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12 Things Men Wear That Women Find Irresistible

Everyone has their own distinct style, and what one person considers attractive may differ greatly from what another finds appealing. However, regarding fashion and attractiveness, certain clothing items seem to turn heads universally. On an online platform, people share what men wear that makes them irresistible.

1. The Power of a Tailored Suit

Young handsome man in classic suit wear sunglasses over the blurred lake
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A properly tailored suit is the sexiest thing a man can wear, suggested a fashion enthusiast. They strongly agree with this statement and find it attractive even to men who are considered average or below average looking. The user believes that a well-tailored suit is especially alluring when paired with good hygiene and a pleasant aftershave scent.

2. Work Shirt Magic

African-Ameican entrepreneur wearing shirt with rolled up sleeves looking through window with thoughtful and serious face expression, feeling nervous before meeting with business partners at cafe
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Another user’s voice chimed in. They shared that a button-down work shirt with rolled-up sleeves accentuating forearms is the sexiest thing a man can wear. The user even suggests that a slightly loosened tie can add to the appeal. 

3. Contouring with T-Shirts

Attractive young athletic man standing in water in sea or lake, wearing black t-shirt
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A girl wrote her boyfriend has an old green t-shirt that is slightly too small, but it makes his shoulders, pecs, and back look incredibly attractive. She believes that the shirt also flatters his stomach, making it appear slimmer. Based on this experience, the user suggests that old t-shirts that contour the body well can be the sexiest thing a man can wear.

4. Embracing Your Inner Metalhead

Full length portrait of a male rock star singing on a microphone and male and female musicians playing guitars isolated on white background
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A woman comments that her husband, who is not considered fashionable and is currently 50 years old, would become incredibly attractive if he returned to his younger metalhead days and wore tighter jeans and Doc Marten boots. The user believes that this combination of clothing items would enhance his physique and give him a more youthful appearance. Based on this experience, the user suggests that returning to one’s personal style is most appealing.

5. A Smile is All You Need

beautiful young man wearing glasses, smiling and touching his chin
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Men look very sexy and attractive when they wear a smile on their faces, especially when accompanied by a lady. The woman believes that a genuine smile can light up a man’s face and make him appear approachable and attractive. Additionally, the presence of a woman in his company can add to his appeal and confidence. Based on this experience, the user suggests that a positive attitude and good company can be the sexiest thing a man can wear.

6. Sexy Boxer Briefs

Male (boy) brief boxers hanging on the clothesline isolated on a white background
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Another woman states that a pair of boxer briefs can be the sexiest thing a man can wear. The user suggests that a well-fitted and flattering pair of boxer briefs can accentuate a man’s physique and enhance his attractiveness. Based on this experience, the woman suggests that undergarments can be just as important as outerwear when it comes to appearing and feeling beautiful.

7. Flannel Fever

Handsome man wearing checkered shirt in wooden rural house interior
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Many girls agreed that a flannel shirt could be the sexiest thing a man can wear. The rugged and casual nature of the shirt can give a man a confident and masculine look. The soft and comfortable fabric can make him appear approachable and down-to-earth. The individuals mentioned that sometimes the simplest clothing items can be the sexiest.

8. Bold Sock Choices

A woman and a man rest in a park near the fountain after a walk.
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A pair of good old white socks, securely packed within open sandals, might be the sexiest and most irresistible. The user suggests that this combination of footwear can give a man a relaxed and confident look while still being functional and comfortable. Unconventional fashion choices can also be appealing.

9. The Allure of a Henley

Attractive young man wearing glasses
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Someone noticed that men wearing long sleeve henley look very attractive and sexy. The woman suggests that the buttoned neckline and fitted sleeves can accentuate a man’s physique and give him a stylish and trendy look. Furthermore, the shirt’s adaptability makes it perfect for both casual and dressier events.

10. The Spiderman Effect

Bangkok, Thailand - July 8, 2018: Human Size Spiderman Statue Displays at The Marvel Experience Thailand Building
Editorial credit: Sarunyu L / Shutterstock.com

A man shares they have received overwhelming attention from both men and women while wearing a Spiderman suit. Although the user does not necessarily endorse this as the sexiest thing a man can wear, they share their experience as a positive garment to wear. The user concludes their comment by advising the male readers to use this information as they see fit.

11. Long Locks

happy young man listening music with earphones and smartphone on street and looking at camera
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A certain hairdo may make guys appear sexy and appealing. The commenter like long hair on guys, particularly hair that falls to the shoulders, as shown in Beck’s “Loser” music video. According to the user, this hairstyle exudes a cool and edgy vibe and can make a man look effortlessly sexy. The non-traditional aspects of a man’s appearance can be the sexiest.

12. The Appeal of Leather

Sexy biker man wearing jeans and leather jacket sitting relaxed on his motorcycle.
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A leather enthusiast said they found well-fitting leather appealing and attractive to men. Leather clothing, such as a jacket or pants, can give a man a rugged and rebellious look while also accentuating his physique. Additionally, the durability and longevity of leather clothing can make it a worthwhile investment in a man’s wardrobe. Based on this experience, the user implies that sometimes incorporating edgier elements into fashion choices can be the sexiest.

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