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12 of the Ugliest Cities in the U.S. According to Americans

Here are some of the most frequently stated American cities that individuals have recently posted on an internet forum as being the ugliest. Let’s look at some of the least liked US cities, from grey deterioration to disorganized mayhem.

1. Lubbock, TX: Less Charm, More Ugly

Buildings and architecture downtown city park skyline Lubbock, Texas
Photo credit: Real Window Creative // Shutterstock.com

The first American thinks Lubbock, TX is a pretty unsightly city. Although they admitted that the cobblestones on Broadway give it some charm, they couldn’t help but notice the overall unpleasantness of the place. However, despite their flaws, they don’t struggle to appreciate most cities.

2. Gary, Indiana: A Gray Decaying City

Aerial View of Downtown Gary, Indiana and its Steel Mill.
Photo credit: Jacob Boomsma / Shutterstock.com

Gary, Indiana, has become a haunting memory for the second commenter. According to them, the city is nothing but gray decay. They further added that Northern Indiana, in general, needs to be more sketchy. The user recalled driving through Gary many years ago, and it still haunts them.

3. Youngstown, OH: Creepy Urban Prairie

Youngstown, Ohio, USA downtown skyline at twilight.
Photo credit: Sean Pavone // Shutterstock.com

The title of the ugliest city goes to Youngstown, Ohio, from a user. They described the city as “creepy” due to the abundance of urban prairies and forests that have taken over parts of the city. They are not impressed with the city’s appearance, likely due to the lack of development and upkeep.

4. Newark: A Burning City

Newark, New Jersey, USA skyline on the Passaic River.
Photo credit: Sean Pavone // Shutterstock.com

The next individual entitled Newark as the ugliest city. Their reason for this is while watching the film “World War Z,” they saw Newark portrayed as being on fire and in chaos, which they felt was an accurate representation of the real-life city.

5. Houston: An Unorganized Mess

Houston, Texas, USA downtown city park and skyline.
Photo credit: Sean Pavone // Shutterstock.com

Due to its lack of organization, Houston takes the title of being ugliest from the next commenter. The sprawling city can be confusing to navigate, with a mix of modern high-rises and older, more rundown buildings. The city’s traffic and frequent flooding issues also contribute to its less-than-appealing reputation.

6. Jacksonville: Beautiful Beach But Ugly City

Jacksonville, Florida, USA downtown city skyline on St. Johns River.
Photo credit: ESB Professional // Shutterstock.com

Even though Jacksonville city has gorgeous beaches and wealthy neighborhoods, it could not impress an individual. They call it the ugliest city because the city lacks cleanliness and maintenance.

7. Austin: A Bland City with Little Inspiration

Austin, TX - morning skyline panorama
Photo credit: Yuriy Melnyk Photography // Shutterstock.com

Its lifeless, modern architecture is enough to make Austin the ugliest city says a voyager. While the city does have some historic districts, most of it is made up of boring and unappealing structures, particularly the numerous contemporary apartment buildings, they said. Although not strictly unattractive, much of the city’s architecture seems average and forgettable due to a lack of facilities and charm.

8. Los Angeles: A Badly Aging Starlet

Los Angeles View California from Griffith observatory
Photo credit: Eklos // Shutterstock.com

The next person artistically mentioned their ugliest city. They wrote that Los Angeles is just like a superstar who is severely aging, has a drug problem, has undergone dreadful plastic surgery, and ends up smeared in excrement in the gutter. They believe the city has lost its allure.

9. Camden, New Jersey: A Sadness Factory

Aerial of Camden New Jersey Sunset
Editorial credit: FotosForTheFuture / Shutterstock.com

Camden is a “sadness factory,” says a disappointed soul. They pointed out the area’s high rates of crime and poverty. Drug abuse, unemployment, and local government corruption have all been problems in the city. Despite revitalization efforts, many dilapidated and unsafe city regions continue to exist.

10. Port St. Lucie, Florida: Lack of Civic Life and Pride

Aerial drone image of Port St Lucie Florida USA
Photo credit: Felix Mizioznikov // Shutterstock.com

No attempt hasn’t been made to foster a sense of civic pride or liveliness in Port St. Lucie, Florida, so someone called it the ugliest city in America. They mentioned that Port St. Lucie had no such justification, whereas abandoned communities might at least be blamed for not being maintained. The user had a negative impression of the city since it lacked charm and personality, making them think it was a boring place to visit.

11. Detroit: A City of Contrasts

Downtown Detroit
Photo credit: Andrey Bayda // Shutterstock.com

Although some parts of Detroit have been rejuvenated and are actually good-looking, the city could not fulfill the expectations of this particular individual. The user estimates that beauty only applies to about one-fifth of the city, leaving much of it with a reputation for being ugly. They called it a notoriously bad city.

12. Lowell, Massachusetts: The Ugliest City in America

Lowell historic downtown and Concord River aerial view in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA.
Photo credit: Wangkun Jia // Shutterstock.com

The last American says nothing else can compare to the terror of Lowell, Massachusetts. They strongly own their comment about this city. Another individual chimed in and said, “It has all of the old mills which aren’t pretty I will admit.”

Source: Reddit

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