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10 of the Most Ridiculous Fashion Trends the Internet Has Ever Seen

Fashion icons introduce trends, some go viral, and some get flopped. Trends come and go, and after a certain time, they are repeated. But it does not mean that all trends are to be followed. Some are deranged and better to ignore. There is a list of 10 such ridiculous fashion trends.

1. Fake Pockets

Denim Mini Skirt
Editorial credit: Michael Kraus / Shutterstock.com

In the 1970s, the famous brand Calvin Klein started the trend of fake pockets. It designed the sewn pockets in women’s jeans to make them more fashionable. But according to, one fashion influencer claimed it to be the worst thing to have. It is a state of disappointment when one knows that the pockets on their purchased jeans are fake.

2. Ultra Low Rise Jeans

Young model wearing red plaid shirt and low-rise jeans posing at Joshua Tree National Park
Photo credit: C Model / Shutterstock.com

Starting in the 1990s from the British, ultra low-rise jeans are belted very low, even if it shows a curve hip line. These jeans can be considered a ridiculous fashion trend because it is inappropriate for every place to go, whether formal or non-formal. Moreover, only specific body types, such as athletic bodies, are fit to wear these jeans.

3. Huge Overdrawn Lips

young woman applied contour on her lips with a pencil
Editorial credit: Vladimir Gjorgiev / Shutterstock.com

Bold lips have been in trend for a long time. But sometimes it is good not to go with the trend, said one fashion icon. There are many ways to make the lips bold; the worst is overdrawing them. In 1930 an American actress introduced the overdrawing of lips which is being followed today by some people with a bad fashion sense.

4. Whale Tail Fashion

Modern youth female fashion trends, pretty girl model poses in outfit
Photo credit: Batechenkofff / Shutterstock.com

Whale tail fashion is concerned with females, which is a more revealing trend than is required. Jeans are worn below the underwear, which gives a Y-shape on the upper hips. When a whale’s tail is of Y shape, this fashion is named so. It was introduced by dancers in the 1930s and then adopted by the underwear and panties brand for commercials, and then it became a trend.

5. Ripped Jeans

Cropped view of blonde slim girl wearing blank T-shirt with copy space for your content. Young woman in ripped jeans posing isolated against blank white wall. Advertising and T-shirt design concept
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Ripped jeans are the main part of today’s fashion. This trend started in the 1970s and became popular. But the majority of people consider it an insane thing to wear. One viewer stated that his grandmother does not like ripped jeans because she recalls World War II. This fashion throws an impression of poverty and untidiness.

6. Jeans Under Skirts

Fashion Model Girl In Fashionable Clothes On Grey Background. Beautiful Sexy Woman Wearing Stylish Clothing, White Shirt, Jeans Skirt, Light Blue Coat Jacket, Yellow Scarf In Studio. High Resolution
Editorial credit: puhhha / Shutterstock.com

Jeans under skirts are a weird combination to see; one respondent shares the views. The girls are due to many reasons, such as religious restrictions,  modesty, warmth, and the concern of being comfortable doing such things. Wear one thing at one time, whatever you are comfortable with. But wearing both destroys the glory of both pieces.

7. Camel-Toed Shoes

Paris, France - March 03, 2019: Street style outfit - after a fashion show during Paris Fashion Week - PFWFW19 camel toe shoes
Editorial credit: Creative Lab / Shutterstock.com

A funny and ridiculous thing in the fashion industry is camel-toed shoes. These shoes are exactly similar to the feet of a camel or goat. One commenter said that this fashion needs to end immediately. In the 1500s, in Japan, the laborers were provided with toe socks to make a strong grip in their work area, for example, in fields. From there fashion industry adopted these shoes

8. Mullet Haircut

White man with mullet poses for portrait
Editorial credit: Sarah J Lee / Shutterstock.com

In the 1980s, the mullet haircut was so common in Australia, the USA, and the UK. Short hair at the front and sides and long hair at the back is mullet. This looks weird on a girl and a boy, so the gender does not matter; the cut is weird itself. In the current era, this haircut is still in. 

9. Dark Lip Outlines

Woman applying bold lip liner
Photo credit: Canva.com

Dark lip outlines with light lipstick show that one has no sense of fashion. This is the bizarre thing to see on most women. Some well-known brands also offer kits of light lipstick with a dark boundary line. One viewer expresses that this kind of lipstick affects the natural aesthetics of the face.

10. Shutter Shades

Portrait of an excited young guy soccer fan wearing shutter shades
Editorial credit: FXQuadro / Shutterstock.com

The most useless and ridiculous thing in accessories is shutter shades. They are introduced by the wrestler Macho Man Randy. They don’t have glass shades like others. Instead, they have transparent plastic strips or the same material in this area. These strips create difficulty to watch and look illogical to wear.

Source: Reddit

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