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10 Hairstyles for Men That People Hope Never Make a Comeback in Fashion

Trends have come and go in the ever-evolving world of men’s hairstyles, leaving a lasting impression or a cringe-worthy memory. While some styles stand the test of time and continue to be popular, there are certain haircuts people hope will never come back. Recently individuals gathered and shared their opinions on the men’s hairstyles they wish to see disappear forever.

1. Thin, Oily Slicked-Back Style

Bug eyed man with slicked back hair
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With an air of disdain, a connoisseur laments the existence of an outlandish men’s hairstyle that they fervently hope never regains popularity. This repugnant hairdo, characterized by a barely-there pullback that unveils the unsightly scalp, elicits a visceral reaction of repulsion and unattractiveness in the patron.

2. Old School Neck Beard

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In a candid expression of their sentiments, an aficionado conveys their ardent desire for the extinction of a once-popular men’s hairdo. Specifically, they set their sights on the traditional neck beard style, finding it displeasing and yearning for a neater and more uniform beard instead.

3. Bowl Haircut

schoolboys seated at desk in classroom with bowl haircut
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Reminiscing on their middle school years, a trendsetter shares their profound distaste for bowl haircuts and recounts their unfortunate experience with a mushroom cut, a variant of the detested style. The recollection is tinged with remorse for having persisted with the regrettable haircut for an extended period, hoping this outdated and unappealing fashion trend never resurfaces.

4. Broccoli Hair

Young Caucasian man with curly hair dressed in a white sweatshirt looking at the city skyline serious and melancholic, I think about his future and what life has prepared for him broccoli hair
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Bewildered and disenchanted, an observer notes a prevailing hairstyle trend among young males at the mall and their workplace, dubbing it “broccoli hair.” Their bafflement and dissatisfaction with this unconventional hairstyle are palpable, emphasized by the exclamation “like what the…****” conveying their genuine desire for it to fade into oblivion rather than regaining popularity.

5. Eye-Covering Emo Style

young handsome man with long brunette hair on white background
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Expressing a sincere distaste for a particular hairstyle, an enthusiast hopes that the “emo” style, characterized by hair obscuring the eyes, never resurfaces in fashion. They lament the constant struggle of brushing the hair away from their vision, only to have it promptly fall back due to its insufficient length to be tucked behind the ears. Their disdain implies that they find this impractical and bothersome style highly undesirable.

6. Jerri Curl

LOS ANGELES - circa 1991: Teen stars Brian Austin Green and Mario Lopez leave Chasens restaurant.
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Recounting a personal anecdote, a fashionista highlights the hairstyle they ardently hope remains a relic of the past—the “Jerri Curl.” They vividly recall their father’s fondness for this curly hairstyle, which, unfortunately, led to unsightly stains on his shirts. Fed up with the maintenance required and the perpetual mess it engendered, their mother insisted on purchasing a leather sofa for easy cleaning. 

7. Brazil’s Ronaldo Hairstyle

Rio de Janeiro, June 15, 2014. Sozias of the players Maradona and Ronaldo play before the game Argentina vs Bosnia for the 2014 World Cup, in the stadium of the Maracanã, in the city of Rio de Janeiro
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One critic unequivocally expresses their aversion towards the hairstyle sported by Brazilian footballer Ronaldo, bluntly stating, “This abomination.” While he had various haircuts over the years, one of the most memorable Ronaldo hairstyles is from the 2002 FIFA World Cup. During the tournament, Ronaldo sported a distinctive hairstyle that featured a closely shaved head with a small patch of longer hair in the front.

8. Buzzcut with a Styled Fringe

LOS ANGELES - APR 22: Nick Carter at the ceremony for the "Backstreet Boys" Star on the Walk of Fame at the Hollywood Walk of Fame on April 22, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA
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Nostalgically reflecting on a hairstyle trend from the late 80s and early 90s, a style enthusiast fervently wishes for its eternal banishment from the realm of fashion. The style, characterized by a buzzcut encircling the head with a long fringe left at the front, often styled upwards with gel, conjures imagery akin to a “reverse mullet” or a “cap brim” in the user’s mind. Despite its popularity during their high school days, the user unequivocally expresses their disapproval and fervently desires its demise.

9. Pidgeotto Haircut

Hairstylist washing client's hair in barber shop
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Expressing a profound dislike, a trendsetter vehemently protests against a hairstyle infamous as the “Pidgeotto haircut.” In their eyes, this abomination of a style is irredeemable, and they find amusement in the fact that they can no longer perceive it in any other light due to its association with the Pokémon character Pidgeotto. This newfound perspective entertains them, reinforcing their sincere wish that this hairstyle never resurfaces in fashion.

10. Trashbag Ponytail

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Disapproving of a hairstyle known as the “trashbag ponytail,” a fashion aficionado voices their firm dislike for this particular style, believing it to be unattractive. They imply that this style represents a messy or unkempt ponytail reminiscent of a trash bag, leading them to express their ardent hope for its permanent banishment from the realm of fashion. Their preference leans towards more polished and well-groomed looks, devoid of any resemblance to an untidy receptacle.

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