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10 People Reveal the Song They’d Listen to Nonstop for 24 Hours to Win $1 Million

People frequently take on exceptional tasks in the quest for extraordinary rewards. Imagine having to endure a punishing 24 hours of repeatedly listening to the same song. The award? A million dollars could change your life. This ostensibly difficult task tests a person’s endurance, musical tastes, and mental toughness. I’ll now go into people’s thoughts as they consider their song selection for this unique challenge on an online platform. 

1. Long Classical Symphony for Endurance: 4’33


Contemplating their selection, one individual searched for a timeless piece of music, settling on a lengthy sonata or symphony in the classical style. They suggested perhaps 4’33 by John Cage. They sought complex compositions with shifting melodies to avoid boredom and stay engaged during the 24-hour marathon.

2. 500 Miles: The Endless Loop

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With a cunning plan in mind, another person chose “500 Miles,” a song known for its cyclical structure that brings it back to the beginning. They envisioned the song’s repetition symbolizing their determination to persevere and go the extra mile, fueled by the desire to win the coveted million-dollar prize.

3. Zelda 1 Main Overworld Theme for Nostalgic Persistence

Jakarta, Indonesia - September 2nd, 2022: The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild game on a Nintendo Switch console.
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Driven by nostalgia and an appreciation for the well-crafted music in vintage Nintendo games, another participant opted for the main overworld theme from The Legend of Zelda: The First Wind. They recognized the tolerable nature of such compositions over prolonged periods and believed the recognizable melody and charming 8-bit sound would make their quest for the grand prize more bearable.

4. Mambo Number 5: Earning the Million

Odessa, Ukraine May 11, 2012: Lou Bega. Artist performs songs from stage during concert club
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Approaching the challenge unconventionally, one user selected “Mambo Number 5” to infuse fun and levity into the situation. They embraced the catchy beats and humorous lyrics as a source of motivation to keep going, even during the most challenging hours, wanting to feel that they truly earned every penny of the million-dollar reward.

5. Sandstorm by Darude: Vibing for 24 Hours

Tel Aviv, Israel – MAY 9, 2019: Darude (Ville Virtanen) and Sebastian Rejman, representing Finland, rehearsing the song Look Away for the first semi-final at the Eurovision song contest 2019.
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For one individual, the decision solely revolved around unwinding and enjoying themselves. They listened to Darude’s “Sandstorm” throughout the entire 24-hour duration due to its status as a classic electronic song. They anticipated getting swept up in the upbeat beats and captivating lyrics, transforming the endurance test into a private dance party.

6. Mortal Kombat Theme: Battling Through the Day

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Embracing their inner warrior, a music enthusiast selected the “Mortal Kombat Theme Song” as a means to channel focus and unwavering determination to face any challenge. They believed the iconic theme’s powerful pulses and heart-pounding excitement would provide the necessary endurance to last the entire day of listening.

7. Intro – The XX: Beautifully Endless Hyperfocus

BARCELONA - JUN 2: Romy Madley, guitarist and singer of The XX (indie music band), performS in concert at Primavera Sound 2017 Festival on June 2, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.
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Discovering “Intro” by The XX as their go-to track for everyday tasks and extended periods of concentration, someone regarded it as a versatile piece that could accompany any activity or state of mind. They had relied on this captivating melody during hours of uninterrupted productivity, whether it was getting high or filing taxes. Confident in its beguiling loops and relaxing atmosphere, they expected a seamless journey through the 24-hour task.

8. Bowie’s Heroes: Enduring Bad Days, Easy 24 Hours

Rome, Italy - 02 October, 2021, detail of Aladdin Sane, album by British artist David Bowie, released in 1973 by RCA Records and reissued on compact disc for the first time in 1984.
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Reflecting on an experience where they endured a challenging workweek while listening to David Bowie’s “Heroes” for nearly 10 hours, someone chose the same song for the entire 24-hour marathon, confident in their ability to handle it. They knew the stirring lyrics and upbeat music would provide the strength and inspiration to conquer the day and claim the $1 million prize, as it had supported them through difficult situations.

9. Hotel California: Million-Dollar Memories

Miami, FL, USA: August 2021: Rock band, The Eagles music album on vinyl record LP disc. Titled: One of These Nights album cover
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Seeking a song that would evoke powerful emotions and create lasting memories, a respondent selected The Eagles’ “Hotel California.” Although not frequently listened to, they believed the song’s ethereal allure and haunting melodies would forge a strong connection to the present situation. Each subsequent hearing would serve as a reminder of their achievement, bringing a smile to their face as they reminisced about the $1 million reward they had earned.

10. Dance Yrself Clean: The Ultimate Climax

BARCELONA - JUN 2: LCD Soundsystem (band) perform in concert at Primavera Sound 2016 Festival on June 2, 2016 in Barcelona, Spain.
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Lastly, a person approached the 24-hour task with a clear strategy. They chose LCD Soundsystem’s “Dance Yrself Clean,” but with a twist. They planned for the beat to drop very late in the day to build anticipation and save the most dramatic moment for the conclusion. This intentional buildup would test their resilience and act as a rewarding climax, gradually heightening their suspense as they imagined the infectious beat growing until its grand culmination at the end of a long and fruitful journey.

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