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10 Really Dumb Hobbies That Are Mainly Practiced by Wealthy Individuals

Hobbies are not just leisure work; they provide a means to evolve a sense of pride and power in a person. People have hobbies that vary according to their interests. Some people are minimalists and like having simple hobbies. Meanwhile, others like to have big extravagant hobbies. Rich people are famous for having such strange hobbies. On an online platform, people shared really dumb hobbies which wealthy individuals mainly practice.

1. Canned Hunting

Sable antelope on a game farm, South Africa
Photo credit: Photography Phor Phun // Shutterstock.com

This type of hunting is often marketed as exotic game ranches, places people go to get a guaranteed kill of a particular species. They get a guaranteed kill because they have animals fenced in that area. One commenter said, “There’s nothing sporting about it.”

2. Buying Expensive Vehicles Just for the Garage

Bugibba, Saint Paul's Bay, Malta - April 13, 2017. An Alfa Romeo 2000 Touring Spider inside the Malta Classic Car Collection Museum, at the town of Saint Paul's Bay in the Northern Region of Malta.
Photo credit: Giannis Papanikos // Shutterstock.com

Another strange hobby of rich people is buying anything they like without even thinking about whether they will use it or not. It’s a hobby for them to buy expensive vehicles as toys. They buy them and put them in their garage, never to use them again. 

3. Collecting Super Expensive Wine

Wine bottles in cellar
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Rich people are also fascinated by old and expensive wine. They buy and put expensive wine in their collection and may never return to drink it. Technically it can be an investment, but if you never drink it or sell it, it’s not really an investment but quite a strange hobby.

4. Watch Collections

Close-up of the seller's hands in gloves shows the exclusive men's watch from the new collection in the luxury jewelry store
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Collecting expensive watches and never using all of them is another strange thing wealthy people do. They would buy the same Rolex in different variations and never wear any because it’s in the safe. If you ask any rich guy that why he didn’t wear an expensive watch to show how rich he was? He will just say, why? I AM rich.

5. Collecting Luxury Brands 

Happy young woman with boxes of new shoes in hands standing in stylish dressing room, wardrobe. She's smiling and looking to camera. She wearing nice black dress, has long brown curly hair.
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You might have met any wealthy person in your life who has this crazy obsession with luxury brands. They would buy clothing, shoes, and accessories from a luxury brand and will use them only once or not at all. You will never see any of them repeating anything as it is more than strange to waste thousands of dollars to use a thing only once.

6. Private Art Collecting

Bangkok, Thailand – March 23, 2023: Baan Chao Phraya Art Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand, Asia
Photo credit: Kollawat Somsri // Shutterstock.com

It can be any form of art. However, most rich people love to collect paintings and keep them in their private art galleries. Buying art is a very easy way to keep your money to yourself. It does not cost you any taxes, nor will it lose its value. Actually, it’s a generation of wealth and a smart investment without any taxes or charges. Although it’s dumb in the sense that it just passes from generation to generation and is useless while hanging on walls.

7. Fox Hunting

HAVELTE, NETHERLANDS - OCTOBER 29, 2016: Members of a hunting association out following a ready made scent cross country. Drag hunting, following an artificial scent is an alternative for fo
Photo credit: defotoberg // Shutterstock.com

Fox hunting is something that is banned in many countries, including the UK. But some rich people do go fox hunting with their hunting dogs. They would ride their horse and enjoy watching their dogs find the fox and shred them into pieces.

8. 12-Meter Yacht Racing

NEWPORT, RI - SEPTEMBER, 10: 12 Metre America's Cup Intrepid approaches Yaquina Bay Bridge during race in 2010 Newport Bucket Regatta on September 10, 2010 in Newport, RI.
Photo credit: Leightonoc // Shutterstock.com

12-meter yacht racing refers to a specific class of racing sailboats that measure approximately 12 meters (39.37 feet) in overall length. These yachts were used in the America’s Cup from 1958 to 1987 and are still raced by wealthy individuals in some events and regattas today. One commenter compared the hobby to, “Standing fully clothed in a cold shower and tearing up hundred dollar bills. By the million.”

9. Explore the Ocean’s Depths

Aruba -2022: View from viewing portals on Atlantis VI Submarine. Canadian passenger submarine company. Interior of the tourist submarine Atlantis whilst submerged. Sunken ship makes coral reef.
Photo credit: EWY Media // Shutterstock.com

Some rich people have this desire to explore the depth of the ocean. But it is quite dangerous. One of the most recent incidents happened in the depth of the sea when five people went down to explore the Titanic in a submarine, but it imploded, killing everyone onboard.

10. Breeding and Showing Dogs

Stacking show - english bulldog show puppy being stacked on a blue carpet
Photo credit: Marques // Shutterstock.com

Breeding such dogs which are expensive and rare breeds. Such as the ones with big heads that cannot give birth naturally. That’s why such breeds are quite expensive because they require cesareans.

Source: Reddit.

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