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10 Reasons Why There Aren’t More Women Who Design Men’s Fashion, According to Women

In the fashion industry, gender representation and inclusivity remain hot discussion topics. While women have significantly impacted the industry, there remains a noticeable underrepresentation of female designers in men’s fashion. Let’s explore why more women aren’t involved in designing for men’s fashion, drawing insights from diverse perspectives shared by individuals on an online forum. 

1. Men’s Fashion is Repetitious and Monotonous

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One creative trendsetter attacked men’s apparel’s repetitious and monotonous character, expressing dissatisfaction with the apparent lack of originality and innovation in men’s fashion. They argued that the limited involvement of visionary minds in designing men’s fashion might contribute to the lack of excitement and diversity in the field. This viewpoint invites discussions on the potential benefits of incorporating diverse perspectives and talents, including those of innovative individuals, to push the boundaries and redefine men’s fashion.

2. Some Women are Designing Under Neutral Names

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An astute fashion enthusiast pointed out the intriguing observation that many visionary designers in the fashion industry still choose to design under neutral or last-name brand labels. For example,  female designers like Donatella and Miuccia lead renowned fashion houses such as Versace and Prada.

3. Ownership and Gender Dynamics

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Another fashion aficionado highlighted the prevalent presence of valiant owners in various industries, including makeup empires and lingerie corporations. They lamented that this pattern is where women often face limited opportunities and representation. The discrepancy between ownership and the target audience raises concerns about gender dynamics and the need for greater inclusivity in fashion and other domains.

4. Design Education’s Gender Bias

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An inventive thinker recalled their experiences studying fashion design in the late 1990s, noting that the curriculum focused mostly on female fashion. This observation sheds light on the historical focus of fashion education and its potential influence on career paths. It raises questions about the inclusivity of design education and the need to promote equal opportunities for both gentlemen’s and ladies’ fashion design, ensuring a comprehensive and balanced curriculum that prepares designers for diverse industry demands.

5. Market Demand and Women in Men’s Fashion

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A visionary trendsetter suggested that the reason there aren’t more women crafting men’s fashion might be due to market demand. They argued that women’s fashion holds a larger market share compared to its male counterpart, which could lead to fewer opportunities for extraordinary designers in the male-dominated sector. However, this viewpoint invites further exploration of societal expectations, consumer preferences in fashion, and potential barriers for women to pursue careers in men’s fashion.

6. Women Are Not As Heavily Promoted

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Drawing from their own experience in the fashion industry, a creative luminary shared a statistic they had encountered during their early years as a designer. They noted that while many fashion labels are being run by women, they, unfortunately just don’t get promoted into the high profile public facing roles (like creative director) even though they are doing all the work. “Those hiring decisions are made by the board and the C-suite which are dominated by white men.”

7. Breaking Barriers in Fashion Design

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A fashion enthusiast emphasized the gender bias within the profession while lamenting the lack of chances for women in fashion design. They asserted that women still face substantial obstacles in the field of women’s and men’s fashion and claim that institutional prejudices and gender discrimination are a factor in the dearth of exceptional female fashion designers.

8. Uncovering Societal Structures in Fashion

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Examining the larger societal factors at play, a wise individual delved into the historical discrimination and societal structures that contribute to the underrepresentation of innovative women in various fields, including fashion design. They emphasized childbirth’s economic and social repercussions, which often hinder extraordinary individuals’ progress and result in diminished opportunities. 

9. Gender Gap Across Professions

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An inspired individual compared the underrepresentation of women visionaries in engineering, computer science, teaching, and fashion to the gender gaps in other professions. They pointed out that the obligations related to childbirth frequently impact women’s economic and social power and that these discrepancies might be ascribed to historical discrimination and societal expectations. This remark emphasizes the intricate interplay between gender roles and societal conventions, highlighting the necessity of tearing down oppressive systems and encouraging equal opportunity for exceptional individuals in all fields of endeavor.

10. Dominance and Imbalance in Fashion Design

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Blaming the phenomenon on the dominance of power, an insightful commentator succinctly captured the issue of gender imbalances in fashion design. By invoking the concept of dominance, they draw attention to the underlying power structures and systemic biases that perpetuate unequal representation. 

Source: Reddit

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