Rain poncho – I packed this but fortunately never needed it. It’s way too humid to wear a raincoat, so a lightweight poncho would be all that you need.
  • Backpack – one was good for both me and my husband. We used it to carry our sunscreen, bug spray, camera equipment, snacks, etc.
  • Self-sterilizing water bottle – we were able to refill our bottles at the lodge
What to Pack for an Adventure in Peru’s Amazon Rainforest
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*Regular readers, this will be my last Amazon Rainforest post. If you missed any of my Treehouse Lodge/Amazon Rainforest posts, you can click here to see them all. 

What would you pack for an adventure in the Amazon Rainforest? And did you like having a packing post or not? Let me know in the comments!

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Visa Requirements

To check if your country requires a Visa for traveling to Peru, click here.

Want to Learn Spanish Before Your Trip?

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What to Pack for the Amazon Rainforest

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    Now I just need to plan a trip. Such a great and informative post!

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  2. I would love to travel over here, my favorite part was that everything you suggested is lightweight to wear and I specially love the overpacking of socks

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      Thank you! I hope you make it there one day! 🙂

  3. honestlyholly23 says:

    I wish i had one of these lists when I went to Thailand! This trip looks beautiful!

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      Ooh I would love to visit Thailand one day! And every part of Peru was beautiful as well!

  4. Such a helpful guide!! Thanks for sharing!

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      Haha, it is really hot! Oooh I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland – and I’ll be heading to Washington DC this year too. 🙂

  7. Joanna Joy says:

    This post was perfect! I hate packing and I would definitely follow your list of what to bring here from a packing pro! I love that picture of you with your fur baby:)


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    Thank you for this helpful guide! Can’t wait to follow it when I get a chance to visit Peru 🙂

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    This is so helpful! I never know what to pack for trips.

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      So glad you enjoyed it, Courtney!

  10. It’s totally a great thing when you figure out the packing thing…isn’t it Lindsey. Usually I’m pretty good, but I wouldn’t have thought of the socks issue for this trip!!! Of course, we know I’m an inside girl…

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      Thank you so much, Jodie! 🙂

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