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12 Most Ridiculous Money-Saving Tips You’ll Ever Come Across

Everyone wants to save his money, but some people take this statement so seriously that they find ridiculous means to do so. Some bizarre and funny hacks admitted by people to use are as follows.

1. Iron and Tea With the Same Water

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One girl invented a saving hack during a water shortage in her town. The water used in the iron press can be reused to make the tea. She develops this habit for a lifetime. She added that every tea cup comes from her iron press, saving water and boiling energy.

2. Only Pee At Work

toilet doors for male and female genders
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An absurd practice done by some people for savings is to use the washroom in the office. The people deliberately pee as much as possible during office hours so they can go home as light as possible. This will save the energy of the light bulb of the toilet, the water, and the toilet tissue paper.

3. Cancel All Subscriptions

Close Up Of Computer Screen With Cancel My Subscription Message To Save Money In Cost Of Living Crisis
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One tip given by a commenter stated that subscriptions are a waste of money. A person wanting to save money must cancel all the subscriptions immediately as they are useless. As far as the content is concerned, one can share it with friends and neighbors. He added that he does not have a single subscription to anything. 

4. Don’t Have Any Pets

Group of pets posing around a border collie; dog, cat, ferret, rabbit, bird, fish, rodent
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An older man shared his advice on saving money. He said pets need care and food (of course true). They also get ill and need medications. Thus, if one wants to be wise in money-saving, he must not have any kind of pet in his home.

5. Instead Of Eating, Go To Bed

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According to one man, a funny hack to save money is to avoid eating. This sounds ridiculous, but people do such bizarre things when forced to save money. Some people even follow this hack. Whenever they feel hungry at night, they rush to bed to sleep. They consider that it will save an avocado toast for the morning.

6. Collect Soap Endings

Bath, soap
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Some people admit to collecting the soaps that end up instead of throwing them out. One man claimed that he read this hack in a famous magazine. When many mini soaps are collected, they join them to make a big bar. It saves the cost of one soap bar. And to make this, it takes 4 to 5 months.

7. Charge the phone, Before Leaving the Office

Smartphone charging with cable on light stone table
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Some people ensure their phones and laptops are fully charged before leaving the office. So that they can use them at home without the tension of the electricity bill; even some people use public switches to charge them. While the phone is on charging, such people use to wander here and there purposelessly.

8. Hitchhiking 

Young man hitching a lift on a country road standing at the side of the road with his thumb out flagging down a passing car
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People hitchhike on the road to reach their destination without spending a penny. And for this, they get ready minutes before to spend this time on the road to find a lift. One man ridiculously shares that he owns a car, but he only uses this when there is no chance of getting a lift. 

9. Leave the Oven Door Open

Empty open electric oven with hot air ventilation. New oven. Door is open and light is on
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In winter, people also do things to avoid the bills of warming appliances. After using the oven, they leave the door open in the kitchen. According to them, this will heat up the kitchen. They even ignore the risk of any incident related to this.

10. Candles From Babybels

Babybel cheese in red wex isolated on white background
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Babybels is a cheese brand that offers wax packaging. The purpose of this packaging is to seal pack the cheese. People collect this wax to make free candles. In this way, the cost of purchasing candles is saved. And these candles save electricity bills.

Source: Reddit

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