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12 ‘Normal’ Activities Men Get Away With, But Women Face Backlash When They Do Them

Being a man, there are advantages to doing things that women cannot normally do. If they dare to do so, they have to face the backlash of society. Some such activities are here below. Have you dealt with backlash for any of these?

1. Driving 18 Wheelers

Weirton,WV USA 12-13-18 Big Rig Truck on Highwy
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Semis or 18-wheelers are commonly driven by a man. It can raise people’s eyebrows if they see women driving semis. One commentator stated that she faces many questions about driving a truck. People asked her where the main driver was, meaning the male driver.

2. Going Swimming Topless

Portrait of a young suntanned couple relaxing in a swimming pool with columns in antique style at the hotel
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It is okay for guys to wear shorts to the swimming pool on a sunny day. But on the same sunny day and in the same pool, women have to wear a top with shorts. Otherwise, the attempt of women to go outside topless just like men can raise a state of commotion. It can also make a call to the police even.

3. Getting Old

Editorial credit: Ollyy / Shutterstock.com

It is simple to claim that age is just a number. But practically, it can not be followed. Age has a different meaning for both genders. For males aging means getting mature and strong. But in the case of females,  it seems many limitations get imposed on them as they age. One commenter said, “Mid-30s here and I’ve felt “too old to matter” for a decade now. It has led to me not taking chances or opportunities like going back to school to finish a degree, or some other things in my personal life, which is ridiculous.”

4. Farting in Public

A young man smiles in embarrassment in an elevator while people hold their noses.
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It could be quite ridiculous, but farting men in public is not a big deal. But if a female farts by mistake, people respond weirdly. One female viewer mentioned her bad experience when she accidentally farted in a shop; everyone looked back at her and bashed her.

5. Keeping Their Last Name After Marriage

An attractive bride and groom getting married outdoors
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When a couple binds themselves in the relation of marriage, then why does only a female have to change her name? A question asked by a respondent in comments. Men do not change their names, and it is okay, but if a woman refuses to make this change, there is a big no for her. Otherwise, she has to face society and its taunts.

6. Having Body Hair

Armpit hair, confidence and floral black woman with natural beauty, body health and happy in skin with a group of women in studio. Creative, flower crown and portrait of a model with hairy underarm
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Human body hair is a natural thing given to males and females without discrimination. But only women’s body hair is considered to be removed. Only females are suggested to shave their bodies. Many female respondents have admitted that they have been bullied at a very young age due to body hair.

7. Asking Someone to ‘Marry Me’

Woman proposing to her happy girlfriend outdoors love and marriage concept
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The world trend says a man can ask a woman to marry him. And it is considered a man’s pride to like her, propose to her, and win her. If a woman dares to approach a man, she is considered fake and greedy. And if, in any case, this proposal works, people will recall the shame of a girl who approaches a boy to accept her.

8. Eating Large Portions of Food

a woman with fruit stuck on her fork looking at her dates steak
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Girls are supposed to eat less and eat nice. Some girls must follow a diet, but it does not mean it is imposed on every girl. Taking a large portion of one’s plate is enough to get bullying comments on her diet or body figure. In the case of men, it is assumed that they have to eat more because they are men.

9. Dealing With Grief

Death, funeral and family touching coffin in a church, sad and unhappy while gathering to say farewell. Church service casket and sad man and woman looking upset while greeting, goodbye and rip
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It is a very common factor to judge the female gender. If a man is not crying during grief or a mishap, he is considered a strong man with strong control over his nerves. But if a girl is dealing with the situation similarly, she is considered cold, insensitive, and heartless.

10. ‘Masculine’ Interests

A Mechanic woman working on car in her shop
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Men tend to have interests in cars and their modifications, video games, and martial arts. But when a girl shows interest in the same things, she is questioned by saying this is not your field. One viewer shared that she even heard she was greedy and wanted the guy with luxury cars, just because she is interested in cars!

11. Caring About Appearance

Woman putting red lipstick looking in mirror.
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Men can go outside without getting ready. It is okay for him to spend days without shaving. He can wear messy clothes. But a female must be conscious of her appearance before leaving the house. Otherwise, she would be considered incompetent.

12. Being Assertive

Portrait happy Asian beautiful young woman unhappy or confident standing wear white t-shirt, She holding two crossing arms say no X sign, studio shot on blue background with copy space for text
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Men can be assertive. It shows they are skilled, adept, and have good skills to manage things. But if a woman is assertive many negative comments arise about her. Assertive women are seen as dominating and intimidating and want to control everything.

Source: Reddit

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